At Home Swim Training

Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #63 – Another Test Set

It’s time for a bi-weekly check-in to see if you’re progressing at all through your dryland training.

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Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #62 – Learning New Ab Exercises

Getting tired of crunches? Today’s workout is all about learning new ab exercises that you can incorporate into future workouts, or teach to your team.

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Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #61 – Leg Conditioning

This workout will focus on explosiveness and conditioning in your legs, which will be useful for all swimmers, but especially breaststrokers.

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Russian Draft Calendar Still Includes LCM and SCM Championships in 2020

Russia says that it’s still planning to hold both long course and short course national championship meets in 2020, presuming athletes can return…

FINA Hosts Live Global Synchronized Swimming Workout Featuring Legends

5-time Olympic gold medalist Svetlana Romashina (right) was among the hosts of a global dryland session with some of the world’s best synchronized swimmers.

Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #60 – Recovery Day

This active recovery workout will help stretch out the kinks from a hard week of dryland workouts while still elevating your heartrate a little.

SwimSwam Podcast: Calypso Sheridan on Future in USA, Past in AUS

Calypso says that although she’s not totally sure, she think’s she’ll return to Northwestern to finish her senior year without Kipp

More At Home Swim Training

Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #59 – Burpees on Burpees on Burpees

For the past few months, SwimSwam has been posting a daily swimming workout to help inspire swim coaches around the world who…

Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #58 – Walk, Run, Sprint, Jog

This workout will get your heartrate up and get you moving. Be sure to find your social distance while you go for your run!

Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #57 – Swimming Simulation

If you’re still reading this, you might not swim for one of the clubs that has returned in the water. Today’s exercises will focus on exercises that simulate swimming.

7 Tips to Produce a Great Social Distance Swimming Instructional Video

No team cheers during social distancing practices. Here are 7 other tips on how to make a great instructional video for your team with City of Lafayette Aquatics.

Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #56 – Pushup Progression (And Abs Too)

This workout will focus on your chest, back, and shoulders, with some core work thrown in to support your perfect pushup position.

Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #55 – Weighted Backpack

Use your backpack to add some weight to your exercise routine with this workout.

Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #54 – Jump Rope Skills

It’s time to add some new tools to your jump-rope toolbox. Start with a basic workout, then work on some new skills.

Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #53 – Active Recovery

This active recovery workout is sort of like doing just a very long warmup.