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The Hungry Swimmer: Healthy Breakfast Cookies

These cookies are basically like eating your morning bowl of oatmeal…..but in a more fun way.


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The Hungry Swimmer: Chocolate Chip Chickpea “Cookie Dough”

This chickpea cookie dough (dessert hummus?) is quick, simple, and you probably have all of the ingredients in your pantry right now. And it tastes AMAZING.


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The Hungry Swimmer: Smoothie Bowls – Two Ways

One of my favorite things to make for breakfast is a biiiiig smoothie bowl. But these can also be made smaller for a dessert or snack!

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The Hungry Swimmer: Greek Feta Salmon Wraps

This nutrient dense recipe is extremely easy to make for dinner, and the salmon gives you a healthy supply of Omega-3s.

The Hungry Swimmer: Creamy Tomato Garlic Pasta

This creamy, tangy and nutritious pasta is perfect for any weeknight dinner.

Easy Protein Pancakes: A Post-Practice Treat

When you get home from practice and want something fun but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, these pancakes are a super quick and delicious.

The Hungry Swimmer: All About Oatmeal 3.0

Not only is oatmeal a great source of high quality energy, but it is such a versatile food that can be enjoyed in so many ways!

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The Hungry Swimmer: Hummus Hacks

Creamy, savory, extremely versatile and a plant-based nutrient powerhouse, hummus is one of the most underrated foods out there.

The Hungry Swimmer: Creative Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth 3.0

While balance and moderation is important, sometimes it’s fun to recreate your favorite sweets with a healthy twist.

The Hungry Swimmer: Plant-Based Full Day of Eating

Here are some meal ideas as inspiration for both the seasoned plant-based eaters and those who are looking for a place to start.

The Hungry Swimmer: Tips On How To Add Protein Powder To Your Diet

If you’re interested in how to incorporate protein powders into your daily eats, check out these top protein powder recipe picks!

The Hungry Swimmer: What I Eat in a Day as a ‘Swammer’

If you’re still lost on what to eat as a former swimmer, check out some meal ideas below as I walk you through what I eat in a typical day as a swammer!

The Hungry Swimmer: Cauliflower 101

Cauliflower serves as a low calorie, high fiber, nutrient dense carbohydrate alternative that is ideal for the high performance athlete.

The Hungry Swimmer: The Power of Chickpeas

Not only do chickpeas have a satisfying crunch, but they’re packed with plant-based protein and fiber, making for a more nutritious munch!

The Hungry Swimmer: ‘Friendsgiving’ Recipes

These recipes aren’t only easy to whip up in a dorm kitchen or college apartment,they’re also healthy – full of lean protein, veggies and healthy fats.