Would You Rather Break A World Record Or Win An Olympic Gold Medal? (POLL)

Would you rather break a world record, or win an Olympic gold medal? Vote on which side of the fence you fall on.


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10 Easy Tips To Take Your Swimming To The Next Level During COVID-19

While we’ve all been forced out of the water for the time being, we’re fully capable of both adjusting and accomplishing our goals in creative ways.


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Read, Watch, Play: What Elite Swimmers Around The World Are Doing At Home

Does Bruno Fratus love Monopoly? Which book is helping Aimee Willmott pass the time? Check out what elite swimmers are reading, watching & gaming while home.


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7 Things To Do While You Can’t Swim – Apart From Dryland

With pools and gyms closed there is only so much dryland training you can do before going crazy. So with Olympic dreams on ice, it’s time to set goals…

SwimSwam Pulse: 47% Support Postponing 2020 Olympics

Our poll ran both before and after the IOC postponed the 2020 Olympics. Nearly half of voters supported postponement over cancellation or ‘wait-and-see’.

Michael Phelps: “I Would Have Straight Punted” Had The 2012 OLY Been Postponed

Read how the GOAT, America’s Michael Phelps, believes he would have reacted had the 2008, 2012 or 2016 Olympic Games been postponed.

Swim Mom: Make the Most Out of Every Opportunity

When things get back to normal, maybe we will learn from this overwhelming experience. Hopefully, we will take with us an attitude of “I get to.”

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33 Meters: Maddy Banic, Better Than Ever

Maddy Banic: “My swimming today isn’t where I want it to be, but I view myself now as an underdog who has to claw my way back.”

757 Swim Club Launches Team-Created Mascot Bracket Challenge

One fish, one guinea pig, one horse, three cats, 28 dogs, and one kindergartener are contending in 757swim’s March Mascot Madness in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Shouts From The Stands: The Aftermath

Little did we know that our “Treat Every Day Like It’s Your Last Day to Race” would actually turn into our actual last day to race.

Shouts From The Stands: Unexpected Lessons

7th grader Connor Simpkins’s experience of breaking his arm prior to his Zones meet earlier this year prepared him for dealing with the coronavirus.

Gabriele Detti e Simona Quadarella: “Unbreakable” In Uno Spot – Video

Gabriele Detti e Simona Quadarella in uno spot raccontano la loro storia e come attraverso le difficoltà hanno trovato la forza di reagire

The Hungry Swimmer: Fresh Spring Recipes

Spring is finally here, and something about this season motivates me to incorporate more fresh ingredients and light, zesty flavors. Check them out!

Kira Toussaint, Blake Pieroni, Hannah Miley Share Stuck-At-Home Workouts

With the majority of swimmers, as well as athletes in general, stuck at home around the world, tune in to what some elites are doing to stay in shape.

Yoga for Swimmers: Focusing on the Fundamentals

In this article you will learn how to develop a strong, safe and effective yoga for swimmers practice by focusing on the fundamentals…

Ask Swim Mom: Does My Son Need to Swim Club to Swim in College?

I know his future self would regret quitting club swimming. The $10,000 question is, how important is club swim to college recruiters?

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Grant Shoults

In the Swimming From Home Talk Show, host Coleman Hodges speaks with the swimming community about how they’re coping in our current goggle-less reality

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