Review Of Retirements & Deaths From The Year 2021

The year 2021 is nearly at an end. Along with reflecting on the numerous impressive performances and achievements in the pool, it’s also important to remember those who have hung up their goggles and have said goodbye to competitive swimming.

The end of the year is also a time to remember those within the swimming community who died but left an impact on those around them.

Below is a listing of the swimmers who revealed their official retirements, as well as coaches who decided to step away from the pool deck. We also have recognized those to whom the swimming community has had to say goodbye this year.

The retirement lists are based on announced and confirmed retirements. There are, as always, rumors of others who have retired, but who have not yet announced (because of personal reasons, or financial reasons related to sponsors), but this list includes only those confirmed retirements.

Swimmers Who Retired in 2021

Grace Ariola (USA)
Alia Atkinson (JAM)
Zoe Bartel (USA)
Amy Bilquist (USA)
Gunnar Bentz (USA)
Laszlo Cseh (HUN)
Mack Darragh (CAN)
Georgia Davies (GBR)
Paul Delakis (USA)
Daniel Dias (BRA)
Ella Eastin (USA)
Ian Finnerty (USA)
Bethany Galat (USA)
Ali Galyer (NZL)
Margo Geer (USA)
Kosuke Hagino (JPN)
Julia Hassler (LIE)
Femke Heemskerk (NED)
Philip Heintz (GER)
Franziska Hentke (GER)
Robert Howard (USA)
Yuki Kobori (JPN)
Breeja Larson (USA)
Reed Malone (USA)
David McKeon (AUS)
Hannah Miley (GBR)
Stephanie Millward (GBR)
Lia Neal (USA)
Siobhan-Marie O’Connor (GBR)
Emily Overholt (CAN)
Federica Pellegrini (ITA)
Sakiko Shimizu (JPN)
Ellie Robinson (GBR)
Isabella Rongione (USA)
Ellie Simmonds (GBR)
Maud van der Meer (NED)
Ferry Weertman (NED)
Aimee Willmott (GBR)
Akihiro Yamaguchi (JPN)

Coaches Who Retired in 2021

Kathy Aspaas (HS)
Dave Barney (HS)
Mike Brown (Hawaii)
Tom Caccia (Simpson)
Chris Cruise (HS)
Liam Donnolly (Simon Fraser)
Terry Ganley (Minnesota)
Gary Kempf (Sterling)
Coak Matthews (Henderson State)
Jill Stephenson (Salisbury)
Larry VanWagner (Marist)

Deaths (Swimmers & Coaches)

Ethan Anderson (USA)
Ty Bailey (USA)
Cliff Barry (USA)
Bob Chen (USA)
Chad Cradock (USA)
Louis Demetriades (USA)
Frank Elm (USA)
Ted Erikson (USA)
Srdjan Fllipovic (OMA)
Harry Gallagher (AUS)
John Gordon (GBR)
Huang Guohui (VIE)
Katie Grier (USA)
Ted Haartz (USA)
Janis Hape (USA)
Ursula Happe (GER)
Chad Hundeby (USA)
Jack Jackson (USA)
David Jenkins (GBR)
David ‘Dino’ Kesler (USA)
John Konrads (AUS)
Burwell ‘Bumpy’ Jones (USA)
Lanny Landtroop (USA)
Curtis Lovejoy (USA)
Ian Matos (BRA)
Renee Riccio McCutchan (USA)
Rich McGeagh (USA)
Steve Nye (USA)
Bill Palmer (USA)
Jason Plummer (AUS)
Ray Riordon (USA)
Curtis Robinette (USA)
Larry Rogers (USA)
Jacques Rogge (BEL)
Garrett Ryder (USA)
Chase Smith (USA)
Deryk Snelling (CAN)
Nort Thornton (USA)
Max Tudor (USA)
Bill Wadley (USA)
Bill Walker (USA)
Tim Welsh (USA)
George Wendt (USA)
Susan Zimmerman (USA)

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John Miranda
1 year ago

Well, I remember Nort Thornton well. RIP.

1 year ago

*Katinka Hosszu and Michael Andrew both retired halfway through their respective I.M. events at the Tokyo Olympics

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike
Sam B
1 year ago

although neither categories: a heartbreaking story from Liliana Szilagyi about her family, that she just broke in several interviews

1 year ago

Former Short Course World Champion, Peter Bernek, Hungary, has also retired, and coaches now freestyler Anja Kesely.

1 year ago

With my retirement date approaching fast I don’t think I like the article’s title.

1 year ago


The condors were robbed
Reply to  RM1
1 year ago

Now he is gonna do music like his brother Post Malone..

Trunky Funks
1 year ago

I remembered when Cseh used to be Europe’s main contender against the likes of Phelps and Lochte in the 2000s, be it in the IM or fly events.

Now with new legends like Milak in both the fly events, rising stars in Marchand and Kos for the IMs (plus Scott in the 200) and many more to fill his shoes, I would still find it odd to not see his name in any of his pet events nowadays.

Father Time may have caught up with him, but not his legacy. Here’s to one of the most underrated swimmers out there! 🥂

1 year ago

Clifford Barry born in Canada
Deryk Snelling born in England

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