2019 NCAA Offseason Coaching Carousel: UCLA, West Point Headline Remaining Gigs

The NCAA hiring season has been in full swing since before last season even ended and wasn’t showing signs of slowing down until recently; every time it looked like positions were being filled fasters than they could open, another vacancy would pop up.

Within about two weeks of the conclusion of the 2018-2019  season, there were well over 10 Division I head coaching positions available. Hires began to trickle in slowly at the beginning of May, picking up with the big-time gigs by the end of the month, and now – almost three months removed from the end of the season – there are only a few spots remaining.

Below, we’ve laid out the current state of major Division I openings. For head coaches, there are now eight vacancies remaining, headlined by the UCLA spot.



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1 year ago

What about all the random D2 head jobs open and the solid D3 programs without head coaches??

Tony R
1 year ago

Looks like you need to add U of Pacific to the Head Coach list.

1 year ago

SMU Men’s program has a head coach opening. Don’t believe there’s been an update on that yet.

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