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You’re Never So Good That You Can’t Help with the Lane Ropes

You can tell a lot about swimmers during the last ten minutes of practice. Here’s what helping with the equipment says about you.


5 Ways Swimmers Can Supercharge Their Mindset (That You Can Do Today)

Here are some simple strategies any swimmer can use today in practice to unlock a high-performance mindset in training and competition.

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Give the Gift of a High-Performance Mindset This Year

Looking for the perfect gift for the elite-minded swimmer in your life? This mental training book will give the best gift of all–faster swimming.

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17 Ways to Drive Your Swimming Coach Nuts

Part life coach, part instructor, and part babysitter, our swim coaches have their hands full with us swimmers. Here’s how we drive coach bonkers.


Why Change is So Hard in the Pool (and How to Make it Easier)

If it’s big-time success in the pool you want, start by thinking small. Here’s how to get started with mastering the little wins.


How to Stop Overthinking so You Can Swim Your Best

At some point most swimmers have suffered the ill effects of overthinking. Here’s how to pump the brakes on overthinking in the pool.


Elite Swimming Starts with Enjoying the Journey

You don’t learn to enjoy the journey by becoming successful. It’s the opposite. Success comes after you learn to enjoy the process and savor the journey.


7 Fun Facts About Age Group Swimming Plateaus

Ah yes, the joys of peaking or plateauing! Here’s what swimmers and swim parents need to know about the dreaded age group swimming plateau.


The Importance of Failing Like a Champion

The journey to your goals will be littered with adversity, struggle and failure. Here’s why you should be making sure that you are failing properly.


How to Swim Like a Monster Under Pressure

Fed up with not being able to rise to the occasion when the pressure is on? Here’s your guide to performing at your best when it matters most.

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Pro Tip: How to Power Up Your Self-Talk This Season

You probably already know how powerful motivational and positive self-talk can be for swimming like a boss. Here’s a way to make your self-talk even stronger.


“I worry that I am going to swim bad and not achieve my goals.”

Worrying about how we are going to swim is normal. But how accurate do you think those worries turn out to be? As it turns out, not very.

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Here’s Your First Step to More Self-Confidence This Season

For the swimmer who struggles with being consistently confident, there is a simple exercise they can do to get them focused on the right things. Here’s how.

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This is How Fast Sarah Sjostrom Swims in Practice

You don’t become the fastest 100m butterflyer in history without swimming fast in practice. Here is a look at some of Sarah Sjostrom’s practices and training.


Alex Popov and the Power of Training the Way You Wanna Compete

Alexander Popov is one of the greatest swimmers of all time. Here’s what you can learn from his relentless pursuit of perfection in practice.


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