Yoga for Swimmers: Focusing on the Fundamentals

A yoga for swimmers practice is an amazing supplement to your core training program. Like any other activity you need to have a strong foundation and focus on the fundamentals to ensure your practice is effective.

In this short yoga for swimmers practice you will learn how to do some of the most fundamental poses in yoga.

The poses that are focused on in this video include:


yoga for swimmersyoga for swimmers


  • Stand with your feet hip distance apart and pointed straight forward
  • Feel into the four corners of the feet – big toe mound, little toe mound, inner and outer side of the heel
  • Legs come towards straight with a micro bend in the knee
  • Hips are in a neutral position
  • Core slightly engaged
  • Shoulders relax back and down
  • Lengthen the neck feeling the ears come over the shoulders
  • Arms are relaxed at the sides of the body with the palms pointed straight forward

Standing Forward Fold


  • Start in mountain pose
  • On an inhale raise your arms up and out to the sides then overhead
  • On an exhale:
    • Keep your core strong and spine long
    • Leading with your chest
    • Fold forward hinging at your hips
  • Allow your knees to bend enough that the upper body is coming close to or onto your thighs
  • Allow your head to hang and your neck to relax​

High Push Up Position

yoga for swimmers


  • Have the fingers spread wide and pointed straight forward
  • The shoulders are over the elbows the elbows are over the wrists
  • Press the ground away feeling the upper back fill up the space between the shoulder blades
  • Keep the spine long and the hips in line with the spine
  • Strongly engage your core and your glutes

Downward Facing Dog


  • Have the fingers spread wide and pointed straight forward
  • Press strongly into your finger tips feeling like you are clawing the mat with your first knuckle
  • Externally rotate the shoulders
    • Triceps twirl towards each other
    • Elbow pits face away
  • Press the ground away from you
  • Actively lengthen the spine from the tailbone to the crown of the head
  • Hips are up and back in a diagonal direction so you are in the shape of an inverted ‘V’
  • The heels are come towards the ground without forcing the legs straight

High Lunge

yoga for swimmers


  • The front foot and knee are pointed straight forward 
  • Your knee is directly in line with your ankle ensuring you can see your toes in front of your knee
  • The hips are squared feeling your front hip move back and your back hip is move forward
  • The upper body is upright with the same qualities as mountain
  • The arms are extended overhead with the shoulders relaxed

Whenever participating in a yoga session ensure that you are following the guidelines for a healthy practice:

  1. Using your awareness
  2. Allowing yourself to come into poses
  3. Focus on your breath


This Yoga for Swimmers article and class was created by Swimming-Specific Yoga the world’s top resource for online yoga classes and courses designed for swimmers.

Visit our YouTube channel for more short classes and lessons.

What people are saying about Swimming-Specific Yoga

“Jeff has worked with the HPC-Vancouver swimmers since the fall of 2016 delivering swimming specific yoga classes twice a week.

The swimmers have enjoyed the approach and orientation that Jeff brings to every class. I feel they are more flexible, more aware of their bodies and are able to control their thoughts much better.”

Tom Johnson
11 time Canadian Olympic Swim Team Coach



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