Breaking Down The Biggest Races of the 2021 US Olympic Trials

We dive deep into the men’s 200 IM, men’s 100 free, women’s 100 fly and who we think may surprise us coming into Omaha at Wave II


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Maya DiRado Shares Memories From Lead-up to 2016 US Trials, Olympic Games

We sat down with Olympic Icon Maya DiRado to discuss how much of a roller coaster the lead-up to both the Olympic Trials and Olympic Games can be


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PEAK Swimming Head Coach & Owner Abi Liu on Reaching Swimmers Through the Soles

You may have noticed Abi and her styling kicks on deck. In this podcast, Abi talks about her shoe collection and how it’s become a coaching tool. 


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International Swimmer’s Alliance Officially Launches

Today marks the launch of the International Swimmers’ Alliance (ISA), an independent organization established by athletes, for athletes

Getting an Inside Look into the 2021 ISL Season 3 Draft

SwimSwam sat down with ISL CEO Konstantin Koudriaev and ISL Technical Director Apostolos Tsagkarakis to unpack and demystify the upcoming ISL draft

Dr. Megan Holtzman, Chief Scientist at Tritonwear

Dr. Megan Holtzman is Tritonwear’s Chief Scientist, the right person to help us breakdown why data matters in swimming today

Nathan Mundt on Becoming Head Coach of Iowa After Team Cuts Men’s Program

Mundt takes over after 17-year head coach Marc Long declined the opportunity to continue with the program when the men’s team was cut.

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Michael Andrew on Sacrifice, Trials Prep & MA Swim Academy on Champion’s Mojo

Michael returns to the podcast to talk about his recent success, the sacrifices he’s made and embracing his talent and hard work.

Matt Bowe on What Makes USA Sports Culture Different Than The Rest of the World

Bowe compares the USA to Britain and discusses differences in every stage of upbringing that ultimately lead to performance on a global stage.

Andre Brasil Gives Raw and Emotional Commentary on Para Ineligibility

CPB announced that the Court has ruled in favor of the IPC’s decision to reclassify Brasil as ineligible, effectively ending Andre Brasil’s 14-year career.

Dan Flack on Coaching Club vs College, Wisdom Learned Through Both

Flack was on staff at multiple colleges while coaching for the associated club team and was able to gain lots of wisdom from being around so many coaches

ASU Assistant Herbie Behm Breaks Down How Entire Team Handled Red-Shirt Year

Behm said it went quite smoothly, getting a long block to focus on both long course and putting good work in during training heading into Olympic Trials.

Ned Skinner Explains Move to Virginia Gators as Head Coach

The Virginia Gators of Roanoke, Virginia, have announced that they have hired former VT head Ned Skinner as the new head coach

Vlad Polyakov on Being a ‘Bama NCAA Champ Turned Auburn Associate Head Coach

the Auburn program has now brought in Vlad Polyakov, a former NCAA Champion for Alabama, to serve as the team’s associate head coach

Director Brian Tremml, Star Tom Wilkens Discuss Making of The Water is My Sky

THE WATER IS MY SKY dives deep into the world of elite competitive swimming through the lives of three swimmers- Tom Wilkens, Connor Jaeger, & Taylor Garcia