S.R.Smith SwimWall Systems Project At U of Bath Wins At U.K. Pool & Spa Awards

S.R.Smith’s SwimWall System was awarded the Gold Standard for Pool Product of the Year and Silver Standard for Commercial Pool Project of the Year.

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Goggle Headaches Are Annoying, Fix Them With Smack Swim Strap

Goggle straps are too tight after an extended period of wearing them and they can cause “swim goggle headache”. Smack Swim Straps solves the problem.

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Swim Smart’s Downloadable Teaching Aides

Whether you’re an experience veteran or a bright-eyed new starter, Swim Smart’s free tools are a great template for any coach to build off of.

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Introducing Swimnerd Live Results

Really real-time results.

Fix Your Goggle Headache With Smack Swim Strap

Smack Strap is a unique braided elastic replacement goggle strap which is specifically designed to reduce pressure from goggle straps.

Arena and USA Swimming Launch U.S. Swim Team Kit for Summer 2021

Select pieces of the Americana uniform, worn by every U.S. swimmer within the Tokyo competition venue, go on sale December 14.

The Biology of Swimming: Everything You Need To Know About the Swimming Machine

The Biology of Swimming book and course can help you (the coach) and you (the swimmer) understand the “why” behind the “how”.

More Gear

Today, Aqua Knuckles Highlights The Swim Guy in Lawndale, CA

Our local swim shops provide us with many of the tools we need to stay current and represent our teams proudly. Thank you to The Swim Guy!

Smack Swim Strap, The Solution For Your Goggle Headache

Smack Swim Strap is designed specifically to provide an excellent fit while providing even pressure distribution over your whole head.

The 2020 A3 Performance Holiday Gift Guide

Not only is A3 having huge sales all Cyber Week long, but they’ve also put together a 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. Check it out!

Swim Smart Gift Guide

Instead of offering a discount, Swim Smart pledges 20% of sales this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend to the USA Swimming Foundation.

Fike Swim Expands Again with Launch of Two-Piece Suits

Fike Swim expands their best training and non-tech competition suits to include two-piece suits and unique new designs for one-pieces, jammers, and briefs.

GMX7 Changes Competitive Swim as Olympians Flock To The X1-PRO

A revolutionary new device manufactured by GMX7 is allowing competitive swimmers across the world to add resistance to their swim training.

Speedo Stars Get Creative To Launch Ultraviolet Fastskin

Team Speedo Swimmers take to Instagram to show their creative side as they launch the brand’s new Glow Ultraviolet version of their Fastskin range.

Ryan Lochte Relies on GMX7 Resistance Swim Training With The X1-Pro

Olympian Ryan Lochte. “The X1-PRO is the best resistance training tool I have ever encountered throughout my swimming career.”