1137 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1825 Swim Jobs listed.

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Biomechanics Study: Kicking May Bring No Benefit In Freestyle

Researchers at University of Tsukuba and the Tokyo Institute of Technology scientifically determined that kicking may bring no benefit when trying to swim freestyle faster.


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1132 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1820 Swim Jobs listed.

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Which Comes First, the Smile or the Fast Swim?

A fast swim by either male or female swimmers will nearly always result in a big smile. It should. But which came first, the good swim or the smile?

Fike Swim Signs U.S. National Teamer Gabby DeLoof

Pan Pacs Qualifier and newly minted U.S. National Teamer Gabby DeLoof is the newest member of a stacked team of…

Smack Straps – A Competitive Swimmer’s Must Have For Goggle Comfort

Goggles are an essential part of all competitive swimmers equipment but often if the straps are too tight or after an extended period of wearing them they can cause “swim goggle headache”.

The Myth of Triathlon Swimming: Swimming is Swimming

SwimSwam welcomes reader submissions about all topics aquatic, and if it’s well-written and well-thought, we might just post it under…

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1123 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1811 Swim Jobs listed.

Butterfly Worlds Collide As Ikee Joins Sjostrom In Turkey Next Month

Two of the fastest butterfliers in the world, Rikako Ikee of Japan and Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden, are set to train together in Turkey this fall.

NCAA Swimmers: How to Mentally Approach the Upcoming Season

I’ve spent the past several years working with NCAA D1 swim programs, first at Florida Gulf Coast University and now…

FINIS Set of the Week: A Paddle Kind of Fun

This set includes a variety of drills to get the most out of what the Iso paddles have to offer. The key benefit here lies in developing the various muscle groups that swimmers should be using throughout the stroke.

Fike Swim Signs U.S. National Teamer Hannah Moore

U.S. National Teamer and Pan Pacs qualifier Hannah Moore is joining a loaded team of ambassadors at Fike Swim.

Technology in Swimming

It is an exciting time in the sport of swimming with respect to technology advancement. The bad news is who has the time to compile all of the new data, analyze it, and perhaps most challenging, interpret how this information should improve a swimmer’s technique or performance?

Chatting with Richard Franklin, Advisor to Hammer Head Swim Caps

SwimSwam met up with Richard Franklin, accomplished business advisor and father of Olympian Missy Franklin, at the ASCA World Clinic 2018 in Anaheim, California, to talk about his new advisory role with swimming head safety advocate Hammer Head Swim Caps.

21 Things You Can Learn from the Best Swimmers on the Planet

Want to take things to the next level this season? Learn from the best swimmers in the sport past and present.

Are You Strong Enough?

Goals are important, but we already know that strength alone is not the answer. Yes, strength plays an important role in the big picture, but what are the building blocks of the bigger picture itself, and what does it actually take to be a strong swimmer?

1115 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1803 Swim Jobs listed.

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