SwimSmart’s Push & E-Paddles Will Help Elevate Your Performance To The Next Level

SwimSmart’s Push Paddles and E-Paddles will help refine certain aspects of your technique to make you faster in the water.

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How Aqua Knuckles Can Help Swimmers Move Faster Through The Water

Aqua Knuckles help swimmers get faster by utilizing muscle memory for open finger swimming technique.

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One World. One Game. One Goal. Global Anti Goal – Made In Australia

The Anti Wave Global Anti Goal has quickly become a world favorite for training and competition polo facilities around the world.

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SwimSmart’s Squeezline: The Solution To Bad Streamlines

The Squeezline is the world’s first ever streamline sensor that is placed on the head underneath goggle straps or a cap.

SwimOutlet Announced as Exclusive US Online Swim Retailer for UK-Based SOUL CAP

SOUL CAP is a UK-based, Black-owned specialist brand offering an inclusive range of larger caps specifically designed for different hair types and lengths.

What Makes PHENOM the Best? Pt. 3 – All in the Details

This isn’t just another version of an existing tech suit in a new color…you deserve better than that.

SwimOutlet Rebrands Sporti Swimwear with a Series of New Collaborations

Sporti, a SwimOutlet brand, is among the top selling swimwear. This summer SwimOutlet has relaunched Sporti with new one-of-a-kind designs.

More Gear

Smack Suit and Smack Strap, The Way To Better Swimming Comfort

Smack Suit is a unique braided elastic swimsuit strap which is specifically designed to reduce pressure on the swimmers shoulders.

What Makes PHENOM the Best? Pt. 2 – Vertical Fabric Channels

The fastest surface in water is no longer smooth. Tech suit technology has explored different textures on suits’ outer fabric, but never before like PHENOM.

The Push Paddle: A Great Tool To Help With Body Alignment & Improve Kickout

The push paddle allows swimmers to get in a great streamline and focus all their mental focus on driving powerful, dolphin kick forward!

What Makes PHENOM the Best? Pt. 1 – SlipStream®

Technical Racing Swimwear has been defined by hydrophobic treatments, water repellency, and water running off the suit fabric for years…until now!

Most Innovative Tech Suit In History Hits The Water – Phenom, By A3 Performance

PHENOM is the culmination of years of industry experience and research, breaking the mold of technical racing technology.

The Biology of Swimming: Everything You Need To Know About the Swimming Machine

The Biology of Swimming book and course can help you (the coach) and you (the swimmer) understand the “why” behind the “how.”

Anti Wave – Global Polo Innovation Since 1972

For 50 years, Anti Wave has been at the forefront of the innovation, development and supply of top performance water polo competition and training equipment.

arena Diamonds Collection Celebrates Team Spirit

arena launches its new Diamond collection later this month in a celebration of the power of Team Spirit.