Top High School Recruits Show Out at Elmbrook Swim Club | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

SwimSwam traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to film practice with Elmbrook Swim Club. Elmbrook is a gold medal swim club who have broken multiple NAG records over the last 5 years. They are currently the home of #2 recruit Campbell Stoll (Texas) and #5 recruit Lucy Thomas (Stanford) in the high school class of 2023.

SwimSwam CEO Gold Medal Mel Stewart came to give a talk and show his gold medal to start things off, then head coach Brent Boock took the athletes through an active recovery set:


  • 3x (75 @ 1:00 PACE + 75 EZ @ 1:00)
  • 2x (75 @ 1:00 PACE + 50 EZ @ 1:00)
  • 1x (75 @ 1:00 PACE + 25 EZ @ 1:00)
  • 100 FAST w/ Fins

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3 months ago

That 75 breast was very impressive….especially doing it in lane 1 being dangerously close to wall with those kicks

3 months ago

Would love to see a practice and pancakes up here in Canada, maybe the High Performance Centers in Toronto or Vancouver or maybe even in Calgary with the age group club at UCSC. Lots of options with lots of great swimmers.

Reply to  CanadianSwimFan
3 months ago

Go to Hyack with that Laon Kim and see how crazy age group training can be in the burbs…

Swim Alchemist
3 months ago

Love the coach’s commentary on this not being a “best average” set but rather a go for it from the beginning. Different types of sets, both useful.

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