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Latest Tests Show That Jeff Julian Is Cancer Free

Jeff Julian, head coach of Rose Bowl Aquatics, has announced that latest tests have shown no evidence of the disease in his body.


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Who Should Each ISL Team Retain For 2021? Who Will Fall To The ISL Draft?

We run through a high-level projection of each team’s top returning swimmers, with an early look at what the ISL draft pool might look like.


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ISL Aperte Le Iscrizioni Del Draft-Le Regole Per Inserire Atleti In Squadra

ISL aperta la procedura on line per inviare la propria candidatura per partecipare alla terza stagione della International Swimming League

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Domenico Fioravanti Takes Over As GM For The ISL’s Aqua Centurions

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Domenico Fioravanti will take over as the general manager of the Aqua Centurions of the International Swimming League.

Domenico Fioravanti Nuovo General Manager Degli Aqua Centurions

La ISL ha annunciatio il nome del nuovo General manager degli Aqua Centurions. Sarà il campione olimpico Domenico Fioravanti

ISL Stagione 3: Età Minima Per Partecipare 18 Anni Le Nuove Regole

ISL rilascia alcuni dettagli della stagione 3. Gli atleti devono avere 18 anni e per iscriversi devono aver nuotato i tempi limite indicati

New ISL Rules: Athletes Must Be 18, Two-Year Rookie Contracts, Full Draft Order

The International Swimming League will now require athletes to be 18 or older to register for the ISL Draft Pool, with two-year contracts for all rookies.

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ISL Releases Format For 2021 Swimmer Draft, Including Protections & Fan Vote

The ISL will hold a draft to establish its 2021 rosters. Teams can retain up to 16 athletes from 2020, including one athlete per team retained via a fan vote.

ISL 3: Roster 2021 Con Draft, Votazioni E Nomi Trattenuti Dalla Squadra 2020

ISL 2021, i roster verranno selezionati per metà bloccando la vecchia squadra e metà con un draft a giugno selezionando da una Pool

ISL Announces 2021 Season With Same 10 Teams & Expanded Playoffs

The International Swimming League announced details of its 2021 season in a press release today, confirming all ten returning franchises.

International Swimmers’ Alliance Launches With World’s Top 120 Elites

While the Alliance is not a union, it is an association of elite swimmers and a potentially powerful voice in negotiating improved economic conditions

SSPC: Siobhan Haughey on Establishing a Pre-Race Routine that Works for You

Haughey explains what has been clicking for her in training and racing this past year as well as how establishing daily routines in ISL was key for her

Energy Standard Training Group Unable To Return To Training Base in Turkey

The group hasn’t been able to return to their training base in Turkey this year, with athletes and coaches currently scattered across the world.

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Relay Qualification Update – Women’s 400 Free Relay

Charlotte Bonnet and the French women now have the fifth fastest 400 Free Relay time as they look ahead to Tokyo while other countries fight to qualify.

2020 Swammy Awards: US Female Swimmer of the Year, Lilly King

Lilly King is the most dominant woman in the ISL for two years in a row. In 2020, King broke American and World Records in the Budapest bubble.