Perfect Tech Gifts for Swimmers

Give your loved ones electronics to put in the water: What could go wrong?

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Personal Bests: 6 Things To Consider When It Does Not Happen

Courtesy and written by Andrew Beggs With many swimmers well into the midst of their short course season, I thought…

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Female Athletes And Body Image

Courtesy of and written by Laura Quilter. New Zealand representative swimmer and lifesaver with an affinity for writing. Hoping to take what…

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4 Tips On How To Be A Great Swim Parent

We try our best at swim parenting and I don’t know a single swim parent who wants to be the reason our kids get stressed or want to quit.

Study Shows Continued Decrease In England’s Swimming Participation

According to recent data tabulations, the nation of England has seen a significant decrease in the number of adults swimming at least once a week.

15-Year-Old Jack Dolan on 19.86 50 Free: I train for the 200 (Video)

15-year-old Jack Dolan from Rockwood Swim Club broke 20 seconds for the first time tonight. Before today, his best time was a 20.53.

Swim Parents: Your Stress & Expectations Are Contagious

Swim parents want the best for their little swimmers. As it turns out, the stress and expectations you have trickle down to your little athlete.

Amanda Weir: I returned on Thursday and was training by Monday (Video)

Local star Amanda Weir, a 3-time U.S. Olympian and 4-time Olympic medalist, picked up a gold in front of her hometown crowd tonight

Lindsey Clary: Trying to back up good races with good races (Video)

Clary closed in a 27.26 to take gold in 4:39.33 ahead of Zeiger’s 4:39.55.

More Lifestyle

Tom Shields on 20.1 50 Fly: I race better the more I do it (Video)

After taking the top seed in prelims, Tom Shields decided to mix it up by swimming butterfly in the final tonight.

Melanie Margalis: I was ready to get back into racing (Video)

U.S. Olympian Melanie Margalis made it look easy, dominating the women’s 200 IM with a 1:53.16.

DiRado, Margalis, & Hannis visit Childrens Hospital in Atlanta (Video)

In conjunction with the AT&T Winter National Championships in Atlanta this week, the three athletes visited the patients of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston

It’s Time To Jump In Feet First And Sink Or Swim

It’s been about 14 months since I took up competitive swimming. I grew up with a pool in my backyard, but never began training with purpose until I was nearly 53 years old.

Six Bad Gym Habits

Bad gym habits. We all have them and we all don’t like to admit that they are there. But, let’s just own our bad habits and fix them!

Six Swimmer Moments You Have Outside of the Pool

Ever needed to roughly measure about 50 meters? That looks about the length of a long course pool.

In Briefs 11/30/16: Phelps To Give Award, Cook Nominated, YMCA Rename

Michael Phelps presenting an award is among today’s In Briefs, your quick hit list of swimming stories from around the web.

Swimming To Be Treated As School Subject In Victoria, Australia

The state of Victoria, Australia, will now be required to include swim lessons among its school subjects such as math and science.

Why Your Coach Makes You Train Your “Off” Strokes

We all have the things we excel at—and things we don’t—in the water. Strokes included. Here is why coach is…

10 Awkward Moments Swimmers Experience

Swimmers treat their team like a family, albeit a dysfunctional family. As with any close-knit group of well-meaning people, awkward moments will ensue.