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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Chris Reid on the Importance of Journaling

Chris spoke to the importance of journaling and getting your feelings down on paper, so that way they don’t control you.

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Daily Swimmer Dryland Workout #13

Today’s workout is brought to you by Coach Pullano! I won’t waste your time telling you all about it… because it’s all right there. Thanks coach!

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Matt Kredich on Moving Differently (At Home)

Kredich has started thinking up new ways to get his athletes moving outside of the water, and how those ways could benefit them in the water.

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Leah Gingrich on Maintaining Olympic Dreams at 30

As someone who took 6 years off, Gingrich is excited to see what she can do with another year in the pool after the announcement of the Olympic postponement

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Brad Tandy on ASU Sprint Training

Brad helped me get my Practice + Pancake fix in by explaining what sprint group at Arizona State had done for their recovery practice.


Swimming From Home Talk Show: Ashley Twichell On Recognizing your Feelings

Ashley talked about the importance of recognizing how the postponement affected you, and the feelings that were brought up

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Swimming From Home: Nathan Adrian on Acknowledging What You Don’t Want to Do

Adrian has tried to approach things he DOESN’T want to do by acknowledging that he doesn’t want to do that thing, letting that sit, then doing it anyway.


Daily Swimmer Dryland Workout #12

Our workout today comes from Mount Kelly Swim, and is meant to be a simulation of a swim workout with a warm up, activation, and main set

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Cody Miller on Staying Busy through Quarantine

Any time I get to talk to Cody Miller is a treat, mostly because we are both dudes who like swimming and making videos for fun

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Swim England Twitter Provides Tips for At Home Training Program

We are starting to adapt. Swim England is one of the latest to start giving out tips on how you can maintain a training program from home

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Michael Chadwick on Finding the Positives

I sat down with world champion Michael Chadwick and spoke with him about how he’s handling staying indoors with very limited swim training


See 2325 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

If you don’t like the career you’re in, you might want to work in the swimming community and be a part of our swimming family! Go here to see 2725 Swim Jobs.

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Elliot Ptasnik, University of Hawaii Head Coach

Ptasnik spoke on finding the positives, putting positivity out there, and making sure we are staying connected and having communication while we can.

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Andy Kershaw, Head Coach & 2x Olympic Manager

Kershaw has been a member of the US Olympic team for the last 2 Games (2012, 2016) as a team manager, snd shares his experience being a part of Team USA. 


Dryland Swimming Workouts #8

this one comes directly from power-couple (pun intended) Erika Brown and Alec Connolly, seniors at the University of Tennessee. 

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