When, and Where, to Watch the 2018 Pan Pac Championships

The 2018 Pan Pacific Championships are coming up in just a few days, with pool swimming events scheduled* for August 9th-12th, 2018. Viewers can tune in to the Olympic Channel at 5:30am ET on the 9th, 6am ET on the 10th and 11th, and 4am ET on the 12th for a delayed broadcast of each respective finals session. Olympic Channel will show a re-air of each finals session late afternoon/evening on the same day. There are also streams available for each session on either NBCsports.com or usaswimming.org, depending on the day.

*pending no interference from Typhoon Shanshan

For more information and a full broadcasting schedule, click here.

Below, view a table of the start times for prelims and finals of each pool session in Tokyo, with several time zones listed for viewers around the world.

Prelims begin at 10am in Tokyo all four days, while finals begin 5:30pm on Thursday and Sunday and 6pm on Friday and Saturday.


Tokyo Time (GMT +9) GMT+1 GMT-3 GMT-5 GMT-8 GMT+10
Countries Japan UK, Portugal Brazil US/Canada (East Coast) US/Canada (West Coast) Australia (Sydney)
Thursday, August 9th 10am/5:30pm 2am/9:30am 10pm/5:30am 9pm/4:30am 6pm/1:30am 11am/6:30pm
Friday, August 10th 10am/6pm 2am/10am 10pm/6am 9pm/5am 6pm/2am 11am/7pm
Saturday, August 11th 10am/6pm 2am/10am 10pm/6am 9pm/5am 6pm/2am 11am/7pm
Sunday, August 12th 10am/5:30pm 2am/9:30am 10pm/5:30am 9pm/4:30am 6pm/1:30am 11am/6:30pm

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3 years ago

I am going to ask again. Where can I find Olympic channel if my cable provider doesn’t offer it? I used a week trial last week on fobu or such. Not sure that will work again. Any other Trials I can try?

Reply to  Superfan
3 years ago

I don’t know if Brazil sportv channel has a live on YouTube or trials but you can check it out

Reply to  Superfan
3 years ago

YouTube TV has Olympic channel as does Hulu with Live Tv and they both have trials. I’d recommend Youtube as Hulu has a very annoying UI for its tv service.

Robert Gibbs
Reply to  Superfan
3 years ago

Not 100% sure, but Sling TV might have it, and they have free trials.

Reply to  Superfan
3 years ago


3 years ago

Lol I’m gonna have to watch this on my phone at 3 in the morning to not annoy my family.

3 years ago

US/Canada times are out by one hour. EST is 5 hrs behind the UK and 8hrs for PST.

EST Should be 9pm/4.30am and 9pm/5am
PST should be 6pm/1.30am and 6pm/2am

3 years ago

Will the USA swimming channel upload them after like they did at Nationals? I stayed away from the recap for about 90 minutes and was able to watch the races on YouTube not knowing the results beforehand. The races on YouTube only had Sam Kendricks so it felt like I was live just with Sam. Would love to be able to wake up and do the same type of watching for Pan Pacs!

Becky D
3 years ago

Is it too late for us to chip in for a plane ticket for LS Andy?

Newport Beach Lover
3 years ago

Strange hours on non- manjor TV station. Checked to see it showing 3-5 am… Thought they had to make morning Finals -ecening Prelins because of the US broadcasting schedule.

3 years ago

It says usa swimming or NBC sports will carry all sessions. If so that works for me but I have heard that is not the case and only Olympic Channel will cover it in the usa

3 years ago

how can we watch this in Australia. the trials were on TV but I cant find the actual Pan Pac coverage anywhere !!??

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