Kira Toussaint, Blake Pieroni, Hannah Miley Share Stuck-At-Home Workouts

In case you missed it, for the next two months, Swimming-Specific Yoga will be offering free online yoga classes for swimmers. You can learn more about that here.

Additionally, several elite swimmers have taken to social media showcase their dryland routines now that they are forced to take on in earnest, as most training facilities around the world are closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Two-time individual gold medalist from the 2019 European Short Course Championships, Kira Toussaint of the Netherlands is one such athlete who has taken the time to record her dryland routine and upload it to YouTube.

Entitled ‘Stuck at home workout’, two videos posted to her channel here include exercises for abs, arms and beyond with the routines spanning about 20-25 minutes.

Toussaint confirmed to SwimSwam that she is unable to swim due to closures and has turned to cycling as an alternative to swimming, along with these easy-to-follow workouts.

“I got a lot of questions from other swimmers as to what I was doing. This was the easiest way to explain it,” Toussaint tells SwimSwam.

Triple relay medalist at the 2019 World Championships for the United States, Blake Pieroni, has also given his social media followers a glimpse into his dryland routine. His Instagram post dated March 19th shows him and Indiana University Sport Technology Coordinator Jackson Bertoli taking on a circuit of squats, running and push-ups.

Finally, 3-time British Olympian Hannah Miley challenged her social media followers to a ‘fin challenge’. The challenge involves balancing a swim fin on one of your feet while changing positions on the floor. It’s easier to understand just watching Miley do it below.

“When you’ve got time on your hands why not find a new alternative way to challenge yourself at home…. It helps pass the time 😂 give it a try (it’s harder than you think! Bloopers will follow 😂) tag me in your attempts and let me know if you have a challenge for me to try!”


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1 year ago

My honest view we all should , perform dry Land @ home.
Gardening, streching cords.
Med Ball .
No excuses to not stay in shape.

1 year ago

Kira’s exercise buddy… LOL

1 year ago

Not an Olympian but a great dryland we put together that anyone can do!

Stay safe people

Reply to  TheSwimsuitGuy
1 year ago

love your channel bro

1 year ago

Blake order a doorway pull-up bar! The murph is a great workout, that second mile after the 300 squats sure keeps you honest. If anyone is wondering the Murph is written as 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 mile run. I’d recommend breaking the middle part into either ten sets of 10 pull-ups, 20 pushups, and 30 squats, or 20 sets of 5 pull-ups, 10 pushups, 15 squats.

If that is too time consuming, a half mile run, 50 pull-ups or some type of row( think with a full backpack or milk jugs), 100 pushups( modified on knee is fine), and 150 squats followed by a half mile run will still get your entire body working… Read more »

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