7 Tips for Swimmers to Develop the Action Habit: #1 Expect Resistance, Lots of It

Struggling to gain traction with your swimming? Here are 7 tips to pick up the action habit with your swim goals.


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Yoga for Swimmers (Video) – A Sequence to Increase Shoulder Mobility

One of the biggest areas for swimmers to address in a yoga practice is shoulder mobility…

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Master the Dynamics of Dolphin Kick – The Vortex

Behind every swimmer moving forward is a vortex of water (wake) created by the separation of the water moving along the body (as the body moves forward).

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10 Excuses Only a Swimmer Could Use to Get Out of Practice

Swimmers are a talented bunch, and this extends well beyond the pool. Here are 10 typical excuses swimmers use to bow out of practice.

Obi Wan Swimobi to reveal Jedi Secrets

In honor of Star Wars Day, here is an update of what some of our Jedi Olympic Swimmers are doing to pass their knowledge on to the next generation of Swimming Jedi’s.

Video and Q&A: Kim Vandenberg talks to Madison Kennedy

Madison Kennedy is on the top of her game. Last Friday night at the Mesa Pro Swim, Madison Kennedy raced her way to the #1 time in the U.S. in the 50m Freestyle and the 6th time in the world this year in a time of 24.45.

4 Sets Creativos Para Mejorar la Patada

La fuerza en las piernas y flexibilidad en los tobillos son necesarios para una patada firme e intensa, pero se necesita de más.

16 Swimmers You See in Practice

We spend an hilarious amount of time swimming back and forth between the lane lines with our teammates. Which of the following 16 best describes your teammates?

4 Creative Kicking Sets to Pump Up Leg Strength

Building a stronger Dolphin Kick – The 5th Stroke

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A box filled with kindness, extreme generosity sent to Mozambique

This is the story of a box that has brought more joy, dignity, hope and love to a group of young men that I have witnessed over the past 5 months. It is a box that is filled with kindness and extreme generosity.

Q&A with Jessica Hardy: How I’m Preparing for the World’s Biggest Stage

As anticipation builds for one of the biggest summers in sports, elite athletes are in their most intense training period as they aim to go stronger, further and faster for a chance to make history.

Why we should rotate our bodies in freestyle and backstroke

All of the elite swimmers of the world rotate their bodies along the long axis, the axis that their body is moving down the pool, while swimming freestyle and backstroke. They don’t just rotate a little bit. They rotate a lot. The question is, why?

BridgeAthletic April Olympic Trials Preparation Tips

There are less than 60 days until the first heat of the Men’s 400IM gets the 2016 US Olympic Trials underway. It is time to quiet your thoughts and really trust in the work you have done to get to where you are.

The Science Behind Setting Better Goals in the Pool

Michael Phelps has never been shy about having big goals. Here is how to make this proven process work for you and your swimming as well.

8 Reasons to Keep a Swim Log

Elite swimmers know the value in tracking and monitoring their progress. Here are 8 reasons you should be keeping a swim log.

You’re a Mentally Tougher Swimmer Than You Realize

What separates the elite swimmer from the rest? And what accounts for a less-than-talented swimmer achieving at the highest levels? A little something called mental toughness.

Olivet Nazarene to Host Camp for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Swimmers

See Program Flyer here. Olivet Nazarene University is hosting a swim camp for Deaf and hard of hearing swimmers ages…

6 Styles of Yoga That Can Enhance Your Swimming Performance

Now that we have taken a look at some of the reasons why swimmers should do yoga the next question is…

How to Build Stronger Freestyle Kick Mechanics

To build a better freestyle or flutter kick, one must first understand where the propulsive power of the kick is derived and how to balance the two opposing forces of propulsion and frontal drag, in order to maximize the kicking speed.