Olivier Leroy

Swimming with Gators: Gregg Troy’s Favorite Distance Set

The man, the legend, the moustache. Here is a breakdown of Gregg Troy’s favorite distance set that he uses with his swimmers.


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17 Ways You Know You Are a Distance Swimmer

The distance competitive swimmer has their own set of struggles. Here are 17 ways you know that you are a distance swimmer.


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How Caeleb Dressel Deals with a Frustrating Swim Practice

Bad practices happen to us all. Here’s how the fastest swimmer on the planet adjusts when things aren’t going his way at practice.


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Alex Popov and the Power of Training the Way You Wanna Compete

Alexander Popov is one of the greatest swimmers of all time. Here’s what you can learn from his relentless pursuit of perfection in practice.

Nelson Diebel and the Power of High Expectations

Overcoming a troubled youth, Nelson Diebel stunned the swimming world winning gold in the 100m breaststroke at the Barcelona Olympics.

Why Change is So Hard in the Pool (and How to Make it Easier)

If it’s big-time success in the pool you want, start by thinking small. Here’s how to get started with mastering the little wins.

7 Fun Facts About Age Group Swimming Plateaus

Ah yes, the joys of peaking or plateauing! Here’s what swimmers and swim parents need to know about the dreaded age group swimming plateau.

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Pro Tip: How to Power Up Your Self-Talk This Season

You probably already know how powerful motivational and positive self-talk can be for swimming like a boss. Here’s a way to make your self-talk even stronger.

5 Ways Swim Coaches Can Develop Mentally Tougher Swimmers

Here are five things swim coaches can start doing today to help develop swimmers that are mentally tough and who are more likely to enjoy the process.

6 Things Swimmers Can Do for More Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a life skill swimmers can use far beyond the lane lines. Here are some ways to supercharge how tough you are between your ears.

Why You Should Always Finish Strong

How you finish matters. Here’s why you should adopt a mindset of always finishing to the best of your ability at practice and in life.

One of the Best Resources for New Swim Parents are in the Stands with You

For the new swim parent, the sport can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, one of your best resources is already in the stands with you.

How to Stay Mentally Sharp as You Get Back into Training at the Pool

As pools reopen and practices begin, here are some tips for getting back into the swing of things with your swim training.

Swimmers: Can You Get Just 1% Better Each Day?

Here’s what one of the most successful basketball coaches in NBA history can teach swimmers about the process of achieving excellence.

“Swimming gave me the self-confidence I couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Jeff Float’s journey to Olympic gold illustrates how the power of the sport is felt greatest in helping young people develop confidence and self-belief.