Dubita di Tutto, Ma Mai di Te Stesso. Prenditi il Tuo Tempo, Sii Indulgente.

Dubita di tutto, ma mai di te stesso. Come accrescere la fiducia e la consapevolezza nella propria forza e virtù e ritrovare la motivazione

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Stronger, Higher, Faster, and Protests

The global wave of populism is spilling over into sport, as athletes are using podiums to protest their nations, other nations, and each other.


Astinenza Da Cloro. Quando La Piscina Va In Vacanza

Astinenza da cloro. Come rilassarsi durante le vacanze senza farsi prendere dall’ossessione dell’allenamento. Take it easy.

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Fail Beautifully

What does it mean to “Fail Beautifully”? Isn’t failing bad? How can something you think is bad be beautiful? How can I fail and not get in trouble?


Swim Mom: An Unlikely Role Model – Ryan Lochte

With Lochte’s story, we can tell our kids that he’s human and messed up, but look how he’s learned, grown and improved as a person.


A Tribute to Don Kimble

40 years ago Don Kimble began his coaching career with West Michigan Swim League. It’s impossible to ever thank a man who gave so much to each athlete enough.


SwimSwam Pulse: Smith’s 2BK Narrowly Nips Milak’s 2FL for ‘Most Impressive’ WR

Regan Smith’s 2:03.35 in the 200 back triumphed by just 1.4% over Kristof Milak’s 1:50.73 200 fly in a very tight poll result.


How To Get The 2019 College Preview SwimSwam Magazine

In this issue of the 2019 College Preview we rank the top 16 men’s and women’s NCAA programs in the nation, and we rank the TOP 50 NCAA swimmers.

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Shouts from the Stands: The Story Behind the Coach

Working full time with these kids makes me realize how much they feel like family to me. Their struggles have also become mine.


13-Year-Old Ryan Hann Launches 2nd Year Of ‘Will Swim For Food’ Campaign

Ryan Hann, a 13-year-old competitive swimmer with the Orangeville Otters Swim Club, is getting ready for the second year of his ‘Will Swim for Food’ campaign.

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Swimmers Don Gear at Berkeley City Council Meetings to Extend Local Pool Hours

Swimmers in Berkeley, California, attended City Council meetings as one part of a two-year campaign to get the city’s West Campus pool to open year-round.

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SwimMom Musings: The Great Wide Somewhere

Sometimes life takes us on a detour so we can follow the path we were destined to travel all along. Maybe it has happened to you …

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Embracing Defeat: You Either Win or You Learn

if you lose…it’s just an opportunity to go about it differently next time around. Always be prepared to learn… no matter what.

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SwimSwam Pulse: 57% Support Podium Protests In General; 28% Oppose

More than half of SwimSwam voters supported using the podium as a venue for protests. Maybe more surprising: 14% were unsure of their opinion.


7 Tips for Parents on Preparing for Target Meets

We can’t control how fast our kids swim or who is in the lane next to them. But there are a few things we can do to help make meets a success.


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