Racer X Aquatics Power Set with Chutes, Chords, Buckets, + More | Practice + Pancakes

SwimSwam took a visit to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where we filmed with Racer X Aquatics. On this Thursday afternoon, head coach Jim Skirboll was leading his top group through a lot of shorter resistance paired with lots of underwater work. View the full main set below:

  • 6×25 Fins + Chute, 15y UW then Fly :45
  • 6×25 Fins Underwater :45
  • 6×25
    • O) UW dolphin w/ Kickboard :45
    • E) Kick FAST Last 5y UW :45

4x Fins

  • 4×25 FAST Fly :25
  • 1:00 Rest
  • 25 EZ Kick w/ Board :30
  • 25 UW FAST w/ Board 1:00

4x Fins (2x Towers, 2x Chords)

  • 4×50 Towers/Chords 1:20
  • 75/50 EZ
  • Rd 1/3 100 OTB No Fins
  • Rd 2/4 50 ITB W/ Fins

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3 days ago

Go Go! Go! to Racer X!
Keep plugging and doing it your way with gusto!

Dr. Aqua
4 days ago

Incredible level of training for high school kids.

A mom
Reply to  Dr. Aqua
3 days ago

Many of these kids are younger then you would think… there are two elite 10 year olds and an amazing group of 12-14 year olds alongside the high schoolers!! Imagine what these kids will be like by the time they are in high school!!

Reply to  A mom
3 days ago

Likely too bulked up to swim fast.

Last edited 3 days ago by IMO
Swim Alchemist
4 days ago

I had him at 18.9…

4 days ago

Jim’s #1 Fan

Coach Cwik
4 days ago

Great Program, Great Coach. Plenty of hard work and smiles.

Coach Cwik
Reply to  Coach Cwik
4 days ago

Coach Jim does need some new coaching shorts.

4 days ago

Way to go Racer X

4 days ago

Coleman, it’s Primanti Brothers NOT Primanti Bros! Any yinzer will tell you that!

Reply to  Coleman Hodges
4 days ago


4 days ago

Their swim caps are cool, awesome.

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Coleman Hodges

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