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6 Freestyle Drills for Better Technique and Faster Swimming

Unlock better technique and a faster freestyle with these 6 freestyle drills designed to help you be more efficient in the water.


Single-Arm Freestyle: Nathan Adrian’s Favorite Free Drill

Nathan Adrian is one of the best freestyles on the planet. Here is his favorite drill for swimming better and faster freestyle.

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17 Mental Training Resources for Swimmers

Boost self-confidence, improve mental toughness and master mental skills with this collection of mental training resources for swimmers.

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5 Distance Sets for Building Swim Endurance

Build endurance with these 5 distance swimming workouts from some of the best distance swimmers and coaches on the planet.


Little Moments of Excellence Make Big Things Happen in the Water

Your coach has likely told you a few times that the small things matter in the water. Here’s why you should take a mindset of excellence in everything you do.

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Make Each Lap Count at the Pool Today

Whether you are back in the pool full-time or getting just a few minutes in the water each day, here’s how to make each stroke and lap count.

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The Singapore Drill: Flo Manaudou’s Favorite Freestyle Drill

Work your freestyle with the Singapore Drill, one of Olympic champion Florent Manaudou’s favorite freestyle drills in the water.

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What Swimmers Need to Know About Performance Anxiety and Pre-Race Butterflies

Performance anxiety and butterflies are a normal part of the competition experience. Here’s what swimmers need to know about being ready to rock on race day.


Regan Smith: You Don’t Know What’s Possible (Until You Do It)

Regan Smith’s performance at Worlds was epic. Here is what the rest of us can learn from her limit-shattering performances.


What to Do When Tough Sets Scare the Chlorine Out of You

Tough sets and workouts will always be hard. It’s how you mentally approach them that dictates just how hard you want to make them.


Why You Should Grade Your Swim Practices

How things go on race day is decided by the average of how your swim practices go. Here’s how grading your workouts will help you be more consistent.

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Give Your Swim Practices a Big Boost with this Simple Exercise

Want to have more consistent swim practices? Spend a couple moments evaluating what you did in the water for increased self-awareness.

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How to Use Motivational Self-Talk to Boost Performance in the Water

Performance is heavily influenced by the self-talk you use. Deploy motivational self-talk (“You got this!”) in your practices to boost strength and endurance.

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7 Ways to Use Your Swimming Log More Effectively

A logbook is a swimmer’s secret weapon for better training. Here are 7 powerful ways to make the most of your swimming log.

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Swimming with Gators: Gregg Troy’s Favorite Distance Set

The man, the legend, the moustache. Here is a breakdown of Gregg Troy’s favorite distance set that he uses with his swimmers.