SwimMom Musings: Motivation Gets You Started. Heart Keeps You Going

As a swim mom for 16 years, parents of younger swimmers sometimes ask me what is the secret to keeping your child engaged in the sport.

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2019: Swim Team Holiday Gift Guide

Showing appreciation for your swimmers is an important priority, and the best way to show your team you care is to order customized swim team gear.

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SwimSwam Pulse: 57% Pick London Roar To Win European ISL Derby

A little more than half of voters expected the London Roar to win the European ISL derby – not as overwhelming as the poll results from the American derby.


Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 8: Serious Issues Raised & Game Halted

It’s a case study all-too-relevant to swimming: one player’s tendency for unwanted touching leads to a tricky and imperfect analysis of perception and safety.


What’s Not to Like About Relays?

One of the most exciting moments in swim meets is watching your child compete on a relay. Unfortunately, there can be some negatives

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Beyond The Lane Lines: Schooling Launches Skincare, Ledecky Joins A New Team

Check out this week’s Beyond the Lane Lines, featuring Joseph Schooling, Cate Campbell, Katie Shanahan, Katie Ledecky and more.


Review: Nike Swim ‘Vapor’ Goggles Offer Racing Quality at Training Price

Nike’s newest goggle goes on sale Nov. 15 and brings comfort and affordability to the racing goggle market.


Battling Through Burnout: Remember Your Seven-Year-Old Self

It is important to remember that when you are in the pool, that is your time to focus on swimming. Everything else can wait until practice is over.


5 Life Lessons You Will Get From Swimming

There is more to the sport of swimming than best times and endless morning workouts with your best friends. Here are some of the lessons from the pool.


Advice for Youth Swimmers Preparing for the Upcoming Season

With both club and high school swimmers alike preparing for the upcoming season, some of the younger and newer athletes will naturally feel overwhelmed.

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SwimSwam Pulse: 72% Favor Cali Condors To Win American ISL Derby

An overwhelming majority – almost three-quarters – of voters picked the Cali Condors to win the American derby in the International Swimming League.


Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 7: Women’s Alliances Rising

It’s an odd contrast of intensely complex strategy and thoughtful discussion about gender in group dynamics as Elizabeth Beisel’s Survivor game continues.


Prepping for Omaha: Emily Escobedo

The “Prepping for Omaha” series looks at Fike Swim ambassadors in the run up to Trials as they strive to earn a coveted spot on the U.S. Olympic Team.

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Ask Swim Mom: Should Kids Miss School For Meets?

Do you know why teams, coaches and parents schedule swim meets on school days, with the expectation the kids should skip school and show up


Beyond The Lane Lines: Michael Phelps Ranked #1 Outside The Water

Olympians Michael Phelps and Daiya Seto are among the swimming stars highlighted in this edition of Beyond the Lane Lines.


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