Final 2018 Projected U.S. Pan Pacs Roster


The final night of U.S. Nationals has wrapped, and we’ve done the math to put together what we project as the American roster for the Pan Pacific Championships.

We were compiling these in real-time, so bear in mind that there could be some early errors that we’ll be live-updating as we double-check out math. Also note that Jr Pan Pac rosters are not yet finalized – they won’t be finalized until we get results of tonight’s C and D finals.

Update: We’ve put together very tentative Junior Pan Pacs rosters – swimmers tend to be very likely to decline those spots, so expect the roster to change significantly by the time it’s announced.

From what we’ve found, only three swimmers from priority 3 (athletes who took 3rd in an event this week) will make the team in each gender: Justin Ress, Sean Grieshop and Austin Katz for men and Haley Anderson, Ella Eastin and one more for women. (Those are based on our compiling of ‘modified world ranks’ on the fly, so bear with us there as well).

The final women’s spot appears to be a world ranks tie between Erica Sullivan and Isabelle StaddenOne possible outcome is that Anderson or Twichell cedes their pool spot, as they’ve already qualified in open water and could still enter pool events at Pan Pacs without taking an official pool roster spot. Another possibility is that Eastin declines the team to rest up from mono, taking a likely World University Games roster spot for next summer and calling it a season.

Update: USA Swimming announced the rosters, with Sullivan on the team and not Stadden. The USA Swimming announcement also include Gianluca Urlando instead of Katz.

You can find full selection procedures for all five major meets here.

Each meet has its own unique selection criteria, but all break down by priority: priority 1 will be selected first, priority 2 only if there is roster space remaining after that, priority 3 only if there is roster space remaining and so on. Below, we’ll track who’s in line to qualify for what team, moving to lower priorities as sufficient doubles are met.

Though the meet is over, these rosters aren’t yet set in stone. 2018 rosters can change if swimmers decline their spots, and 2019 rosters can change if swimmers decline spots or based on results of the Pan Pacific meet.

  • Priority 1 is listed in blue
  • Priority 2 is listed in red
  • Priority 3 is listed in green
  • Priority 4 is listed in yellow
  • Priority 5 is listed in white
  • All 2019 rosters hinge on the results of 2019 Pan Pacs, which affect Worlds selection (and therefore the trickle-down of athletes to World University Games and Pan Ams). Those rosters are listed in italics.

Men’s Projected Rosters

Women’s Projected Rosters

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When will we know the official roster? Or is this official?

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