20 Swim Camps You Will Love This Summer

See 20 “Summer Swim Camps” you will love to attend this summer. These swim camps are headed by some of the best coaches in swimming.

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723 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1411 Swim Jobs listed.

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5 Ways This Mental Training Book Will Rock Your Chlorinated Socks Off

Wanna take your swimming and your mindset to the next level this season? This book will help you do just that.

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Yoga for Swimmers: Focusing on the Fundamentals

Yoga is an amazing supplement to a swimmer’s core training program. Like any other activity you need to have a strong foundation and focus on the fundamentals to ensure your practice is effective…

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2018 Coyote Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Training at the USD Swimming & Diving Camp focuses on both physical condition and superior stroke and board technique. Camp includes one hour sessions focusing on swimming & diving specific dry-land, strength training and flexibility exercises.

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6 Toxic Thoughts Every Swimmer Should Drop

Maximizing your potential in the pool is hard enough without having to deal with self-inflicted negativity. Here are 6 toxic thoughts every swimmer should drop.


Finis Partners with Frogglez® Goggles

FINIS has teamed up with Frogglez to pair the patented Frogglez Strap with FINIS’ industry-leading goggles

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2018 Fighting Illini Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Sue Novitsky and Elliott McGill lead the University of Illinois Swim Camps along with a staff of highly qualified and enthusiastic coaches, counselors and collegiate swimmers. Sue Novitsky’s coaching staff will combine elite level technical development and age appropriate training to improve and challenge each camper.

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National Teamer Hellen Moffitt Joins Fike Swim

Fike Swim is excited to announce the addition of World Championship gold medalist Hellen Moffitt to its growing team of…

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FINIS Set Of The Week: Total Leg Burner

Short sprint set, with an emphasis on kick.

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How to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable in Training

Improvement comes just beyond our comfort zone. Here’s how to get cozy with the scary unknown in the pool.

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Dayton Raiders See Benefits from Single-Gendered Practices (Video Report)

College teams do it all the time. For private schools it’s also common. But for a city-wide club team, single-gendered practices aren’t something you hear about hardly ever.


Adidas Introduces AMPHI For The Versatile Female Athlete

Continuing to innovate and create, adidas introduces a brand first in AMPHI, a versatile swim collection for spring/summer 2018, designed for the modern female athlete adopting a versatile training programme, whether at, on or in the water.

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Open Water Swim Sighting – Technique, Drills & Tips To Swim Straight

Your nemeses . . . . the sun, the waves, buoys too far apart or dropped by the pack; what should you do?

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2018 Michigan Wolverine Swim Camp – Sign Up Today

The Michigan Swim Camp is designed to provide each competitive swimmer with the opportunity to improve their pursuit of excellence both in and out of the pool.

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