Dean Ottati

At various time in his life, Dean has been a summer rec swimmer, an AAU swimmer (yes, he is that old), a swim coach, a swim team director (social suicide through volunteerism), a meet director, a starter, an official, and just about everything else a swimmer/parent can be.  He currently swims with the Walnut Creek Masters, competing about twice a year, once in the pool and once in the open water, whether he needs to or not.  He pretty much loses “the cheeseburger bet,” each time.  Dean is also married to a much better swimmer, and is the parent of a swimmer (who probably had no chance).

Dean and Zach

Dean attended UCLA as an undergraduate, and earned his MBA from Northwestern.  He’s worked in the telecom industry for a really long time – and those years are like dog years.    Dean is the author of The Runner and the Path: An Athletes Quest for Meaning in Postmodern Corporate America, and is currently suffering a massive case of  procrastination-through-distraction while his manuscript, Swimming and the Meaning of Life: A Father, A Son,  A Philosophy, and A  Sport, sits alone on the corner of his desk, starving for attention.