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Swim Mom: 5 Tips to Help Your Swimmer During Championship Meets

It’s the time of year when swimmers get to reap the rewards of months of hard work. Here are five tips to help your children have fun during championships.

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Swim Mom Musings: Find Yourself a Team That Supports You

Find yourself a team that supports you! Nothing will ever matter more to your student athlete. Not times. Not records. Not even making the NCAAs.

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Ask Swim Mom: I Want My 12-Year Old in the Senior Group

We want our kids to love swimming and stick with it for the long term and not become part of the statistic where 70 percent of kids quit sports by age 13.


Ask Swim Mom: Should There Be a Maximum Practice Schedule?

For 12 and unders, most teams have a minimum practice requirement. It seems that some swimmers AND parents could benefit from a suggested maximum as well.


Ask Swim Mom: What About the Chlorine Cough?

They said it’s called Swimmer’s Cough. Should I be concerned? We call it the “chlorine cough” and it usually happens in indoor pools with poor ventilation.


Shouts From The Stands: Rules For Swim Mums

Here are some general rules to follow to successfully manoeuvre your way through the hustle and bustle that comes with the job of being a swim mum.


Ask Swim Mom: My Son is Skipping Practice

I just found out that my 16 year old skipped practice, even after dropping him off at the pool and then picking him up after he messaged for a pick up.


Swim Mom Musings: What Makes a College Swimmer Special

Here are some things to consider as your athlete navigates the decision whether they should pursue college swimming or not.


5 Surefire Ways to Annoy Your Kid’s Coach

We did a lot of things that I know annoyed our children’s swim coaches. Here are some of the things we did and we’ve seen other parents do that annoy coaches.


SwimMom Musings: Best Holiday Gifts

If you are like me your swimmer has suits, t-shirts and gear to last for years. So what do you get your swimmer this season.

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Swim Mom: How Swimming Prepares Kids for the Real World

Swimming brings depth and character to our kids to help them along their lifelong journey. Here are seven ways that swimming prepares our children for life.


Swim Mom Musings: Coaches Matter

Coaches who inspire are important all the way through a swimming career – and are especially critical in college at every level.


Ask Swim Mom: Should My Son Skip High School Swimming?

We are feeling torn for our son who is 16, on if he should compete for his high school or if he should skip high school swimming to train with his club team.


SwimMom Musings: Motivation Gets You Started. Heart Keeps You Going

As a swim mom for 16 years, parents of younger swimmers sometimes ask me what is the secret to keeping your child engaged in the sport.

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What’s Not to Like About Relays?

One of the most exciting moments in swim meets is watching your child compete on a relay. Unfortunately, there can be some negatives

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