QUIZ: Can You Name All Short Course World Record-Holders?

Can you name every short course meters world record-holder in swimming? Test your skills in our latest swimming trivia quiz.


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SwimSwam Pulse: NCAA vs ISL Poll Comes Down To A Single Vote

It’s the closest poll we’ve ever had, with SwimSwam voters split between excitement for the NCAA and ISL seasons for 2020.


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Do You Spend 1/3rd of Your Life Sleeping?

Sleep is an often-overlooked but essential element of a solid training plan and if not budgeted for, can wreak havoc on your training, performance and health.


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Friday Marks the 10-Year Anniversary of the Death of Fran Crippen

As history rolls on and time slips away, the lessons of history become the legacy of a tragedy.

Swimming’s TopTenTweets: Lezak, Sandeno, and Krayzelburg Suit Up

We’re back with swimming’s TopTenTweets presented by Arena, where we round up the best of the swimming Twitterverse.

Beyond The Lane Lines: Swimming Australia Looks For New Broadcast Home

Catch up on swim happenings from around the world in this edition of Beyond the Lane Lines, featuring Australia, Germany and more.

The Hungry Swimmer: All About Oatmeal 2.0

Oatmeal isn’t just some mushy, bland substance you force down in the morning. Check out some of the possible combinations you can create!

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Five Seconds Behind… A Poem

Something every swimmer has experienced: the person behind them not leaving five seconds apart.

In Memory of Fran Crippen

Former open water elite Mark Warkentin remembers his complicated relationship with Fran, and how it evolved during, and then after, his own swimming career.

What Swimmers Can Do to Be More Focused at Practice

Being able to control your focus means you are going to swim with better technique, get more enjoyment from the process, and ultimately, swim faster.

Ask Swim Mom: My Parents Embarrass Me

“Although we want to be supportive and involved, there should be a limit to our involvement if we are negatively impacting our kids.”

SwimSwam Pulse: 37% Want To See Butterfly Skins Race in ISL Season

Butterfly (37.2%) and breaststroke (26.3%) led our poll, with readers most excited to see multi-round skin races of the short-axis strokes.

QUIZ: Can You Name Each Member of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Swim Team?

Can you name each member of the 2016 U.S. Olympic swim team? Test your knowledge in our latest and toughest swimming quiz.

Where’s Waldo Caeleb Dressel?

Take a mid-week break with SwimSwam’s very own take on ‘Where’s Waldo’. Challenge your teammates to this fun, swimmer pic scan.

NY Breakers Best Cali Condors 51-49 In 2020 ISL Logo Bracket

It was a thriller to wrap up our 2020 International Swimming League logo bracket, with the New York Breakers besting the Cali Condors by just 2% of the votes.