The Official 2018 SwimSwam U.S. Nationals Preview Index


Simplified Selection Criteria – 100/200 frees

  • Top 4 to 2018 Pan Pacific Championships
  • Top 2-6 juniors to 2018 Junior Pan Pacs
  • Top 4-6 (from Nationals + Pan Pacs) to 2019 World Championships
  • 4-6 more to 2019 World University Games
  • 2+ more to 2019 Pan American Games

Simplified Selection Criteria – Most Olympic Events

  • Top 1-4 to 2018 Pan Pacific Championships
  • Top 2-6 juniors to 2018 Junior Pan Pacs
  • Top 1-2 (from Nationals + Pan Pacs) to 2019 World Championships
  • 1-2 more to 2019 World University Games
  • 1-2 more to 2019 Pan American Games

Simplified Selection Criteria – Non-Olympic Events

  • Top 1 to 2019 World Championships

As we count down the remaining month before the U.S. National Championships and the selection of national travel teams for the next two years, we’ll be compiling links and picks from all of our event-by-event previews on this page.

Bookmark this page to stay on top of every race we preview and for a quick look at our top picks in each race.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Day 1 W 200 fly Hali Flickinger Katie Drabot
M 200 fly Jack Conger Chase Kalisz
W 100 free Simone Manuel Mallory Comerford Lia Neal Margo Geer Allison Schmitt Katie Ledecky
M 100 free Caeleb Dressel Nathan Adrian Townley Haas Zach Apple Blake Pieroni Ryan Held
W 800 free Katie Ledecky Leah Smith
M 1500 free Jordan Wilimovsky Zane Grothe
Day 2 W 200 free Katie Ledecky Mallory Comerford Leah Smith Allison Schmitt Melanie Margalis Missy Franklin
M 200 free Townley Haas Jack Conger Blake Pieroni Zane Grothe Caeleb Dressel Conor Dwyer
W 200 breast Lilly King Bethany Galat
M 200 breast Kevin Cordes  Josh Prenot
W 200 back Kathleen Baker Regan Smith
M 200 back Ryan Murphy Jacob Pebley
W 50 fly Kelsi Dahlia
M 50 fly Caeleb Dressel
Day 3 W 400 IM Leah Smith Melanie Margalis
M 400 IM Chase Kalisz Abrahm DeVine
W 100 fly Kelsi Dahlia Mallory Comerford
M 100 fly Caeleb Dressel Jack Conger
W 50 breast Lilly King
M 50 breast Andrew Wilson
W 50 back Olivia Smoliga
M 50 back Justin Ress
Day 4 W 400 free Katie Ledecky Leah Smith
M 400 free Zane Grothe Townley Haas
W 100 breast Lilly King Katie Meili
M 100 breast Kevin Cordes Andrew Wilson
W 100 back Kathleen Baker Olivia Smoliga
M 100 back Ryan Murphy Justin Ress
Day 5 W 1500 free Katie Ledecky Leah Smith
W 200 IM Melanie Margalis Kathleen Baker
M 200 IM Chase Kalisz Josh Prenot
M 800 free Zane Grothe Clark Smith
W 50 free Simone Manuel Margo Geer
M 50 free Caeleb Dressel Michael Andrew

National Team Tracker

Interested in what our projected finish orders would mean for the five major international travel teams being selected this summer? We’ve got you covered, with this updating spreadsheet of national team rosters and selection priorities for all five meets.

Here’s how to read it: The colors refer to selection priorities, helping us re-order the sheet as we go to see which athletes will be selected first. We’ll use our projected finish orders to show who should make which team. Be patient, as this is a complex process that may require some time after previews go live to update our projected roster.

Selection criteria:

  • Blue: Priority #1
  • Red: Priority #2
  • Green: Priority #3
  • Yellow: Priority #4

We’ll update these as soon as we can after each new preview is posted. Remember that 2019 Worlds selections also include the results of 2018 Pan Pacs, which is why we’ll keep those roster spots in bold – they are tentative until Pan Pacs has wrapped, and all 2019 projected rosters are assuming that finish orders stay exactly as our Nationals finish predictions at Pan Pacs. Since our top 8 picks don’t often feature a lot of juniors, the Junior Pan Pacs roster projections will be pretty thin. We’ll be doing some extra coverage on the top Junior Pan Pac contenders next month.

Update: We’ve published a compilation of the top times by Junior Pan Pacs eligible swimmers over the Nationals qualifying period in every event. We’ll continue to add any junior athletes picked inside our top 8 to the Junior Pan Pacs roster below, but we’ll fill out the remainder with swimmers from those rankings to give an even better idea of Junior Pan Pacs roster spot predictions.

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50 Free/100 Free/100 Fly: Caeleb Dressel
200 Free: Townley Haas
400 Free/1500 Free: Zane Growthe
200 Fly/200 IM/400 IM: Chase Kalisz
100 Back: Ryan Murphy
200 Back: Ryan Murphy
100 Breast: Kevin Cordes
200 Breast: Josh Prenot

50 Free: Caeleb Dressel (WR)?
100 Free: Caeleb Dressel (WR)?
200 Free: Sun Yang
400 Free: Sun Yang (WR)?
1500 Free: Sun Yang (WR)?
100 Back: Ryan Murphy (WR)?
200 Back: Ryan Murphy
100 Breast: Adam Peaty (WR)?
200 Breast: Ippei Watanabe (WR)?
100 Fly: Caeleb Dressel (WR)?
200 Fly: Kristof Milak (WR)?
200 IM: Kosuke Hagino
400 IM: Kosuke Hagino

bear drinks beer

There is no World Championships this year. If you are predicting for next year, I don’t think Hagino will beat Kalisz in both IMs. And Sun won’t win the mile.


I don’t see watanabe winning 2 breast either he’s too much of a wild card


First day as a swim fan?




Yep and every dog has its day ……


Sun Yang WR in the 1500?


These predictions aren’t that bad they don’t need to be hated on !


Why are Caleb and MA in red in the 50 free on the last day?


50 Free: Caeleb Dressel
100 Free: Caeleb Dressel
200 Free: Townley Haas/Blake Pieroni
400 Free: Zane Grothe
1500 Free: Zane Grothe
100 Fly: Caeleb Dressel
200 Fly: Jack Conger
100 Back: Ryan Murphy
200 Back: Ryan Murphy
100 Breast: Kevin Cordes/Michael Andrew
200 Breast: Josh Prenot
200 IM: Chase Kalisz
400 IM: Chase Kalisz

(Couldn’t decide on 1breast or 2free)


You have Andrew over Cody Miller or Andrew Wilson? Yeah ok


Both of their best times are pretty much a full second faster than MA’s. Doesn’t make any sense.

Becky D

How many kicks will they be allowed this year? Asking for a friend.


Caeleb will have more than 3 individuals, meaning he will have more than 3 first places 😉

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