Training App Turns Apple Watch Series 2 Into Advanced Swim Tracker

The Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof — and it’s updated design will spawn a whole host of new functions and apps, including the world’s most advanced swim tracker,

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video): Focusing on the Fundamentals

Just like any other skill the beginning of the year is the perfect time to learn and refine the fundamentals of a strong yoga practice…

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Why the Velocity Meter Matters in Swimming

Significant deceleration can occur very quickly, within hundredths of seconds, with very small adverse changes in our body’s position or shape.


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The Wishlist: 16 Gifts Swimmers Really, Really Want

Tight lane ropes, pace clocks that are easy to read, and lane-mates that can circle swim properly. Here 16 ideas for presents that swimmers actually want.

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Importance of Detail

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman – Episode Sixteen

Why Kids Stop Swimming

With a focus on growing the sport, it’s worth considering why kids already in the sport end up leaving it. Here is why.

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Multiple Events

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman – Episode Fifteen

7 Self-Defeating Thoughts Swimmers Need to Drop

Mental fortitude is a cornerstone of every successful swimmer’s journey to the top. Like the rest, they are burdened with the occasional self-defeating thought. Here are 7 self-defeating thoughts that every swimmer should drop.

10 things you’ll find in a swimmer’s bag

If you’ve ever made the mistake of opening a swimmer’s backpack, chances are you were treated to a nice, sweet smell of chlorine twisted with a harsh blend of mildew, goldfish and moisturizer.

More Training

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Better Breaststroke

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman – Episode Fourteen

Sun Devil Holiday Training Camp with Coach Bob Bowman and Ryan Mallam

Experience the vision of legendary Olympic Head Coach Bob Bowman and the technical expertise of Associate Head Coach Ryan Mallam through a series of structured practices.

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Underwater Kicking

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman – Episode Thirteen

Want to See What Kind of Training Katie Ledecky Does? Here Ya Go

You don’t become the fastest distance freestyler in history without having done some impressive stuff in training. Here are a…

Train for Gold Like Anthony Ervin

To get to this elite level of success, high-levels of dedication and effort are required.

Five Nuances of a Great Start

We have discussed the two different basic techniques of track starts, weight forward and weight back, and the importance of coupling motions in improving the outcome of both techniques.

4 Drills that Establish a Perfect Body Position in the Water

Applying force and decreasing drag affect every level of swimmer in our sport.

Finally Take Control of Your Workouts With Commit Swimming

Over the last two weeks, Commit Swimming released a series of new updates, enhancements, and features for its innovative workout journal.

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Counting Strokes

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman – Episode Twelve

Improve Your Underwater Fly Kick with this Creative Set

Ready to drop some serious weight on your underwater fly kick? Today’s swim practice will have you working on the speed…