Practice + Pancakes

Practice + Pancakes: Sandpipers Elite Group “Sprints” 7300 IM/Fly Workout

I don’t think Ron would agree, but according to the athletes, this 7,300-yard workout was their “sprint” practice for the week.


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Practice + Pancakes: UVA Mathematician Ken Ono Brings His Analytics to Swimming

Ken has gone through this process at Emory and now at UVA, not only aiding numerous athletes but also being assisted by them, including Olympian Paige Madden


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Practice + Pancakes: An Inside Look at SPIRE Academy

SwimSwam got the opportunity to visit SPIRE Academy in Geneva, Ohio to film one of their workouts as well as a very special summer camp


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Practice + Pancakes: Louise Hansson Suits Up for the ‘Hunter Armstrong’ Set

The set is 3 rounds of a 25 off the blocks, followed by 2×50 at back-end 100 speed. Louise does them on a descending interval (R1 – 90, R2 – 75, R3 – 60)

Practice + Pancakes: Hansson, Auboeck Highlight Loughborough University Workout

SwimSwam traveled across the pond to England, where we did some filming at the renowned Loughborough University and its “Pool of Dreams”

Practice + Pancakes: New York City’s Asphalt Green Gets in Saturday AM IM Work

In order to accommodate every swimmer on their team, the top group at Asphalt Green trains Saturday-Thursday, with Fridays off.

Practice + Pancakes: 12x Olympic Medalist & SPIRE Ambassador Ryan Lochte

SPIRE Academy Swim Camp featured SPIRE Ambassador Ryan Lochte and SPIRE Head Coach Thad Schultz providing instructions across all four strokes.

More Practice + Pancakes

Practice + Pancakes: Eddie Reese Gives Texas Men “Numbers” Set for Trials Taper

On this Wednesday, the taper workout was simple: Eddie gave you a number, and you got to that number. For most of the guys, it was somewhere between 3k-4k.

Practice + Pancakes: Seward Tsunami Swim Team, featuring Oly Champ Lydia Jacoby

This certainly wasn’t your run-of-the-mill Practice + Pancakes, but then again Alaska isn’t your run-of-the-mill swimming destination.

Practice + Pancakes: Ledecky + Finke Go Head-to-Head in 15×100 Best Average

2021 1500 Olympic Champions Bobby Finke and Katie Ledecky went head-to-head during a threshold practice which concluded with 15×100 best average

Practice + Pancakes: Florida Pro Group Workout with Dressel, Ledecky & Hinds

The group started on the racks with some light power work in the outdoor pool, then transitioned to the indoor pool, where they did work with chords

Practice + Pancakes: Madden, Weyant Throw Down Monster UVA Threshold Workout

On Tuesday afternoons, associate head coaches Blaire Bachman and Tyler Fenwick combine their groups and gut out a ‘red’ set

Practice + Pancakes: Thomas Heilman Dazzles in Cavalier Aquatics Speed Practice

Cav Aquatics had a fun warm up full of drills and speed work before getting into some 100 pace, where Heilman threw down some sizzling butterfly times

Practice + Pancakes: Virginia Cavaliers Work 100 Speed after Dryland

It culminated with 1 50 free all-out at the end of practice, highlighted by Olympians Paige Madden, Alex Walsh, and Walsh’s younger sister, Gretchen Walsh

Practice + Pancakes: Olympians Finke, Smith lead Florida Taper for SEC Champs

We got to see the likes of Olympic medalists Kieran Smith and Bobby Finke as well as post-grad Natalie Hinds in action in Gainesville