Swimming Power Harness – Drive with the Shoulders

The Swimming Power Harness is an upgrade to the typical waist belt used by parachutes and Power Towers.

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History of Goggles

The launch of Speedo’s Hyper Elite goggle marks the latest development in a long line of product innovations from a brand which continues to lead the way.

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Buy 2 Smack Suits and GET 2 Smack Straps FREE

Buy 2 Smack Suits and GET 2 Smack Straps FREE using CODE: FREESMACK. Smack Straps are an innovative braided elastic replacement goggle strap

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FINIS Smart Goggle, Powered By Ciye™

Whether you’re a beginner or a competitive swimmer, the FINIS Smart Goggle is the ultimate tool to help you reach your goals and have fun doing it!

NCAA Division II Champions Queens (NC) Attributes Success To X1-PRO by GMX7

Queens men’s and women’s swim programs started using the X1-PRO in June and incorporates it in their training program twice a week.

Why Open Finger Swimming With Aqua Knuckles Can Take You To The Next Level

Aqua Knuckles are training aids worn during swim practice for competitive swimmers and anyone who wants to move through the water faster.

Breakthrough After The Pandemic With GMX7’s X1-Pro

Eney Jones on how the X1-Pro has helped her get back into swimming during the pandemic.

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Madeline Banic Sets Sights on Tokyo Olympics By Training Less, Using X1-PRO

American Record holder and ISL breakout star Madeline “Maddy” Banic has signed with GMX7 as an ambassador, with sights on ever bigger aspirations for 2021.

Smack Suit The Answer To Better Swimsuit Comfort

A unique braided elastic swimsuit strap, Smack Suit is specifically designed to reduce pressure on the swimmer’s shoulders.

Swim Coach’s Starter Guide By Swim Smart

Swim Smart’s coaching guide is perfect for new coaches and seasoned coaches looking for a resource for their assistants.

S.R. Smith Acquires Assets of Composite Aquatic Innovations DBA Stark Bulkheads

S.R.Smith Bolsters its Commercial Construction Products Business with the Acquisition of Stark Bulkheads.

Australia’s Anti Wave Marks 50 Years of Aquatic Innovation

2021 marks 50 years since Anti Wave founder Anti Kajlich designed and patented a Water Polo Goal that would be used at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

SwimOutlet Unveils 9th Annual Tech Suit Review Focused on 12 & Under Suits

For the first time ever, the SwimOutlet Tech Suit Review has been compiled using an age group swim team wearing tested 12U compliant racing suits.

Aqua Knuckles FAQ: Why Does Open Finger Swimming Make You Faster?

When swimmers pull through the water with their fingers slightly opened, they push more water. Aqua Knuckles help perfect this technique.

SPIRE Athletes Gain Advantage with Aquatic Resistance Device from GMX7

SPIRE Academy swimmers are training with the XI-PRO, an aquatic resistance device from GMX7 that is revolutionizing how these athletes train.