2021 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials: Official SwimSwam Preview Schedule & Index


We’ve waited for long enough – a year longer than we thought we would. And now it’s finally time for the big show of American swimming: the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials.

In SwimSwam tradition, we’ll be previewing every single event in detail, plus making our picks for the top 8 finishers (and the Olympic qualifiers) in every event. To make sure you don’t miss a single word of our preview action, we’re keeping track of all event previews in this handy index, along with a schedule for when you can expect each event preview to drop.

You can follow our previews below – clicking on the event name will take you to that event’s full preview. And our chart below will list out all of our projected Olympic qualifiers based on the top 2 in each of our event picks, plus the top 6 in each relay-distance freestyle event.

Bookmark this page and check back everyday to stay on top of all our Olympic Trials coverage!

SwimSwam’s U.S. Olympic Trials Preview Schedule

Week 1 (May 17-23)

  • Men’s 400 IM
  • Men’s 400 free
  • Women’s 400 IM
  • Women’s 100 fly
  • Men’s 100 breast
  • Women’s 400 free
  • Men’s 200 free
  • Women’s 100 back
  • Men’s 100 back
  • Women’s 100 breast

Week 2 (May 24-30)

  • Women’s 200 free
  • Men’s 200 fly
  • Women’s 200 IM
  • Women’s 1500 free
  • Men’s 800 free
  • Men’s 200 breast
  • Women’s 200 fly
  • Men’s 100 free
  • Women’s 200 breast
  • Men’s 200 back
  • Men’s 200 IM
  • Women’s 100 free

Week 3 (May 31 – June 3)

  • Men’s 100 fly
  • Women’s 200 back
  • Women’s 800 free
  • Men’s 50 free
  • Women’s 50 free
  • Men’s 1500 free

SwimSwam’s U.S. Olympic Trials Preview Index

Women’s Events

1st Pick 2nd Pick 3rd Pick (Relay) 4th Pick (Relay) 5th Pick (Prelims Relay) 6th Pick (Prelims Relay)
50 free Simone Manuel Claire Curzan
100 free Simone Manuel Torri Huske Abbey Weitzeil Claire Curzan Erika Brown Gretchen Walsh
200 free Katie Ledecky Allison Schmitt Simone Manuel Leah Smith Katie McLaughlin Melanie Margalis
400 free Katie Ledecky Leah Smith
800 free Katie Ledecky Leah Smith
1500 free Katie Ledecky Erica Sullivan
100 back Regan Smith Olivia Smoliga
200 back Regan Smith Phoebe Bacon
100 breast Lilly King Annie Lazor
200 breast Annie Lazor Emily Escobedo
100 fly Torri Huske Claire Curzan
200 fly Hali Flickinger Regan Smith
200 IM Madisyn Cox Kathleen Baker
400 IM Melanie Margalis  Ally McHugh

Men’s Events

1st Pick 2nd Pick 3rd Pick (Relay) 4th Pick (Relay) 5th Pick (Prelims Relay) 6th Pick (Prelims Relay)
50 free Caeleb Dressel Michael Andrew
100 free Caeleb Dressel Ryan Held Zach Apple Blake Pieroni Nathan Adrian Dean Farris
200 free Townley Haas Kieran Smith Andrew Seliskar Caeleb Dressel Blake Pieroni Jake Magahey
400 free Zane Grothe Kieran Smith
800 free Bobby Finke Zane Grothe
1500 free Bobby Finke Jordan Wilimovsky
100 back Ryan Murphy Shaine Casas
200 back Ryan Murphy Shaine Casas
100 breast Michael Andrew Nic Fink
200 breast Will Licon Nic Fink
100 fly Caeleb Dressel Maxime Rooney
200 fly Luca Urlando Zach Harting
200 IM Chase Kalisz Michael Andrew
400 IM Jay Litherland Chase Kalisz

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Silent Observer
4 months ago

Finally! Love to see it!!!

4 months ago

Fantastic time to get pumped up about the hard work these men and women have done to get to this stage.

4 months ago

And so it begins… Hooray!

Breaking Bad News
4 months ago

Could be bigger than the Olympics…


Reply to  Breaking Bad News
4 months ago

Move them to Florida

Reply to  Breaking Bad News
4 months ago

I’m confused. This is an honest question, but wouldn’t athletes and the general population of Japan be separated enough so that it wouldn’t be possible for
foreign athletes to infect any citizens? With no spectators (to my knowledge) and the Olympic village being very secluded it seems like it would be possible to keep both parties separated enough. Obviously the one issue would be athletes infecting each other. But I remember seeing a poll done by the Japanese population saying 60% were against having the games and I just don’t see why they would be afraid unless their votes were due to another reason, such as not overwhelming hospitals.

Reply to  Bobthebuilderrocks
4 months ago

Who’s going to staff the venues? Cook the food in the village? Drive the busses? etc etc etc.

Reply to  Bobthebuilderrocks
4 months ago
4 months ago

Somewhat off topic:

Any updates on the upcoming Austin meet? Schedule, psych sheets, et cetera.

Reply to  Smith-King-Dahlia-Manuel
4 months ago

Homestretch in season swim almost trials. Time almost here

Marcy Spann
Reply to  Smith-King-Dahlia-Manuel
4 months ago

they just posted notable names for that meet on a new swimswam article 🙂

Reply to  Smith-King-Dahlia-Manuel
4 months ago

wow first time seeing you not get downvoted into oblivion

Coach Rob
4 months ago

Where is Michael Andrew?

Reply to  Coach Rob
4 months ago

underneath your bed

Psu fan
4 months ago

I can’t wait for the 100 and 200 free previews.

4 months ago


Reply to  8588
4 months ago

Agreed!! I predict an amazing swim from her!! Sneaky fast!! I feel like Cox and Flickinger could make a push too!

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