Practice + Pancakes

New Head Coach Ozzie Quevedo Guides SMU Women Through Race Pace | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

SwimSwam took a trip up down to Dallas, Texas, where the SMU women were getting in some race pace work on a Friday afternoon.


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Top High School Recruits Show Out at Elmbrook Swim Club | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

Elmbrook is a gold medal swim club who have broken multiple NAG records over the last 5 years.


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Racer X Aquatics Power Set with Chutes, Chords, Buckets, + More | Practice + Pancakes

On this Thursday afternoon, head coach Jim Skirboll was leading his top group through a lot of shorter resistance paired with lots of underwater work.


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Beata + Bacon Cook at Tuesday AM Wisconsin Practice | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

SwimSwam took a trip to Madison, Wisconsin, where head coach Yuri Sugiyama was getting his badgers ready for the long course season.

World Champ Medalist Leah Hayes Highlights Fox Valley IM Workout | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

Coming off of the Westmont Pro Swim Series, SwimSwam drove 30 minutes east over to Aurora, Illinois, where the Fox Valley Riptides were getting after it

Practice + Pancakes: Summer McIntosh Highlights Sarasota Sharks Tuesday Morning Workout

After the Ft Lauderdale Pro Swim, SwimSwam took a drive to Sarasota, home to newly-minted 2x world record holder Summer McIntosh and the Sarasota sharks

Sarasota Sharks End Practice with “The Duck Set”

At the end of a Monday afternoon workout, the Sarasota Sharks concluded things with 5×200 backstroke, aka “The Duck Set”.

More Practice + Pancakes

Tennessee Works Tuesday AM Power + Speed | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

There were two main workouts, the distance-oriented and the sprint-oriented athletes, but both groups were doing some form of resistance and power.

LSU Takes on Tuesday AM Sprint Stations | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

Highlighted by Olympic champs Maggie MacNeil and Brooks Curry, this session includes drill work and specified exercises used to hone in on pure speed

Pitt Hits the Pool, Weight Room, and Diving Boards | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

SwimSwam took a visit to the University of Pittsburgh, where head coach Chase Kreitler is in his first season at the helm for the panthers.

Sprint Training with Loofahs and Relay Starts | LSU SWIMMING WORKOUT VIDEO

The men and women would switch from relay exchanges to speed work, using a shower loofah (instead of a typical swim parachute) for resistance.

Ohio State Suits Up for Mid-Season SPEED | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

SwimSwam took a visit to Columbus, Ohio to see how the Ohio State Buckeyes were preparing for their mid-season invite.

WATCH: Ohio State’s Ruslan Gaziev Swims 39.9 Broken 100 Free in Practice

During SwimSwam’s recent visit to the Ohio State University, the buckeyes suited up in anticipation of their mid-season invite

Shackell Siblings Sizzle at Carmel Swim Club Butterfly Workout | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

On this Tuesday morning workout, head coach Chris Plumb had his top group split into stroke groups of fly, back, and breast.

Cody Miller Takes Us Through Monday Morning Indiana Workout | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

On a Monday morning, the Indiana mid-group (majority of the pros and college team) has a variety of focuses while building into the practice.