Florida Women Break Out ALL the Equipment for Recovery Wednesday | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

On Wednesdays, the Florida women wear… paddles. And fins. And snorkels. And Antipaddles.

SwimSwam got to be a fly on the wall for this afternoon recovery workout which included Olympians Katie Ledecky, Bella Sims, and Emma Weyant. Assistant coaches Kristen Murslack and Annie Lazor led the UF women through different sets by lane (mostly 5, 6, or 7k meters) that included pretty much every piece of equipment in their gear bag.



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Steve Nolan
7 months ago

i saw a POWERADE bottle?


Last edited 7 months ago by Steve Nolan
7 months ago

Anti paddles are mean

7 months ago


7 months ago

is there another coach on deck? it looks like three 👀

Clueless swim parent
7 months ago

College swimmers can practice with the pro group?

Reply to  Clueless swim parent
7 months ago

On an “occasional basis,” but it doesn’t really define “occasional.”

So no, like, not really. But there are lots of loopholes.

7 months ago

Now the Florida women need to break out of the inevitable annual NCAA collapse

7 months ago

Coleman, I’m assuming you are there for the meet tomorrow.

Reply to  ClubCoach
7 months ago

Is there a live stream?

Reply to  Ashe
7 months ago

Let’s hope so!

7 months ago

Interesting stuff. It’s always nice to see what other coaches are doing. Their anti-paddles seem pretty useful to help with technique. Where do they get these from?

Coleman Hodges
Reply to  Swimmerfan
7 months ago

I tried them out today and like them a lot. I think they’re made by Ripple Swim (you can DM them @ripple.swim on insta)

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