USA Swimming Names Official 2018 Pan Pacs Roster

USA Swimming has closed 2018 Nationals by announcing its official Pan Pacific Championships rosters, led by superstars Katie Ledecky and Caeleb Dressel

The roster is one of five that will ultimately be determined by this meet; you can see our running projections of the other four teams here. USA Swimming’s announced roster only had one major difference from ours – Gianluca Urlando was listed instead of Austin Katz, though our tallying shows Katz with a higher modified world rank. We’re asking about that discrepancy now.

Update – USA Swimming announced that Katz will be on the team instead of Urlando.  Here’s the note from USA Swimming:

There has been one change to the team roster following the initial announcement made at the pool: “Following a review of the selected athletes to the 2018 U.S. Pan Pacific Championships team, it was revealed that an error had been made during the athlete selection process.  One Pan Pacific Championships athlete was incorrectly selected to the team using the Junior Pan Pacific Championships Modified World Ranking.  After careful recalculations, USA Swimming will add Austin Katz to the roster, replacing Gianluca Urlando who will move to the U.S. Junior Pan Pacific Championships team.”

Any athlete who makes Pan Pacs can swim any event they want to there, regardless of which events they qualified in. In addition, open water swimmers can swim pool events and vice versa.

Here are the rosters as announced by USA Swimming:

Men’s Roster

Abrahm Devine
Andrew Seliskar
Andrew Wilson
Austin Katz
Blake Pieroni
Caeleb Dressel
Chase Kalisz
Conor Dwyer
David Heron
Grant Shoults
Jack Conger
Jacob Pebley
Jay Litherland
Jordan Wilimovsky
Josh Prenot
Justin Ress
Justin Wright
Matt Grevers
Michael Andrew
Michael Brinegar
Nathan Adrian
Robert Finke
Ryan Murphy
Sean Grieshop
Taylor Abbott
Townley Haas
Zach Apple
Zach Harting
Zane Grothe

Women’s Roster

Abbey Weitzeil
Allison Schmitt
Ally McHugh
Ashley Twichell
Bethany Galat
Brooke Forde
Chase Travis
Ella Eastin
Erica Sullivan
Gabby Deloof
Haley Anderson
Hali Flickinger
Hannah Moore
Kathleen Baker
Katie Drabot
Katie Ledecky
Katie McLaughlin
Katie Meili
Kelsi Dahlia
Leah Smith
Lilly King
Mallory Comerford
Margo Geer
Melanie Margalis
Micah Sumrall
Olivia Smoliga
Regan Smith
Simone Manuel

(photo: Mike Lewis)

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3 years ago


3 years ago

They picked Urlando! So happy they’re giving that kid international experience!

Reply to  Bogo
3 years ago

Fiji is international too

Love to Swim
Reply to  Bogo
3 years ago
Reply to  Bogo
3 years ago

I don’t really care about experience it matters on who earned/deserved the spot and if Katz ranks higher than he earned and deserved it

Right Dude Here
Reply to  Bogo
3 years ago

This comment has aged horribly.

Reply to  Bogo
3 years ago

Was just pleased to see they originally had a fellow 200 flyer on the list and meant that with no disrespect to a deserving Austin Katz at all! Haha the comment did not age well 😂

3 years ago

Love seeing Ella and Allison S. name on that list! Also, such a great come back from Margo Geer! Hard work, perseverance, focus, and enjoying the sport of swimming always pays off!

Reply to  Swammer2005
3 years ago

Yes, all of that, in addition to being 6’3”. That did not hurt.

3 years ago

Aw mannn, gutted for Licon and Katz. Happy for Grieshop and Ress!

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Love to Swim
3 years ago

Sure is – the list above in the article was inaccurate before being corrected a while ago, not the USA Swimming article.

Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
3 years ago

It was USA Swimming’s mistake, which they have now corrected.

3 years ago

Ress, Urlando, Eatin, Allison, Grieshop. Can’t be mad with this lineup. Hopefully Licon will step up in 2020 for trials, maybe even Katz–But until then, this seems amazing for pan pacs

Reply to  Love to Swim
3 years ago

Well then… Urlando got screwed. At least he’s not left with nothing

3 years ago

Congrats 🍾🎈 to everyone! It’s so good to see Ella Eastin’s name up there. She gets to brush off the string of bad luck and solidify her worlds’ event qualification. Also happy for Brooke Forde. I didn’t think she would make this team.

3 years ago

Why are they ” led by superstars Katy Ledecky and Caeleb Dressel”? Are they the captains?

Reply to  Cate
3 years ago

They haven’t picked captains yet. I’ll go out on a sturdy redwood limb and say Adrian and Grevers for the men. Harder call for the women but I think Schmitt perhaps for one of the captains.

Reply to  KeithM
3 years ago

Simone or Katie L maybe?? I think Katie Meili would also be an amazing captain

Reply to  KeithM
3 years ago

Katie Meili

Reply to  KeithM
3 years ago

If I remember correctly, the female captains for the 2017 FINA World Championships were Meili and Beisel.

Reply to  Baker-King-Worrell-Manuel
3 years ago

It was Grevers and Adrian for the men i think ( nothing need to change on that level right now )

Reply to  KeithM
3 years ago

Schmitty for sure. Maybe Meili too?

Reply to  Cate
3 years ago

Did you see Worlds last year? Those 2 were the leaders in the pool.

3 years ago

Are they on a plane yet? Only what…10 days to go?

Reply to  KeithM
3 years ago

Canada is already there…

Reply to  KeithM
3 years ago

They stay in Cali till next Saturday when they leave for Tokyo

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