Anti Wave Polo & Swim Equipment – New For 2021

Anti Wave innovative designs and products have continued to set the world standard for practicality, quality and highest value and availability.

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Smack Suit and Smack Strap Result In Better Swimming Comfort

Swimming, as a sport, is challenge enough. Why not eliminate your discomfort with Smack Suit and Smack Straps for your goggles…

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Swim Smart Gift Guide

Swim Smart’s gift guide has something for everyone, from minnows and sharks to coaches and parents, see how they can help you get better this season.

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FINIS Smart Goggle Now Syncs With Apple Health App

Swimmers are now able to track their workouts in real-time and share performance results directly in the Apple Health app.

Trenton Julian Q&A On Technique, Racing & Using Aqua Knuckles

A Q&A with top-tier NCAA swimmer Trenton Julian.

Fike Swim Launches “Less Is More” Training VLOG

James Fike has launched a new vlog that details his path to best times at 40 years old. The vlog also features Fike Swim ambassadors…

Founder Dan Eisenhardt Details His Journey Developing FORM Smart Swim Goggles

How do you change an industry? Develop tech no one thought was possible. FORM Founder/CEO Dan Eisenhardt tells his story in this SwimSwam podcast.

More Gear

Sam Stewart Joins Fike Swim, Working on Signature Suit

Sam Stewart: “I am excited to announce my partnership with Fike Swim! I am thankful to have Fike supporting the continuation of my career.”

The Swim Smart Squeezline: Solving The Bad Streamline Problem

The Squeezline is the world’s first ever streamline sensor that is placed on the head underneath goggle straps or a cap.

How Open-Finger Swimming With Aqua Knuckles Will Make You Faster In The Water

Aqua Knuckles are training aids worn during swim practice for competitive swimmers and anyone who wants to move through the water faster.

Smack Suit and Smack Strap For Better Swimming Comfort

Smack Suit is a unique braided elastic swimsuit strap which is specifically designed to reduce pressure on the swimmers shoulders.

SwimFast Ergometer For The Best Dryland Swim Training

The SwimFast ergometer makes it possible to dryland train from home, save time, and to make performance and strength gains.

Delfina Athletics Becomes Official Swimwear Supplier For University Of Miami

Austin-Based Custom Gear Company Signs A Multi-Year Partnership With The ACC / NCAA D1 Swim Team.

Upgrade Your Dolphin Kick This Season With SwimSmart’s Push Paddle

The Push Paddle by SwimSmart is the only tool allowing you to train resistance dolphin kicking from the top of your stroke.