Swimming’s TopTenTweets of the Week: #2 Lochte’s Ready for Rio

#10 GAME DAY!!!! #Dab #Dabbin #LookAtMyDab #SuperBowl50 @Panthers — Roy Burch (@Roy_Burch) February 7, 2016 Superbowl Dab. #9 Is…

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Shouts from the Stands: Taper is the Best Part of Swimming

SwimSwam welcomes reader submissions about all topics aquatic, and if it’s well-written and well-thought, we might just post it under…


What To Tell Your Swimmer After They’ve Had a Bad Swim

It’s a difficult experience to watch your swimmer come up short of their goals and expectations in the pool. Here is a simple strategy to help your swimmer move forward.


Eamon Sullivan Hugs Koalas

Cuteness overload: Former World Record Holder, Eamon Sullivan, hugs a koala in Perth.

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5 Reasons Why Short Term Goals Rock

Big, awesome goals are great, but the key to getting there lies in setting smaller, short term goals.

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BridgeAthletic Building Blocks Series – Partner Bodyweight Workout

The BridgeAthletic Building Blocks Series is a set of 5 exercises that can be performed on the pool deck by swimmers with a basic level of dryland experience and proficiency.

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17 Ways to Drive Your Swim Coach Nuts

Part life coach, part instructor, and part babysitter, our swim coaches have their hands full with us swimmers. Here are 17 ways that we drive our swim coaches a little crazy.


Measuring Swimming Dominance

What does it mean to dominate a competition? Not just winning the competition. But winning by a lot.

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Four Years Later: The Swimming Landscape from London to Rio, Part Two

Could the Netherlands flip the script and upset Australia in the 4×100 Freestyle relay?


Video: Mary Washington M&W Hone Sledding Skills during Winter Storm Jonas

Mary Washington swimming and diving teams took advantage of a snow day to sharpen their sledding skills.

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Micronutrients A Swimmer Needs

Micronutrients, and Macronutrients, are key factors in how well athletes can physically and mentally perform.


7 Reasons Why You Should Know Who Vladimir Salnikov Is

Vladimir Salnikov was the greatest distance swimmer of his generation, possibly of all time. Here are 7 things you should know about the “Monster of the Waves.”


Chippendales Impressed W/ Phelps’ Curtain of Distraction Performance

A different kind of ‘Rio’ could be waiting for Michael Phelps after his Curtain of Distraction performance.


Spread Of Zika Virus Leads To WHO Declaring Public Health Emergency

Due to the ‘explosive spreading’ of the Zika virus throughout Latin America, where reported cases number in the four million range this year alone, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a public health state of emergency.

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