Swimming Specific Yoga

Enhance Your Taper with a Restorative Yoga Practice for Swimmers

A restorative yoga practice for swimmers is not only an effective, but also an enjoyable proactive approach to enhancing your recovery…

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3 Yoga Poses for Swimmers to Improve Your Underwater Dolphin Kick

A yoga practice for swimmers can help take your fifth stroke up a notch by improving your mobility, core strength and breath control

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Strengthen Your Self-Talk In a Skillful Way With Yoga

Self-talk strategies are a powerful way to improve your performance and yoga is an effective way to strengthen those skills.

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Yoga for Swimmers: Three Ways to Improve Your Shoulder Stability

Swimming-specific yoga can help develop shoulder stability by improving the awareness and control of the movements of your shoulder blades…

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Yoga for Swimmers: Six Poses to Increase Your Hip Mobility

A yoga practice designed for swimmers is an effective way to increase hip mobility, which can help improve your efficiency in the water

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Swimming-Specific Yoga: How to Incorporate Yoga Into Your Training

Incorporating a swimming-specific yoga practice into your program is an effective and efficient way to accomplish many of your dryland goals…

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Yoga for Swimmers: Seven Poses to Help Improve Your Freestyle

A yoga practice designed for swimmers is an effective way to develop the strength and mobility needed to improve your freestyle performance

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Yoga for Swimmers: How Yoga Helps Boost Your Recovery

Looking for a way to recover from training more effectively? Find out how a swimming-specific yoga practice can help boost your recovery

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Yoga for Swimmers: Sharpening Your Mental Skills

Yoga not only a physical practice it is also an incredible way to work on the mental skills they can help your performance in the water…

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Yoga for Swimmers: Keys to a Strong, Safe and Effective Practice

When starting a yoga practice for swimmers the most important aspect to know is how to make your yoga practice, strong safe and effective…

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Yoga for Masters Swimmers – Working with Your Range of Motion

Yoga is an incredible and accessible way for masters swimmers to address their mobility through the practice of mindful movement


Swimming-Specific Yoga Launches New Online Platform

After speaking with swimmers and coaches many are finding yoga to be an integral part of their training programs and plan on utilizing it moving forward

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Yoga for Swimming: Increase Your Mobility with Yoga

Yoga is an effective way for swimmers to improve their mobility, which can enhance swimming performance and prevent injuries

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Yoga for Swimmers Strength Practice: Core Stability

This yoga for swimmers class will help you develop core stability, which can improve your efficiency in the water and prevent injury…

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Yoga Per Nuotatori: Allenare Mente E Corpo In Quarantena

Yoga per nuotatori. Allenare mente e corpo in quarantena. Una pratica che guarda all’esistenza con un punto di vista equanime

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