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Being The Swim Team Mom

This team mom is one of the actual swimmers on the team—usually an upperclassman who knows the ropes and is always a little over-prepared for things.


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Swim Mom Marni O’Dell on Raising Teagan

Marni O’Dell, mother of NAG Record-holder Teagan, shares some insights on how keeping things “fun” will keep your child engaged in whatever they’re doing.


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Swim Mom Musings: Set Your Soul on Fire

The memories and lessons you’ve gained from swimming that go far beyond the lane lines. These are a few of the gifts you will treasure for a lifetime.

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Ask Swim Mom: What About Burnout?

How do you handle it if your child says swimming is too repetitive and boring?

Swim Mom Musings: Extraordinary Journey

Swimming is not about a single race or even a single season. It is about practices, team trips, locker room antics, and so much more.

Swim Mom Musings: Find Joy in the Journey

“Savor every second. Keep on fighting for your dreams forever. You are not just an athlete or just a swimmer. Embrace the joy.”

Ask Swim Mom: New Team vs. Boarding School?

If your child is not finding his or her current club challenging enough, what are the options in finding a new place to train?

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Swim Mom: 6 Life Lessons Learned

As a swim parent, I learned a few things through years of volunteering, car pooling and washing endless loads of towels. Here are six lessons I’ve learned.

Ask Swim Mom: My Parents Embarrass Me

“Although we want to be supportive and involved, there should be a limit to our involvement if we are negatively impacting our kids.”

Swim Mom: Coaches, Parents and Swimmers – Staying In Our Lanes

We’ve all heard that swimmers swim, parents parent and coaches coach, but what do these roles entail?

Swim Mom Musings: Enough – Let Them Swim

“When will all we lose be too much to bear?”

Ask Swim Mom: Is It Asthma Or Allergies?

Many swimmers end up coughing during practice. Is it an allergy to chlorine, undiagnosed asthma, or something else?

Ask Swim Mom: When The Thrill Is Gone

With all of the changes to swimming this year, including some athletes being forced to train on their own, how can we help revitalize our kid’s motivation?

Ask Swim Mom: Anxiety or Arrhythmia?

As parents, we can learn from psychologists and doctors on how we can help our children with anxiety.

Swim Mom Musings: College Sports In The COVID Era

“We are being challenged now in ways we might have never imagined. But there are lessons to be learned and victories to be realized.”