Watch: NCAA Qualifier Emily Fogle Speaks at TEDx On Her Inspiring Life

Former Purdue swimmer Emily Fogle opens up about the incredible hardships that she has faced during her swimming career.


7 Swim Parent Tips to Stop Comparing Swimmers

With the best of intentions, we want to motivate our kids to be more competitive—but watch out—it might backfire. When we compare our kids, we may cause more harm than good.


6 Reasons Setback is Exactly What You Needed

It doesn’t get much worse than feeling like you trained the entire season for no reason. Before you beat yourself up about it for three weeks….that bad championship meet is going to turn into something much bigger and better than what it seems to be.

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15 Ways Swimmers Do It Much Better

Here are 15 reminders why our sport kicks a metric ton of butt.


30th Anniversary Of Top Gun Is Our Excuse To Give Swimmers Nicknames

If Michael Phelps were a fighter pilot in the movie ‘Top Gun’, what would he use as his call sign?


A meal with Olympic Champion Michael Phelps (Video)

Spend nearly 30 minutes with Olympic Champion Michael Phelps relaxing at his home before a meal.


The Freestyle Flip Turn: What you need to know

Over the next several weeks, I will break down the flip turn into four components: the approach, the flip, the underwater and the breakout. Each of these components is important and I commonly see mistakes made in all four of them, often by the same swimmer.


7 Things Your Swim Coach Wants You to Know

Your swim coach will be teacher, counselor and friend to you over the course of your career in the pool. Here are 7 things they would like you to remember.


A Letter To My Coach as a Graduating Senior

I don’t think I’ve said enough. Not that I didn’t complain, because I’ve done plenty of that. Rather that I’ve never told you how much it all means to me. How much you mean to me.

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4 Types of Vitamin B12 You Need to Know About

Vitamin B12 is important for a host of reasons: it helps with cellular function, it provides your body with energy, and protects nerve and brain cells from free radical damage.

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Why Vitamin B12 Helps Your Body After a Swim Meet

After a swim meet, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is the composition and dynamics of certain vitamins and what they’re doing for your health.

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One Last Time: Making the Most of Senior Year

But this is it. The final chapter of my swimming career. I’ve read countless articles about freshman, sophomore, and senior years of college ending, but never junior year, so here are a few things that I want all swimmers who are entering their final season to remember:

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Gary Hall Sr. Letter of Remembrance for Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV

Gary Hall Sr: “Dear Swimming family, you may all be aware that my nephew, Charlie Keating IV or CIV, as we called him, died in action in Iraq last week from enemy gunfire.”


Mental Health Awareness Month: 5 Ways to Put Your Wellbeing First

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  We all fall on a continuum of wellbeing and can benefit…

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Maccabi USA Seeking Jewish Swimmers For 20th World Maccabiah Games

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MAY 2016 – Maccabi USA is seeking Jewish swimmers for the junior (girls 13 to 16 and…

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