Cal Swimming Sprint + Power Workout in 15m “Shark Tank” (PRACTICE VIDEO)

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16 days ago

Pretty remarkable how fast Abbey is. She can hang with the guys

Dan Smith
16 days ago

We trained in a four lane 20 yard pool. The coach adapted games to the size of the facility, Our two favorites were: “hands around the knees”: everyone sit above the gutter with hands on your knees. Whistle sounds: get to the other side as fast as possible and resume sitting with hands around your knees: a reaction drill. Last one to sit still is out. We usually went 4-5 rounds before the coach began eliminating swimmers. And, in a four lane 20 yard pool with 20-30 swimmers, the waves were enormous. Our other favorite was “20 turns” as fast as your can. Those built reaction time, strength, and the ability to deal with a lot of waves (like relay… Read more »

16 days ago

glad to see the magic man is doing well

16 days ago

I remember my coaches would come up with some pretty “odd” workouts, stressing one skill or another in very novel ways. Looking back, it certainly had the effect of breaking up a long season and keeping things a bit fresher — and also wanting ne to see what “little looney” things we’d do in a week’s time to over-stress one skill or another. And, wow, did it help me in later years when I was doing summer coaching, too!

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Coleman Hodges

Coleman started his journey in the water at age 1, and although he actually has no memory of that, something must have stuck. A Missouri native, he joined the Columbia Swim Club at age 9, where he is still remembered for his stylish dragon swim trunks. After giving up on …

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