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Remembering Janet Evans’ 400 Freestyle World Record 32-Years Later

22 years ago, Janet Evans swam a 4:03.85 in the 400 freestyle, negative splitting the race on her way to a new world record that wouldn’t fall until 2006.


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Grant Hackett Turns 40, Marking Half-a-Lifetime Since Dethroning Perkins

It’s been almost 20 years since Grant Hackett beat Kieran Perkins at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney in the 1500 free. Hackett turns 40 on Saturday.


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Epic Swim: Simone Manuel and Penny Oleksiak Tie for 100 Free Olympic Glory

It certainly didn’t seem like it would be Simone Manuel or Penny Oleksiak‘s moment in the limelight. About five weeks before…


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Why Michael Phelps’ 50.45 Fly at 2015 Nationals Was A Big Deal

Michael Phelps had the best 100 fly swim of his ’10s career at the 2015 U.S. Nationals. Read on how Phelps crushed his swim racing against the clock.

Bruno Fratus Says Cesar Cielo’s World Records Will Fall Before 2021 Olympics

During a recent interview, Bruno Fratus of Brazil stated that Cesar Cielo’s longstanding freestyle world records will fall before the 2021 Olympic Games.

Relive the Full Replays of the ISL’s Debut Meet in Indianapolis (VIDEO)

Lilly King swept the women’s breaststroke events in Indianapolis: her first wins en route to an undefeated 2019 ISL season.

NEW RACE VIDEO: Watch Missy Franklin Race to Her First Global Gold in 2011

Missy Franklin was retired from racing by age 23, but at the peak of her career, there have been few better in history than she was.

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Sarah Sjöström: Over A Decade of Medals and World Records (Videos)

Sarah Sjöström set a world record at just 15, but her next few years were left in this shadow, only for her career to explode into elite status.

The Woman Who Went Head-to-Head with Michael Phelps in Open Competition

It was the mixed 400 free relay (did not realize they had that event in 2007) and the Aussie’s opted for the Female-Female-Male-Male Strategy

Watch Mark Spitz Race at the NCAA Championships, 1969-1972

Though Mark Spitz is best known for winning 7 gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, the Indiana Hoosier also had a legendary NCAA career.

Epic Swims: Brendan Hansen’s Double BR World Records at 2006 Nationals

At the 2006 US Nationals, Brendan Hansen went on a double world record spree in the 100/200 breast. Read more on how Hansen took down the records here.

Semifinal Shockers: 10 Epic Swims From Semifinals That Inspired Us

Here we count down some of the greatest performances from semifinal races of the last 20-ish years. These races are just as memorable as the finals.

Serdinov, Phelps, Crocker: 3 Heats, 3 Consecutive World Records in the 100 Fly

As Serdinov celebrated Phelps charged down the pool, his back-end speed propelling him ahead of the minutes-old record Serdinov set in the first semifinal.

Revisiting Phelps’s Insane 1:52.09 200 Fly from the 2007 World Championships

While Michael Phelps will best be remembered for winning 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, he was arguably better in 2007.

Kosuke Kitajima and the Dolphin Kicks That Changed Breaststroke Forever

Kosuke Kitajima changed breaststroke forever when he implemented dolphin kicks into his underwater pullouts at the 2004 Olympics and was not disqualified.