Bruno Fratus Defies Convention, Swims 21.7 With 3 Breaths

Fratus experimented with a 3-breath 50 in prelims, before going back to a more traditional no-breather in finals.


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Practice + Pancakes: University of Arizona Throws Down After Mesa (Video)

Hot off the Pro Swim stop in Mesa, the University of Arizona wildcats were back in the water Monday morning


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17 Ways to Drive Your Swim Coach Nuts

Part life coach, part instructor, and part babysitter, our swim coaches have their hands full with us swimmers. Here are 17 ways that we drive our swim coaches a little crazy.


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765 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1453 Swim Jobs listed.

Sure-Fire Way to Engage the Core During Kick Sets

Kicking with a traditional kickboard (aka, ‘social kicking’) has long been argued to have limited value due to poor body position and added ‘core support’ from the board. 

Oh, The InZanity!

ZANE GROTHE TRAINING SETS: These were done in the lead up to the Mesa Pro Swim Series, where Zane took gold in the 1500 and 800 and silver in the 400 and 200, performances which put him tied with Chase Kalisz for the Series’ points lead.

Tired of Choking on Race Day? This Book Can Help

Is there anything more agonizing than doing all the hard work in practice, but then blowing it on race day? Here’s how this mental training workbook will help you stop from choking when it matters most.

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Yoga for Swimmers: A Sequence to Strengthen Your Core

Building core strength is one of the top priorities of coaches and swimmers in a dry land program. Creating a swimming-specific yoga practice that focuses on a core connection is an extremely effective way to address this need.

How To Get Ahead of Swimmer’s Shoulder

The ideal solution for swimmers shoulder is to stop pain before it begins. This is done by noticing early signs of those at risk for swimmer’s shoulder.

The Secret to Conquering Bad Habits? Replacing Them with Good Ones

Our habits predict how well we train today and how we race tomorrow. Here’s how to cultivate better habits in and out of the water.

745 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1433 Swim Jobs listed.

Texas Swimming Hall Of Fame Invite Race – Men’s 50 Free

Off the dive, David Lambert didn’t waste any time getting into the race.

How Swimmers Can Supercharge Self-Belief

Having self-belief isn’t sitting around wishing and hoping that you were stronger mentally. You can develop your self-belief just like a muscle. Here’s how.

17 Things Every Swimmer Does (But Would Never Admit)

We’re a funny bunch. We dunk our heads into water for hours at a time and have staring matches with a black tiled line (usually losing). We don’t shave our bodies for months at a time, and spend thousands of hours training in order to drop tenths or hundredths of a second.

Nathan Adrian Feels Effects from Last Year’s Aerobic Training (Video)

Cal’s Nathan Adrian is still perfect in the Pro Swim 100 free. Since the series was rebranded from the Grand Prix to the Pro Swim Series in 2015, Adrian has never lost a 100 free final at one of these meets

Grothe Shares Times From Sensational Week of Training (Video)

Zane Grothe says last week was “one of, if not the, best weeks of training I’ve ever had”

How to Get Into a GREAT Swimming Mindset! (VIDEO)

Will Jonathan breaks down a 5-point check list of how to get into a great swimming mindset.

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