4 Reasons to Visit the Endless Pool at the UANA Pan-Ams

If you’re attending the UANA Pan American Masters Swimming Championships, we invite you to take a free swim in the brand-new Endless Pool on the swim deck. Anytime during the competition, just stop by. We’d love to help you make the most of your downtime!


LogoTV To Premiere “Light in the Water” Documentary on Thursday

The documentary focuses on the formation of West Hollywood Aquatics (WH2O) and it’s impact in the LGBTQ community

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How Can Parents Encourage a Mindset of a Champion?

Here are a few tips about encouraging a growth mindset in our kids.


SwimSwam Pulse: 47% Pick Eastin As Top American 400 IMer

Nearly half of voters believed Ella Eastin would be the top women’s 400 IMer in the United States this summer, trusting in a big comeback swim after a shocking disqualification last year. Eastin was set to finish second last summer but took a disqualification for the ‘Lochte Rule,’ which disallows dolphin kicking on one’s back during the freestyle portion of an IM.


12 Hints You Might Be a Hovering, Helicopter Swim Parent

Here are 12 things we may do around the pool our kids should take over as they grow. Some we should never do.


5 Ways Swim Coaches Can Get the Best Out of Their Swimmers

The true art of great coaching is being able to, not only develop your swimmers physically, but to also develop them mentally; to understand what makes each of your swimmers tick and how you need to interact with them in order to get the best out of them.


Prenditi il Tuo Tempo, Sii Indulgente. Fidati di Te.

Mia nonna diceva: “Non hai chiesto tu di venire al mondo, ma intanto sei qui”. In tutti noi risiede la…

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The Hardest Set Seebohm’s Ever Done (And Other Little Known Facts)

Aussie world champion Emily Seebohm recently conducted an impromptu Q & A session with fans, revealing her training regimen, what keeps her motivated, as well as her unexpected favorite stroke.


SwimMom Musings: Coaches Who Shine and Those Who Don’t

If you’ve been in this sport long enough every swimmer has had their share of the best, worst. and those in the middle. Sometimes swimmers don’t even realize what they have until they are gone.


SwimSwam Pulse: 76% Betting On American Legacy in Men’s 100 Back

More than three-quarters of voters expressed confidence that the Americans would keep their historic levels of dominance in the men’s 100 backstroke, with no other country getting more than 11% of the total votes.


SwimSwam International Olympians Draft, Part 2

Which swimmers do we expect to dominate in Tokyo? How do we value up and coming swimmer’s chances? Do we expect aging stars to win more medals or fall off?


What Keeps Kids Coming Back to the Pool?

What are the motivating factors that keep our children interested in swimming? Why do they want to stick with a sport that is so demanding with practice before and after school, plus weekends for 50 weeks a year?

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L’Estate Diversa Dei Nuotatori

Ho camminato anche stamattina lungo le mattonelle bianche del bordo vasca. Il parcheggio era vuoto, ho scorto anche oggi il…

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Bring Backstroke to Kenya and Improve Cognitive Skills

Bringing sports to the children of Eldoret and surrounding areas in Kenya can have a dramatic effect on their lives.

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Summertime Sacrifices of a Year-Round Swimmer

During summer vacation, it can be difficult for swimmers to stay motivated to work hard as they watch their peers play hard.


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