Indiana to Add Former Arizona Assistant Cory Chitwood to Coaching Staff

Soon after we learned that a third Indiana University coach would be departing the program, as Caitlin Hamilton was named the new head coach at Illinois State, the Hoosiers’ staff is reloading in a big way.

SwimSwam reported last week that coaching veteran Jonty Skinner is expected to fill the void left by associate head sprint coach Coley Stickels (who is the new head coach at Alabama), and now, head coach Ray Looze is adding former Arizona associate head coach Cory Chitwood, known primarily as a distance coach, to his staff. Indiana assistant sprint coach Kirk Grand also left IU in April, potentially leaving one more assistant spot open.

A 2012 Arizona graduate and swim team captain, Chitwood was an assistant under current Arizona head coach Augie Busch at the University of Virginia and made the move back to Arizona with him in July 2017. At Virginia, the now-30-year-old Chitwood was the primary coach for Olympic medalist Leah Smith during her NCAA career. Smith followed him to Arizona after taking bronze in the 400 free in Rio, and has recently hit her stride in the 800, going a best time at the Richmond Pro Swim Series early in April.

Chitwood, along with Indiana’s Looze and Louisville’s Arthur Albiero, was an assistant to Greg Meehan on the Team USA women’s staff of the 2017 FINA World Championships.

Chitwood and fellow Arizona assistant Beth Botsford, as reported by SwimSwam, parted ways with the program last month. Chitwood’s major Worlds appointment, coupled with his NCAA assistant coaching success, put him in the conversation as a potential candidate for one of the many open NCAA head coaching positions.

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I guess the coaching transfers breaks the tie with NC State?


Please explain

ACC fan

What tie?

Sweetie T

What’s is the tie that your are speaking of with N.C. State make a statement then you should explain yourself or don’t make the statement at all .Or are you just looking to start a discussion that doesn’t exist

I think it’s a stretch joke about transfers and new assistant coaches being evidence of the downfall of both programs.


Sweetie T

Didn’t know that any New coaches at N.C. State caused any down fall in their program looks like they still were they were after two good assistant coaches got head coaching jobs and were replaced by two outstanding new coaches I think I’m right with this at N.C. State Braden





After the turmoil he caused at Arizona, I can’t imagine any parent who does basic research would be comfortable sending their child to swim with Cory.


Working with or for people who are cheating or have cheated on their partner is hardly rare in life. It’s not a great move, but it’s a reflection on him personally not professionally.


It disrupted the team for a year. He was the associate head coach, she was an assistant. That’s a difference of authority and abuse of power. It’s actually a violation of safe sport policy That’s not personal, that’s plain unprofessional. I’m shocked he gets a job. Ruined his marriage, slept with a subordinate, caused massive drama on a team of great young men and women. This is a terrible hire. I’m at a loss.


I’m all for safe sport, but Botsford doesn’t bow down to anyone and has shown plenty of power herself in her coaching career. The situation is certainly inappropriate but both adults are likely equally responsible, though admittedly I don’t know any specifics. She knows swimming and will land somewhere, but I sure hope it’s not back to coaching high school or club.


Exactly you don’t know ANY specifics, so why make a stupid comment?


Not a safesport violation. A U of A employment policy violation for sure (romantic relationship with subordinate without notice to administration so that authority is redelegated).


Sounds like someone hasn’t taken their mandatory USAS Safe Sport education due June 23rd. Good thing you still have a month! To be clear, it is absolutely a Safe Sport violation.


Given what U of A did for him including the coaching staff and fellow swimmers I have one word to sum up what has occured. CLASSLESS

Too quick to judge

Some people are too quick to judge and don’t know the full story. many people that comment negatively on here probably have no room to talk themselves. I think Cory is a class act and has proven himself as a coach at the highest levels. Ray looze is also a class act and hiring Cory will bring great success to an already successful program.


You’re delusional.


A class act to you cheats on his wife with his coworker? You’re a terrible judge of character.

Hoosier Alum

Respect the tradition. Here’s to hoping you have enough grace for being given a second chance that you can keep it professional.


The tradition at IU recently seems to be consistent with this hire. Coaches flowing in an out, an absurd amount of transfers, “if you don’t have the rings don’t talk to me” culture, etc.

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