Take Your Mark

I approached the surface of the water and I took my first stroke. This is going to be a good one, I thought to myself.

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Jolyn Lookbook: Submersion

By Photographer Aaron Okayama – Producer Mallyce Miller @mallyce – Model Sarah Courtney @sarcourt – and 3x Olympic Swimmer Kara Lynn Joyce @karalynnjoyce


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10 Ways to Spice up Your Relationship With Your Kick Board

No matter what your relationship with your board is, I want to inject passion back into it! Call me the Kickboard counselor.

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10 Most Important Questions to ask a College Swim Coach during Recruiting

Asking these ten questions will drastically help you compare and contrast schools and eventually pick the perfect one for you…

Yoga for Swimmers (Video): Focusing on the Fundamentals

Just like any other skill the beginning of the year is the perfect time to learn and refine the fundamentals of a strong yoga practice…

Life After College Swimming

From how I see it, going through this transition into a new chapter of your life can be viewed in two ways; through a professional perspective, and through a personal perspective.

Ways to Improve the Developmental System: No More King Coaches

Why we need to change coaching culture from a bygone era

Adrian Grenier and Richard Branson Swim 3.3k for Strive Challenge

Earlier today, Entourage star Adrian Grenier and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson took on a 3.3 kilometer open water swim to raise awareness for ocean health and the Make a Splash Foundation.

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5 reasons why college swimming is the best (and why you should pursue it)

Ask any collegiate swimmer about their college swimming experience, and they will tell you they wouldn’t trade it for the world!

The Wishlist: 16 Gifts Swimmers Really, Really Want

Tight lane ropes, pace clocks that are easy to read, and lane-mates that can circle swim properly. Here 16 ideas for presents that swimmers actually want.


What is a Swim Parent’s Role in College Recruiting?

Recruiting is an exciting time in a swimmer’s life, but it’s time-consuming and can be overwhelming.

Walk the Deck With Kendra Griffin

Last year at Pac 12’s, Griffin came in at a time of 16:30.76 in the mile, the second fastest in WSU’s history.

Artistic Athletes

Being an athlete is like being an artist. The best swimmers in the world create works of art through their approach to training, recovery, attitude and demeanor.

Why Kids Stop Swimming

With a focus on growing the sport, it’s worth considering why kids already in the sport end up leaving it. Here is why.

7 Self-Defeating Thoughts Swimmers Need to Drop

Mental fortitude is a cornerstone of every successful swimmer’s journey to the top. Like the rest, they are burdened with the occasional self-defeating thought. Here are 7 self-defeating thoughts that every swimmer should drop.

10 things you’ll find in a swimmer’s bag

If you’ve ever made the mistake of opening a swimmer’s backpack, chances are you were treated to a nice, sweet smell of chlorine twisted with a harsh blend of mildew, goldfish and moisturizer.

This is Why

Why do you swim? It’s so boring. It’s so early. It’s so hard. You stare at a black line for too long. You stink of chlorine. You can’t go out and party.

Ways to Improve the Best Developmental System in the World: Part One

Swimmers should advance with mental fitness equal to their physical fitness