Olivier Leroy

How Swimmers Can Keep a Positive Mindset During Covid

Struggling to stay positive during Covid? Here are some things to focus on while your chlorinated world is turned upside down.

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6 Things Competitive Swimmers Can Learn from Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all-time (and Michael Phelps’ longtime idol). Here are just six things swimmers can learn from His Airness.


Ryan Murphy: The Power of Routines (and Being Able to Roll with the Punches)

Despite our best intentions, things don’t always go according to plan. Here’s a champion’s take on rolling with the punches at the biggest meet of his life.


17 Things That Mental Training Will Do for Your Swimming

Not sure about how mental training can help benefit your swimming? Here are 17 ways that a better mindset will help you swim faster this season.


Caeleb Dressel: Carry a Big Kick and Bigger Goals

How absurd and ambitious are your goals? Here’s a lesson from Caeleb Dressel’s epic performance at NCAA’s to reinforce why you should always be reaching.


Jason Lezak and the Power of Competing

At the Beijing Olympics Jason Lezak swam one of the most unreal races in swimming history. Here’s how he unleashed the power of competing to make it happen.


How to Make Your New Training Routine Stick

Feeling a little out of sorts without your usual training routine? Here are some ways to make your new training schedule stick.

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6 Takeaways for Swim Coaches from Urban Meyer’s “Above the Line”

Urban Meyer is a three-time national football college champion. Here are six lessons in leadership that swim coaches can pull from his book, “Above the Line.”


What Kobe Bryant Can Teach Swimmers About Developing a Legendary Mindset

Kobe Bryant was a 5-time NBA champion and gold medalist. Here are some things swimmers can learn from the late Laker about having a legendary mindset.

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Try This Simple Tweak for More Effective Self-Talk

The language you use has a direct effect on your effort, your confidence, and your results. Here’s a simple self-talk tweak you can make today.

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6 Things Swimmers Will Learn from “The Mindful Athlete”

Mindfulness training is a simple and effective way to conquer pre-race nerves, stay focused, keep calm, and get in the Zone.

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9 Books for Swimmers and Swim Coaches

Looking for some awesome books for swimmers and swim coaches? Here is my essential reading list for swimmers and coaches.


This Goal Setting Exercise Will Bring Your Goals to Life This Season

Level up your goal setting this season with this simple journaling exercise that will bring texture to your goals in the pool.

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5 Ways This Mental Training Book Will Rock Your Chlorinated Socks Off

Wanna take your swimming and your mindset to the next level this season? This mental training book for elite-minded swimmers will help you do just that.


Missy Franklin: What Doesn’t Break You, Makes You Stronger

At the 2014 Pan Pac Championships, Missy Franklin suffered back spasms. Six months later, she became the fastest woman to swim the 200-yard freestyle.