Bob Bowman Leads Arizona State Saturday AM LCM Speed Workout | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

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3 months ago

Will they be attending Knoxville PS?

Sweet Sweet Peter Rosen
3 months ago

Regan made the right choice. Think she’s crazy fast this year

Last edited 3 months ago by Sweet Sweet Peter Rosen
3 months ago

Alex Colson throwing down that entire practice, excited to see what he can put together this year.

Big Swimmy
3 months ago

How fast is FAST? is it just all out?

Reply to  Big Swimmy
3 months ago

When splitting by speed, most programs have “fast” and “all out”. Fast is basically your fastest where you can turn around and do another one. “All out” is “I need a break”.

I asked the ASU coaches to jump in and help clarify, so hopefully they do!

3 months ago

Pretty fun. With some of the higher profile sports wagering sites taking on swimming now, I suspect you could get a pretty good parlay to have Marchand(#3 all-time performer; balanced & fit), Kharun(#16; strong, like buuulll) and Urlando(#18; light and quick; shoulder didn’t seem to be hindering him anymore, but I still think his freestyle has been more promising in this return) all in the 200 fly final in Paris. Nearly 1/2 above them retired. And Kalisz (1:26.7 on last 150) and Colson (behind Marchand) looking good enough to be dark horses for Team USA in that event.

3 months ago

Luca and Leon going head to head in practice was fun to watch. I know, *insert Allen Inverson quote here*, but Urlando was on quite the trajectory before he dealt with those shoulder injuries, like a Leon’s 1:52.4 may not be out of his ballpark kind of trajectory…

3 months ago

Awesome! Just wondering – do college coaches get paid more for running pro groups?

3 months ago

I wood have thought Leon was going to be faster than everybody else ! Surprise to see he is being challenged by the others. It shows how good this group is !

Reply to  Bodor
3 months ago

There is this interview (in French) where he says that many people challenge him. (Regan Smith in particular as they often share the same lane).
He also says that one should be careful not to always go full speed while training, otherwise you will not be able to perform when it really counts.

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