Olivier Leroy

Olympic Champion Misty Hyman and the Unexpected Benefits of Adversity

Misty Hyman upset the swimming world at the Sydney Olympics to win the final of the 200m butterfly. Her path there was far from smooth.

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How Swim Coaches Can Get Started with Mental Training Skills

Do more in the pool by flexing a few simple mental training skills with your swimmers. Here’s how to get started with sharpening your swimmers mindsets.

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The Process is What Shapes You as a Swimmer

During times of uncertainty and increased stress, you can lean on the one thing that has always been there for you–your process.

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7 Olympic Swimmers Who Use Visualization

Visualization is a mental training skill that swimmers can use to boost confidence. Here’s how some of the top swimmers on the planet use it.


How Swimmers Can Get Started with Visualization and Imagery

When Adam Peaty got behind the blocks at the Rio Olympics he was calm and confident. Here’s how he used visualization to crush the WR and win gold.

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Caeleb Dressel and the Power of External Self-Talk

Here’s how external self-talk, or talking to yourself, can help you keep cool under pressure when things get tough at the pool.

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Struggling to Stay Motivated? Try This Instead

We all battle with moments of low motivation from time to time. Here’s a way to make your motivational struggles a little less struggley.

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Tom Dolan: Adversity is Confidence in Disguise

Tom Dolan battled through exercise-induced asthma and a narrow windpipe to become one of the greatest IM specialists in history.


5 Things You Can’t Control in the Pool (and What to Focus on Instead)

Are you spending your energy and focus on the right things in the water? Give your performance a boost by investing your effort in the right areas.

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Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks

Setbacks and failures are a natural part of the upwards trajectory of our swimming. What will your reaction be when setbacks happen to you in the pool?

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Here’s What Swimmers Can Learn from Michael Phelps’ Pre-Race Routine

How did the greatest swimmer in history prepare on the day of his biggest performances? Here is what you can learn from Michael Phelps’ full race day routine.


Dana Vollmer: Stay Calm in the Storm by Finding Your Anchor

The pressure of competitive is very real. Here’s one Olympian’s advice on how to manage the stress and anxiety of racing.

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How to Stay Sane and Motivated When You Get Injured

Every swimmer experiences the frustration, helplessness, and depression of being sidelined. Here’s how to stay sane and motivated when injured.

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Natalie Coughlin and the Power of Being Focused in the Water

Here’s how Natalie Coughlin harnessed the power of intense focus in practice to deliver epic and gold-medal winning performances on race day.


12 Ways Coaches Can Help Their Swimmers Get Laser Focused

Focused swimmers are more engaged and improve at a faster clip than their day-dreaming teammates. Here’s how to build a culture that develops focus.