Swim Mom Musings: The Assault On College Swimming

With multiple programs forced to cut swimming & diving due to COVID-19, it’s time to take a stand against this assault on our sport.


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Former Auburn Swimmer Zoe Thatcher Publishes Book With Her Dad

Olympic hopeful Zoe Thatcher, a former swimmer at Auburn University, has published a book with her father, Geoff Thatcher.


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Olympic and World Champion Ryan Murphy, #SwimON

Ryan Murphy #SwimON: “Teammates. Competitors. Friends. Rivals. No matter what we endure, we’re always better together.”

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The Hungry Swimmer: Brunch At Home

While it’s fun to taste test different menu items and explore new eateries, brunch cuisine can easily be replicated in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Beyond The Lane Lines: Matsumoto Returns To The Pool

Catch international happenings in this edition of Beyond the Lane Lines, featuring Japan’s World Championships silver medalist Katsuhiro Matsumoto.

Suit Up For A SwimSwam Swimmer Scramble

Have some fun with our Swimmer Scramble #2, mixing up some aquatic-related words with only you being able to put them back to their original states.

Great Britain’s Ellie Simmonds Talks Mental Health (Video)

Get some sound insight into everyday stresses by taking a look at British Swimming’s conversational video with para swimmer Ellie Simmonds.

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Mental Health Concerns Up 150% to 200% Among NCAA Student-Athletes

A new NCAA survey shows that mental health concerns among its student-athletes are currently 150% to 200% higher than usual during the coronavirus pandemic.

Olympic and World Champion Nathan Adrian, #SwimON

Nathan Adrian, #SwimON: “Teammates. Competitors. Friends. Rivals. No matter what we endure, we’re always better together.”

Storied Lakeside Swim Club In Louisville, Kentucky Staying Dry This Summer

One of the most unique outdoor pools in the United States will not be opening this summer as Lousiville, Kentucky’s Lakeside Swim Club will remain dry.

SwimSwam Pulse: 46% Pick Men’s 200 Back As Next Super-Suited WR In Danger

Our most recent poll asked SwimSwam readers to pick between five of the tougher remaining world records from the super-suit era.

World Championship medalist Hali Flickinger, #SwimON

Hali Flickinger, #SwimON: “When the world slowed down, we never turned off. We never lost sight of our goals– we adapted & got creative.”

Handling The COVID-19 Break Is Nothing New For Peter Lermo

Lermo, a member of the US Paralympic National Team, is familiar with taking extended time out of the water due to surgery. COVID-19 is just another challenge.

Book Excerpt: Master Of The Mask by Olympian Kim Rhodenbaugh Lewallen

Master of the Mask, an Olympic Swimmer’s Long Journey to Freedom, is a #1 bestseller on Amazon in the Olympic and Paralympic category.

Paralympic Champion Becca Meyers, #SwimOn

Becca Meyers #SwimON: “No matter what we endure, we’re always better together. We’re stronger than ever before, and right now, nothing is going to stop us.”