SwimMom Musings: It’s All About Family

Perhaps more than any other sport, swimming is truly a family affair.

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La famille Phelps dévoile son plan d’entraînement pour 2032

Dans sa vidéo en direct diffusée la semaine passée (en anglais seulement), Michael Phelps, 23x médaillé d’or olympique, a révélé…

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15 Swimmer Stereotypes We Love and Hate

15 Swimmer Stereotypes we love and hate. Which one are you?


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10 Ways to Be the Worst Swim Parent Ever

I have experience at making mistakes as a swim parent. Fifteen years of it. I put together this list of things parents do that drive our kids and coaches crazy—with help from my daughter.

Why I Swim

Swimming is far more than just a sport for many of us. Here are just a few of the endless reasons that I swim.

6 Tips for Swim Parents on Why Swimmers Quit

Why do kids quit swimming? The number one reason: “It’s no longer fun.” Kids would rather do something else. A former coach told me he lost many high school swimmers once they started dating or got a car.

Study On Sports Drinks’ Effects On Swimming Renders Surprising Results

A sports-related study’s findings recently presented at the UK’s Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health’s annual conference may have you re-thinking what you’re putting into your on-deck hydration bottle.

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5 Tips for Bouncing Back From Injury

There are fewer things more frustrating to a swimmer than injury. Here are 5 tips to bounce back from an injury.

11 Signs You Are Officially a Swim Parent

It didn’t happen overnight, but there was one day I realized we’d made the leap to become a full on “swim family.”

Try the Freestyle Kick Butterfly Drill – Video Feature

Freestyle kick butterfly is not easy to do, but if done properly with a consistent kick and with fins, a swimmer can feel the surge forward as he or she throws the head down and swings the arms forward after each breath.

6 Mental Training Hacks for Swimmers

Swimming – and sport in general – offers a rich proving ground for developing mental training skills that can serve you a great deal of good outside of the pool. Here are 6 hacks for getting the most of that grey mush between your ears.

Phelps & Family Reveal Training Plan For 2032

As he alluded to in his latest Facebook Live post earlie.r this week, 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps is indeed training for 2032….however, completely unlike any training he’s done in the past

Is FINA President Julio Maglione Too Old for Re-Election?

FINA President Julio Maglione is up for re-election this July at the age of 81-years-old. Maglione has already served two terms as President and is hoping to hold on for another four years. But should he be allowed to?

SwimSwam Pulse: 63% Predict Ledecky To Win Pro Swim Series

Almost two-thirds of respondents predicted Katie Ledecky to win the 2017 Pro Swim Series, despite Melanie Margalis holding a 6-point lead with two stops to go.

4 Reasons Why Your Swim Friends Are Your Bestfriends

If your friends don’t swim, they will never truly understand you. You spend hours and hours every day with your swim…

How to Go From ‘Accomplished Athlete’ to ‘Promising Professional’

Athletes entering the workforce face unique challenges. Consider the following on how to maximise your odds of success.

College Swimmers: The Benefits of Planning Your Week

Becoming a collegiate swimmer can be extremely stressful and busy.  It can be hard to balance class, homework, practice, meets…