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Here’s What Swimmers Can Learn from Michael Phelps’ Pre-Race Routine

How did the greatest swimmer in history prepare on the day of his biggest performances? Here is what you can learn from Michael Phelps’ full race day routine.


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Tom Dolan: Adversity is Confidence in Disguise

Tom Dolan battled through exercise-induced asthma and a narrow windpipe to become one of the greatest IM specialists in history.


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Caeleb Dressel and the Power of External Self-Talk

Here’s how external self-talk, or talking to yourself, can help you keep cool under pressure when things get tough at the pool.

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7 Olympic Swimmers Who Use Visualization

Visualization is a mental training skill that swimmers can use to boost confidence. Here’s how some of the top swimmers on the planet use it.

7 Tips for Awesome Breaststroke Technique

Master the breaststroke with these seven tips for improving breaststroke technique from some of the best breaststrokers on the planet.

7 Tips for Improving Your Freestyle Technique

Faster freestyle swimming starts with efficient technique. Here are seven tips for improving your freestyle stroke technique.

5 Life Lessons You Will Get From Swimming

There is more to the sport of swimming than best times and endless morning workouts with your best friends. Here are some of the lessons from the pool.

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Psychology of Pain: Let’s Talk About Talking About Pain

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This is How Fast Sarah Sjostrom Swims in Practice

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How to Prepare for the Moments in the Pool When Things *Really* Hurt

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