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The Case for Using Your Swim Meet Warm-Up in Training Each Day

Looking for an edge on race day? Here’s why swimmers should consider using their swim meet warm-up each day at swim practice.

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6 Sets for Developing a Six-Beat Kick

A six-beat kick boosts propulsion, improves stroke mechanics, and helps you finish races strong. Here are some sets for a killer six-beat kick.

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Eddie Reese’s Advice for When Swimmers Aren’t Improving

Feeling a little stuck with your swimming? Here is some wisdom from one of the GOAT swim coaches of all time, Eddie Reese.


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SWOLF: What is it and How it Can Help You Swim Efficiently

SWOLF is an efficiency metric that can help swimmers improve technique and performance. Read on for how to use it for swimming success.

15 Swimming Workouts for Every Type of Swimmer and Goal

Swimming workouts are an excellent full-body form of exercise. Here are the best swim workouts for swimmers of all levels.

7 Benefits of Core Training for Swimmers

Ready to take your swimming to the next level? Here are the benefits of core training for swimmers and how it can help you perform in practice and meets.

8 Tips for How to Taper Like a Champion

Here are eight tips for tapering like a champion, including the science behind tapering and tips from the best swim coaches on the pool deck.

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9 Tips for How to Get Faster at Swimming

Looking to up your speed in the pool? Stuck in a swim plateau? Simply want to go fast? Here is a look at some of the best ways to get faster at swimming.

5 Sets for Improving Underwater Dolphin Kick

Ready to power up your underwaters and fly kick? Dive into our favorite swim sets for improving the underwater dolphin kick.

8 Essential Stretches for Swimmers

Ready to level up your swimming? Here are eight stretches for swimmers for more range of motion, increased power, and faster swimming in the pool. 

How Swimmers Can Stay Focused When Things Get Tough

A way to get through tough moments in training and competition is using “what ifs.” Here’s how to use them to steel yourself for adversity under pressure.

The Six Kicking Styles Required For Water Polo

In a dynamic, high-paced sport such as water polo, several different kicking styles are required in order to be able to respond to the action.

Coordination In Breaststroke: Balancing The Stroke, Kick & Sliding

Since breaststroke is the slowest stroke in swimming, it requires more coordination between the arms and legs than freestyle, backstroke or butterfly.

UVA Coach Todd DeSorbo Tracks Swim Data Netting Dramatic Results

“Matt (King) was like a 22.6 PB in the 50m free,” Coach Todd DeSorbo said, “ and he won U.S. Nationals with a 21.8, a big drop.”

What Was Buzzing at Last Week’s ASCA World Clinic in Vegas?

Las Vegas, Nevada was the center of the American swimming community last week at the annual ASCA World Clinic. What were the hottest topics?