Beata + Bacon Cook at Tuesday AM Wisconsin Practice | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

SwimSwam took a trip to Madison, Wisconsin, where head coach Yuri Suguiyama was getting his badgers ready for the long course season. On this Tuesday morning, they started with dryland which included med balls, pull ups, and, of course, abs.

Once they got in the pool, they completed the final week of a 5-week kick progression (16×25 kick with Sox). This week, the odds were steady kick and the evens were FAST.

The main set (for the mid-group) was 24×50 @ 1:30

  1. Steady Kick
  2. Drill
  3. Swim FAST

This set was highlighted by NCAA champions Beata Nelson (fly) and Phoebe Bacon (back).

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11 months ago

I certainly hope Phoebe Bacon has another massive taper in the tool box.

11 months ago

Yuri was quite the get for this program.

11 months ago

Short Stack is overhyped!! The food is decent, but doesn’t justify the atrocious wait time to get a seat. Bassett St Brunch Club is much better!

Reply to  Justhereforfun
11 months ago

This is such a weird take. You call Short Stack overhyped, which is a reasonable opinion (I think Short Stack is good, but also too popular for it’s own good a lot of the time), but your alternative suggestion is Basset St Brunch Club? A Food Fight restaurant. The official home of mediocre, overpriced restaurants.

Better alternatives exist. Marigold. Willalby’s. Rosaline’s. Don’t settle for Food Fight.

But when it’s uncrowded, Short Stack is a good choice.

Reply to  Andrew Mering
11 months ago

100% agree! You can do so much better than food fight! Marigold is the best.

Reply to  Andrew Mering
11 months ago

And nobody’s even mentoined Mickey’s? It’s the best greasy spoon in town!

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