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SwimSwam Podcast: Drew Kibler on Philosophy, Art, and Swimming

We started our conversation with what Drew has done outside of the pool during quarantine, from painting to photography.

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SwimSwam Podcast: Alex & Gretchen Walsh Share Swim Sibling Stories

From summer league to trips with the Jr team to their very different summers in 2019, Alex and Gretchen give us the rundown on their swimming past


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SwimSwam Podcast: Jake Mitchell on Carmel Tradition and Culture

Jake talked with us about what makes Carmel such a special team and why so many great swimmers have been forged in its fires.


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SwimSwam Podcast: Jeremy Kipp Recalls Epic Practice Stories From Salo-led USC

Kipp reminisced on some of the distance practices he coached during his 1st stint with the trojans, with famed Olympians like Ous Mellouli and Larsen Jensen.

SwimSwam Podcast: Ricky Berens on Transitioning to College Swimming

In high school, he had been the best swimmer in the nation. But when he got to college, Berens found a whole new world of elite competition

SwimSwam Podcast: David Curtiss Explains Unique Take on Sprint Technique

We discussed Curtiss’ age-group swimming, particularly his acute attention to detail when it comes to his technique while sprinting

SwimSwam Podcast: Emma Weyant on What it Takes to be on the Jr National Team

Emma explained what it took for her to make the jr national team and ultimately compete on the international stage for USA at the 2018 Jr Pan Pacific Champs

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SwimSwam Podcast: Ous Mellouli on Winning 15 Gold Medals, $150K at 1 Meet

We dove deep into a piece of trivia you may not know about: Mellouli’s performance at the inaugural Pan Arab Games in 2011.

SwimSwam Podcast: Felix Aubock on 4-Nations Meet, Training Better Than Ever

Aubock mentions that he’s training with their high-performance group, and he’s doing things in practice that he’s never done before.

SwimSwam Podcast: Ben Gingher Talks Being on a Swim Team That Gets Cut… Twice

Having to transfer schools because the swim team got cut is emotional and difficult; Ben Gingher is doing it for the second time in his NCAA career.

SwimSwam Podcast: Rebecca Soni on Finding Your Rhythm as a Breaststroker

Soni goes deep into what is essential for being consistent with your training in breaststroke, even when it’s feeling out of rhythm.

SwimSwam Podcast: Bob Bowman Responds to SwimSwam’s ASU Redshirt Comments

Bowman was open and honest about his reasonings and was happy to answer a lot of the major questions that commenters had.

SwimSwam Podcast: Lea Maurer on Why Eating Dessert Wins World Titles

Lea made the world champs team and during the meet, teammate Jenny Thompson ate a waffle sundae before her individual swim, the 100 free.

SwimSwam Podcast: Milo Cavic on How Aaron Peirsol Pushed Him to go for Gold

As Cavic walks to the ready room, he sees his childhood friend, Aaron Peirsol, who won a gold medal in the 100 back earlier in the meet…

SwimSwam Podcast: Jessica Hardy on World Records in Practice w/ Soni, Efimova

Hardy claims to have never been beaten in practice by her USC breaststroke contemporaries and training partners: Rebecca Soni and Yulia Efimova.