At Home Swim Training

Daily Dryland Swimming Workout #5

This workout is focused on strengthening the hip muscles.

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Maggie Steffens on Polo Training, Home Workouts

She filled me in on what a normal water polo training day looks like at the elite level (note, from the sound of it, it could be more hours than a swimmer!)

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Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #4

These workouts aim to keep you fit while pool access is hard to come by. But why can’t we work swimming-specific skills on the dry land, too?

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Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #3

It’s coronavirus season. But mandated quarantining and social distancing doesn’t meant that you have to skip leg day. You never have to skip leg day.


Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #2

Stiff as a board, light as a feather: today’s dryland workout is all about planks.

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Yoga for Swimmers: Developing Your Strength with Yoga

These five yoga for swimmers sequences will develop your strength in specific areas and create a stronger connection throughout the body…


Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #1

Since many pools are currently closed, we wanted to give swimmers and coaches an alternative of dryland workouts to stay fit during the quarantine


Kira Toussaint, Blake Pieroni, Hannah Miley Share Stuck-At-Home Workouts

With the majority of swimmers, as well as athletes in general, stuck at home around the world, tune in to what some elites are doing to stay in shape.


Yoga for Swimmers: Focusing on the Fundamentals

In this article you will learn how to develop a strong, safe and effective yoga for swimmers practice by focusing on the fundamentals…

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Making the Most of Time Away From the Water: A Coach’s Plan

While pools and teams across the country are closing their doors, one option to continue coaching is using virtual education to teach athletes from home.

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Free Online Yoga Classes for Swimmers

With many individuals without a place to train Swimming-Specific Yoga is offering two months (ending May 31st) of free online yoga classes for swimmers.