10 Things Every Swimmer Does (But Would Never Admit to Doing)

#3 – Daydreaming about tormenting that person who always taps your feet but never passes you.


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5 Things Most Swimmers Aren’t Ready to Do to Swim Fast

Sure, being excellent and awesome and a top athlete might look fun. But if we have spent any time around someone considered elite, we know that it requires some things that aren’t so fun, like, hard work and stuff.


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Six MP Swim Tip Videos by Bob Bowman Demonstrated by Michael Phelps

Bob Bowman, head coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils, hosts six MP Swim Tip videos. Demonstrated by Michael Phelps, these swimming drills build strength, improve technique and increase your feel for the water.

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MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Training with Paddles

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman – Episode Six

10 Things People Say at Swim Meets

The roar of the crowd, the thunderous swimming in the pool and the whistles coaches unleash at their swimmers can make it hard to notice much else but what is happening in the water.

Masters Swimming – The disappearing triathlete

Living in New England, the change of the season is always noticeable and spectacular at times. Summer to fall, fall…

Yoga for Swimmers: 4 Poses for Injury Prevention

Practicing yoga is a great way to ensure that you develop the strength and mobility you need to stay injury free…

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Freestyle Triple Touch Switch

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman – Episode Five

6 Toxic Thoughts Every Swimmer Should Drop

Maximizing your potential in the pool is hard enough without having to deal with self-inflicted negativity. Here are 6 toxic thoughts every swimmer should drop.

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Win With Dolphin Kick, The 5th Stroke

Coach Eddie Reese dedicates sets in each practice to improving the dolphin kick. It is no wonder that Texas had 6 out of 8 finalists in the men’s 100 yard fly at the NCAA Division 1 Championships this year.

8 Michael Phelps Quotes to Get You Fired Up

Here are 8 inspirational quotes from the G.O.A.T. to get you motivated to swim your best the next time you hit the pool.

5 Epic Swim Sets You Should Try At Least Once

Here are 5 swim sets to push, challenge and improve your swimming from some of the top swimmers and coaches in the world.

July Swim Towel Giveaway!

Custom Woven Towels is the leading source for custom swim towels.

Proud and Willis the latest Swimmers To Join Team Adidas

British swim stars Benjamin Proud and Andrew Willis join Team adidas. They will race in adizero XVI, adidas’ fastest swimsuit ever.

Why the Late Breath in Butterfly is Better

Two of the fastest butterflyers in the world today, Joseph Schooling of Singapore and Chad Le Clos of South Africa, have a delayed front breath, though they achieve it in slightly different ways.

11 Things to Remember When Taper Starts

In theory, tapering should be fairly straightforward for swimmers. You come down in mileage, up the quality efforts a little bit here and there, fine tune the technical aspects of your training, and then smash your personal best times at the big goal meet.

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Breast Kick-Kick-Pull

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman – Episode Four

25 x 50 Partners with FINIS

25 x 50 leverages new print technology and crowdfunding to print suits on-demand, an increasingly popular trend in the t-shirt industry and mainstream athletic apparel.

Fike Swim Launches THE SWAG Backpack

James Fike, CEO Fike Swim: “This is the bag I wish I had as an age grouper and collegiate swimmer. It’s everything we deserve but were never given, including the best fabric, zippers, stitching, and other components I could find.”