Free Online Yoga Classes for Swimmers

For the next two months Swimming-Specific Yoga will be offering free online yoga classes for swimmers.

During this unprecedented time in our history several teams and individuals do not have a place to train. Hopefully you do not find yourself in this situation, but because many are we have created a page with several 25-45 minute online classes.

Since many individuals’ employment situation is also being compromised the access to these classes will be free of charge for the next two months (ending May 31st).

These yoga classes can help you not only maintain, but improve your fitness levels. They will also benefit your mental wellness during these challenging times.

Individual classes have specific focuses which include:

  • Fundamentals
  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Recovery

Find these classes at the link below:

If you have any feedback or requests for different class content I would love to hear your suggestions.

To find out all of the ways that yoga can help improve your swimming performance check out:

Yoga for Swimmers: 7 Reasons Why Yoga Takes Your Training to the Next Level


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Ann Keil
3 years ago

I was wondering if these classes could continue to be posted after May 31st? I have been rotating through them daily and will really miss them if they go offline. As of now,my state is slowly reopening some businesses, but the pools will remain closed indefinately. And Lake a Michigan is still cold!!

3 years ago

I’m trying the yoga link and it takes me to an unfamiliar site

3 years ago

Wow, these Yoga classes are great, especially since I can’t get in a pool right now and the rain has kept me from swimming in the ocean.

3 years ago

Found it! Thanks.

3 years ago

I have always been a fan of Yoga and Swimming doing it throughout my swim career, and now as a coach I find myself trying to share some of the knowledge I’ve learned. Your page has inspired me to start trying Yoga during dryland on Tuesdays and Thursdays and those are the days everyone gets there early now to do their CHATURANGA! I have sent this to all my swimmers and they are excited as ever to play Yoga during their time off.

3 years ago

Thank you for offering this service for free during this really tough time for the community. Clearly your heart is with helping the athletes, and this is exactly the type of service that can help teams stay afloat while we are not able to collect dues. I will continue to promote your program, even after things are back to normal, because you seem to have pure intentions.

This is what our community needs right now- people helping people. Thank you.

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