Lochte Looks Likely For ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Upcoming Season

We may be seeing Ryan Lochte on our American television screens in the near future.


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Rio Olympic Test Event Showed Same Pool Bias (2.0)

Barry Revzin goes even more in depth on the Rio pool, sharing his data.


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2016 YMCA Long Course Nationals Video-Produced by Hickory Swimming

This video was produced by Hickory Foundation YMCA’s Emmaline Peterson who was also the 1500 freestyle champion at this summers YMCA Long Course Nationals.

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Katie Ledecky to Throw Out First Pitch at Washington Nationals Game

We’ve seen Katie Ledecky crown herself Olympic champion on multiple occasions and smash world records the past couple weeks in Rio,…

Mental Preparation Matters: How Australia Can Reinvent Itself

Australia will need to do more than emulate the United States if it wants to thrive in 2020

7 Reasons to Love SwimSwam Magazine and the College Preview

If you subscribe to SwimSwam Magazine, you can instantly view the 2016 Olympic Preview and all back issues as digital magazines. The College Preview ships August 29th.

Lochte Confirms Plans To Swim Through Tokyo Despite Rio Mistakes

Despite the high-profile gas station incident in Rio, world record-holder Ryan Lochte confirmed that he plans to swim through the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, even if that means serving a suspension.

8 Questions Every Swimmer Should Ask Themselves

Olivier Poirier-Leroy has 8 questions that swimmers should ask themselves every day.

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Katie Ledecky Belongs With Bob Beamon and Secretariat

Charles Hartley writes about why Katie Ledecky belongs in the same category as Bob Beamon and Secretariat.

Are Leadership Skills a Side Effect of Swimming?

Here are five leadership traits learned through swimming…


From a Week of Pride, to a Week of Shame for U.S. Olympic Swimming

Charles Hartley expresses that we should go back to the American pride we had just a week ago, and stop talking about Ryan Lochte.

7 Things Smart Swimmers Need to Stop Doing

Our swimming is a collection of habits, both good and bad. With that in mind, here are 7 habits that smart swimmers need to ditch.

US Masters Swimming Summer Nationals Photo Vault

It’s hot up in Portland this week for the 2016 US Masters Swimming Summer Nationals – 100+ degrees on deck….

SwimMom Musings: And Now There’s College Looming

Now that the excitement of Olympic swimming is claiming down, college recruiting is right around the corner. Here are tips on making the most out of this experience for coaches, parents and prospective student-athletes.

How Do Regular People Try On Competitive Swimsuits?

Not very well. This BuzzFeed video is a must-see.

US Masters Swimming Summer Nationals Photo Vault

Olympic swimming may be over, but that is by no means the end of the summer racing season.  This week…

10 Ways to be an Awesome Swimming Lane Mate

We’ve all been there — 12 swimmers, 1 lane. Here are 10 ways to be an awesome lane-mate when lane space is at a premium.

Shouts From The Stands: Please Help Louisiana

Please help Louisiana in this time of need.