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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Cody Miller on Staying Busy through Quarantine

Any time I get to talk to Cody Miller is a treat, mostly because we are both dudes who like swimming and making videos for fun

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Michael Chadwick on Finding the Positives

I sat down with world champion Michael Chadwick and spoke with him about how he’s handling staying indoors with very limited swim training


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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Elliot Ptasnik, University of Hawaii Head Coach

Ptasnik spoke on finding the positives, putting positivity out there, and making sure we are staying connected and having communication while we can.

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Andy Kershaw, Head Coach & 2x Olympic Manager

Kershaw has been a member of the US Olympic team for the last 2 Games (2012, 2016) as a team manager, snd shares his experience being a part of Team USA. 

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Beata Nelson on Collegiate, Olympic, Pro Swimming

Beata Nelson was expected to have a monster NCAA’s, from fans, coaches, and herself. She says she wanted to break barriers

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Greg Meehan on Moving Forward into 2021

2020 Olympic Head Coach for the Women’s Swim team Greg Meehan took the time to walk SwimSwam through what moving into the now 2021 Olympic year will look like

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Todd DeSorbo on Communication, Staying Active

Head coach of Virginia Todd DeSorbo dives into changes as a head coach now that we are on complete lockdown for the coronavirus.

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“Swimming Is the Vibranium of Sports” (Josh Pray Comedy)

“Positive-inclusive” comedian Josh Hall, not a swimmer, has perfectly captured the lack of respect that swimmers get in the sports world, and how much they deserve.

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Dave Durden & Wyatt Hodges

A round table of my dreams, I spoke with 2 of my most esteemed colleagues: Cal Men’s head coach Dave Durden, and PhD in and out of the pool, Wyatt Hodges

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Kierra Smith on Training in 12m Pool

Having to come back to her hometown of Kelowna from her training base in Minneapolis, Smith has been relegated to swimming in a private, 12-meter pool

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Maggie Steffens on Polo Training, Home Workouts

She filled me in on what a normal water polo training day looks like at the elite level (note, from the sound of it, it could be more hours than a swimmer!)

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Brent Hayden on Olympic Postponement, Comeback

I was excited when I heard Brent Hayden was making a comeback for the 2020 Olympics – I remember taking a picture with him at the 2010 Missouri Grand Prix

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Braden Holloway, NC State Head Coach

The NC State women, in particular, were shooting to get a trophy (place top 4 in the team battle), something that had never been done in NC State history

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Michael Andrew on Surfing, Aerobic Base Training

gone back to 3-5 hour surfing sessions as a way to build endurance and get in the water, and he has a makeshift gym in his garage where he can work out

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Coleman Stewart on Making History

Stewart was aiming to make history this year, seeking to become the first man to go under 44 seconds in both the 100 back and 100 fly

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Olivia Smoliga & Natalie Hinds

Let Olivia and Natalie’s candid and humorous takes on our current state be a deep breath and a few laughs for your weekend.

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Sergio Lopez on Possible Olympic Postponement

With the numerous health hazards that could arise at a Games in Tokyo during the Covid-19 outbreak, Lopez believes the Games should be postponed

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