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Ask Swim Mom: Anxiety or Arrhythmia?

As parents, we can learn from psychologists and doctors on how we can help our children with anxiety.

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Swim Mom Musings: College Sports In The COVID Era

“We are being challenged now in ways we might have never imagined. But there are lessons to be learned and victories to be realized.”


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Swim Mom: Help Your Child Handle Disappointment

How our kids are handling disappointment may vary from day to day and is challenging to say the least. It’s also stressful and worrisome for parents, too.

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One of the Best Resources for New Swim Parents are in the Stands with You

For the new swim parent, the sport can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, one of your best resources is already in the stands with you.

Ask Swim Mom: When Will My Child Move Up?

Although some kids possibly are overlooked for moving up through the ranks, usually there is a reason why coaches keep kids in certain groups.

Swim Mom: The Secret To Motivating Our Kids

The best way to encourage our kids to put down video games and phones is not by bribing or threatening them — but by inspiring them.

Swim Mom Musings: The Assault On College Swimming

With multiple programs forced to cut swimming & diving due to COVID-19, it’s time to take a stand against this assault on our sport.

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Swim Mom: Will City Pools Be a Casualty of Coronavirus?

Not only are USA Swimming teams at risk throughout the country, but pools may go under as well. Many people’s lives are improved daily because of a pool.

Swim Mom Musing: Blessed Beginnings

“This journey created memories that will last for a lifetime, and it produced special moments for the parents that left me breathless.”

Swim Mom: 6 Tips for Swim Parents About Seeing Things Differently

If we take anything away from these uncertain days, maybe it’s not to sweat the small stuff and appreciate what we have.

Swim Mom: 11 Things I Miss About Swimming

With “shelter in place” going on for more than 30 days, I really miss swimming. Here are 11 things I miss about the sport more than I expected.

Swim Mom: 7 Tips for Great Conversations With Our Kids

With many families spending more time together, we’re presented with a perfect opportunity to work on communicating effectively.

Swim Mom: Make the Most Out of Every Opportunity

When things get back to normal, maybe we will learn from this overwhelming experience. Hopefully, we will take with us an attitude of “I get to.”

Ask Swim Mom: Does My Son Need to Swim Club to Swim in College?

I know his future self would regret quitting club swimming. The $10,000 question is, how important is club swim to college recruiters?

Swim Mom Musings: Finding Joy During The Covid-19 Outbreak

As the mom of an NCAA Athlete, I have listened to athletes and parents, especially swimming, share, comfort and console during this awful pandemic.