Top Junior Contenders For Team USA’s Junior Pan Pacs Squad

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As we continue to preview individual events for this summer’s U.S. National Championships (check out all our picks here), the major question is who will qualify to compete where. The 2018 National Championships will qualify swimmers for five major international meets spanning two years: 2018 Pan Pacs, 2018 Junior Pan Pacs, 2019 Worlds, 2019 World University Games and 2019 Pan American Games. (Check out full selection procedures here)

While frontrunning qualifiers for the four senior-level meets are fairly straightforward from our event-by-event previews (check them out here), it’ll be more complicated to find the frontrunners for the junior meet in the mix: this summer’s Junior Pan Pacific Championships in Fiji.

To give us a baseline of who appears in line for spots as things stand now, we’re compiling the top 6 swims in each event by athletes who are eligible for Junior Pan Pacs.

First, some disclaimers:

  • In order to be eligible for Junior Pan Pacs, a swimmer must be between 13 and 18 as of December 31, 2018. That means swimmers born between the years 2000 and 2005. Specific birthdays aren’t always readily available for junior swimmers, so we’ve done our best to determine ages as of USA Swimming’s SWIMS database. If a swimmer on this list is not eligible, let us know in the comments and we’ll dig further.
  • We’ve used the top times from the U.S. Nationals qualifying period – that means from June 1, 2017 until now. Naturally, that will filter out athletes who had a rough summer of 2017 for whatever reason. That’s not an intentional slight to those athletes, just a time frame that makes sense and limits our research field to a manageable size.
  • It shouldn’t have to be said, but this list is not a set-in-stone prediction of who will qualify and who won’t. Young swimmers improve (and regress) all the time. Don’t take offense that your favorite swimmer isn’t listed, or is listed too low. This is merely a list of times within the time frame.
  • For obvious reasons, we can’t include relay splits – there is no good database of relay splits to pull from. If your favorite swimmer has shown greater potential on relays, feel free to make note of that in the comments section.
  • This story should also serve as a great opportunity to make your own predictions of who will make this summer’s Junior Pan Pacs Team.

The Jr Pan Pacs team will be selected based on the finish order of the 2018 U.S. National Championships. That means current national rankings mean nothing. If one swimmer makes the B final and another the C, the B final swimmer (if he or she finishes his or her finals race without DQing) will be the higher-placing athlete even if the C final swimmer puts up a better time in the final. Obviously, swimmers who don’t compete at Nationals are not eligible.

From a birds-eye view of the complex selection procedures, the top 2 in each event should make the team. If there’s still space on the 20-boy, 20-girl roster, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place candidates could also make the team. Unlike many other meets, the top 6 in the 100 and 200 frees are not selected with higher priority. After second place, the roster will be filled out with the next-best swimmer from any event based on world rankings among juniors.

The final wrinkle is that juniors who make the senior Pan Pacs team will not be able to swim Junior Pan Pacs.

Boys 50 free

50 free
Will Davis 22.46
Drew Kibler 22.99
Jack Armstrong 23.03
Shaine Casas 23.05
Henry Schutte 23.06
Adam Chaney 23.10

Boys 100 free

100 free
Drew Kibler 49.94
Trey Freeman 50.12
Jack Dolan 50.37
Carson Foster 50.37
Destin Lasco 50.46
Clayton Bobo 50.53

Boys 200 free

200 free
Trey Freeman 1:47.79
Drew Kibler 1:49.01
Jake Magahey 1:49.65
Kieran Smith 1:49.69
Destin Lasco 1:50.30
Carson Foster 1:50.44

Boys 400 free

400 free
Trey Freeman 3:50.14
Jake Magahey 3:54.71
Drew Kibler 3:54.87
Will Barao 3:55.26
Mikey Calvillo 3:55.52
Kieran Smith 3:55.69

Boys 800 free

800 free
Trey Freeman 8:02.43
Ross Dant 8:02.90
Jake Magahey 8:03.52
Mikey Calvillo 8:03.99
Will Barao 8:09.38
Lleyton Plattel 8:09.74

Boys 1500 free

1500 free
Ross Dant 15:26.93
Mikey Calvillo 15:28.61
Lleyton Plattel 15:29.71
Brennan Gravley 15:29.86
Arik Katz 15:32.38
Trey Freeman 15:32.76

Boys 100 back

100 back
Drew Kibler 54.97
Carson Foster 55.61
Shaine Casas 55.68
Aidan Stoffle 55.87
Jack Dolan 55.94
Jason Park 56.02

Boys 200 back

200 back
Carson Foster 1:57.87
Ethan Harder 2:00.12
Ian Grum 2:00.74
Peter Larson 2:00.80
Kieran Smith 2:00.80
John Healy 2:01.37

Boys 100 breast

100 breast
Reece Whitley 1:00.08
Daniel Roy 1:01.42
Jake Foster 1:02.38
Max McHugh 1:02.64
AJ Bornstein 1:03.04
Ethan Dang 1:03.16

Boys 200 breast

200 breast
Daniel Roy 2:09.73
Reece Whitley 2:10.82
AJ Bornstein 2:13.96
Jake Foster 2:14.34
AJ Pouch 2:14.96
Ethan Dang 2:15.13

Boys 100 fly

100 fly
Gianluca Urlando 53.21
Shaine Casas 53.24
Drew Kibler 53.60
Danny Kovac 53.67
Isaac Davis 53.71
Jake Johnson 53.80

Boys 200 fly

200 fly
Carson Foster 1:58.47
Gianluca Urlando 1:58.93
Zach Brown 1:59.00
Jake Johnson 1:59.77
Dare Rose 1:59.78
Van Mathias 2:00.31

Boys 200 IM

200 IM
Kieran Smith 1:59.56
Carson Foster 2:00.72
Jake Foster 2:02.88
Shaine Casas 2:03.06
Reece Whitley 2:03.43
Gabe Parnell 2:03.55

Boys 400 IM

400 IM
Kieran Smith 4:17.63
Jake Foster 4:19.40
Carson Foster 4:21.10
Mikey Calvillo 4:22.09
Kevin Vargas 4:23.19
Gianluca Urlando 4:24.60

Girls 50 free

50 free
Grace Ariola 24.82
Anya Goeders 25.14
Grace Cooper 25.38
Gretchen Walsh 25.46
Emma Wheal 25.48
Katherine Douglass 25.50

Girls 100 free

100 free
Grace Ariola 55.05
Lucie Nordmann 55.15
Isabel Ivey 55.48
Gretchen Walsh 55.50
Julia Cook 55.61
Amalie Fackenthal 55.61

Girls 200 free

200 free
Claire Tuggle 1:59.11
Isabel Ivey 1:59.74
Lucie Nordmann 2:00.01
Olivia Carter 2:00.67
Miranda Heckman 2:00.73
Erica Sullivan 2:00.73

Girls 400 free

400 free
Erica Sullivan 4:09.43
Claire Tuggle 4:11.37
Leah Braswell 4:11.65
Kaitlynn Sims 4:12.40
Mariah Denigan 4:12.72
Miranda Heckman 4:13.46

Girls 800 free

800 free
Erica Sullivan 8:30.15
Kaitlynn Sims 8:36.90
Claire Tuggle 8:37.27
Madelyn Donohoe 8:38.62
Mariah Denigan 8:38.64
Chase Travis 8:39.56

Girls 1500 free

1500 free
Erica Sullivan 16:05.83
Mariah Denigan 16:22.50
Madelyn Donohoe 16:26.94
Gabrielle Kopenski 16:29.10
Kaitlynn Sims 16:31.90
Kate Sanderson 16:33.48

Girls 100 back

100 back
Regan Smith 58.95
Isabelle Stadden 1:00.06
Phoebe Bacon 1:00.09
Grace Ariola 1:00.39
Katharine Berkoff 1:00.65
Lucie Nordmann 1:00.87

Girls 200 back

200 back
Regan Smith 2:07.19
Isabelle Stadden 2:08.37
Alex Sumner 2:09.04
Lucie Nordmann 2:10.35
Katharine Berkoff 2:10.55
Alex Walsh 2:10.71

Girls 100 breast

100 breast
Zoe Bartel 1:07.63
Emily Weiss 1:07.99
Zoie Hartman 1:08.65
Allie Raab 1:09.00
Janessa Mathews 1:09.49
Ema Rajic 1:09.62

Girls 200 breast

200 breast
Zoe Bartel 2:25.68
Ella Nelson 2:27.04
Zoie Hartman 2:28.09
Allie Raab 2:28.80
Ashley McCauley 2:29.25
Emily Weiss 2:30.07

Girls 100 fly

100 fly
Regan Smith 58.64
Olivia Carter 59.38
Olivia Bray 59.61
Lillie Nordmann 59.63
Hallie Kinsey 59.81
Lucie Nordmann 59.90

Girls 200 fly

200 fly
Olivia Carter 2:09.02
Lindsay Looney 2:09.22
Regan Smith 2:10.47
Olivia Bray 2:10.63
Maddie Homovich 2:11.71
Ashlyn Fiorilli 2:12.19

Girls 200 IM

200 IM
Alex Walsh 2:12.36
Katherine Douglass 2:14.08
Zoe Bartel 2:14.43
Olivia Carter 2:15.12
Lindsay Looney 2:15.74
Regan Smith 2:15.85

Girls 400 IM

400 IM
Mariah Denigan 4:44.93
Maddie Homovich 4:45.68
Christin Rockway 4:45.94
Kathryn Ackerman 4:46.08
Ella Nelson 4:46.12
Lindsay Looney 4:47.42

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4 years ago

Let’s go Kovac!!!!!!

4 years ago

Watch out for Jack Walker in the 50, 100, and 200 freestyle events

Fly or die
4 years ago

Is Andrew Koustik too old to qualify? He is 18 I just don’t know he when he turns 19. He’s been a 1:58 low in his 200 fly.

Reply to  Fly or die
4 years ago

Yes, he is too old.

Fly or die
Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

Okay thank you!

Ken Baker
4 years ago

I think in order to get a true sense of who has the better chance to score the team and consider “best times” they may have swam from last season, especially from swimmers who have already committed to their schools, you look at the up and comers who are looking to impress coaches this summer.

4 years ago

On men’s side, the list is full of people from Texas and heading to Texas. Just saying…

Reply to  PsychoDad
4 years ago

Master of the obvious.

4 years ago

don’t forget to update this with isabel ivey’s 55.48 in the 100 free from the Gainesville meet! that puts her third on the list in the 100.

Bon Jovi
4 years ago

can’t wait to see what the Foster boys bring!

bobo gigi
4 years ago

Regan Smith will not go to junior pan pacs. She will qualify for senior pan pacs.
Still Destin Lasco, Claire Tuggle, Isabel Ivey, Alex (if she doesn’t make the senior team) and Gretchen Walsh, Carson Foster, Drew Kibler, Gianluca Urlando, Reece Whitley….
Most of my favorite US juniors on the same team! It would be a dream team! 😎

Tammy Touchpad Error
Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

I wanna believe Reece has a solid shot to go a 2:08 and get on the team.

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