Arizona Parts Ways with Coaches Cory Chitwood and Beth Botsford

University of Arizona associate head coach Cory Chitwood and assistant coach Beth Botsford are no longer on head coach Augie Busch‘s staff, multiple sources tell SwimSwam.

A 2012 Arizona graduate and swim team captain, Chitwood was an assistant under Busch at the University of Virginia and made the move back to Arizona with him in July 2017. At Virginia, the now-30-year-old Chitwood was the primary coach for Olympic medalist Leah Smith during her NCAA career. Smith followed him to Arizona after taking bronze in the 400 free in Rio, and has recently hit her stride in the 800, going a best time at the Richmond Pro Swim Series early in April. Chitwood, along with Indiana’s Ray Looze and Louisville’s Arthur Albiero, was an assistant to Greg Meehan on the Team USA women’s staff of the 2017 FINA World Championships.

That major appointment, coupled with his NCAA assistant coaching success, would make him a likely candidate for one of the many recently-vacated head coaching positions.

Botsford, also an Arizona alum and a two-time Olympic champion in 1996, was appointed to the coaching staff shortly after Busch was hired, and was the only woman on the six-person staff. She was previously an assistant at the University of Wisconsin. Botsford, 37, swam her NCAA career under longtime Arizona head coach Frank Busch (father of Augie), graduating in 2003, and was inducted into the Arizona Sports Hall of Fame in 2008.

SwimSwam has made multiple attempts to contact the University of Arizona, Chitwood, and Botsford for more information but is yet to receive a response.

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Is it possible he is taking the UNC job??

Samuel Huntington

And what does Leah do? She has been so successful under Cory


In all honesty, is Leah a product of Cory or is Leah just real good. My cat, Salvador may be able to coach Leah to Tokyo.

Samuel Huntington

Well you could say that about any swimmer and coach, right? I always heard that Cory was a good coach, but I could be wrong.


Salvador could not coach any swimmer. Salvador could coach Leah. This I know.

Scott Morgan

I have no doubts. I would only revoke my retirement status to swim with Coach Salvador. I hear he is mercurial but fair. Also, innovate. Cat naps and meat snacks between sets? I’m in!


Swam for Coach Salvador in the 90s. He is a tyrant, but he gets results.

Bad News

Not sure this is the kind of guy they’d want leading the rebuild of their program. I would guess high character would be something they’re seeking in a head coach.

Bad News

Rumor has it that he and Beth had an extra-marital relationship, Cory’s wife left him, the team found out and it has been a distraction all year. Augie fired both.




WHOA! Props for specifics instead of the normal vague responses we hear about.


Whoa there buddy




I wish people would feel less free to share rumors on public forums. If you have credible knowledge and feel compelled to share then more power to you, but labeling it a rumor and spreading it sucks.


This is absolutely true. You get what you deserve.


This isn’t a rumor. This is a fact. He cheated on his wife (Ellyn) with fellow coach, Beth Botsford. It became a huge distraction to the coaching staff and they were both let go in result.


Yikes @ the objectification of women in this post. Actually yikes @ this whole comment section.


This from a guy who accepted a free ride to UofA ($100,000.00) Shows no regard or respect for his school, it’s coaches and teammates.


(obviously a very sad situation for ellyn/their families but) this is the kind of swimming gossip I log on to swimswam to see


What did father used to say, everything before the word but is horse sh*t


WHOAH. Wonder if that has anything to do with Leah Smith spending large portions of this year training away from Arizona.


Well, whatever it may be that happened, looks like Augie Busch had to make a really hard decision here — one that will probably be best for the team in the long run. Props to him for that. It will be interesting to see who they land as new assistant coaches. Pretty big named school, so I imagine the openings are drawing some solid coaching talent.


Actually, it appears the decision was made for Augie. AD got wind of the situation.


Looks like the Arizona AD got duped by daddy just like the Virginia and TCU AD’s did. Busch light and baby bro have been a dumpster fire as the head coach,no matter where they go.


He was forced to make the decision by the AD

Joe schmoe

Makes it worse. Busch light does not have the integrity or moral backing to make a decision like this on his own. Apple doesnt fall far from the tree, in this case, apples.

Joel Lin

But honestly, if this account of it is accurate isn’t this the most Augie Busch thing ever? I will never stop wondering how on earth Craig Littlepage got conned into thinking Augie was a good egg for UVa. It only took a week or two to evidence out that Augie didn’t have the character or integrity needed to meet the responsibilities on and off the pool deck,


AD, staff, team, HR has known for several months. This was Augie’s decision to not renew.


And how do you know this? Are you on the staff? Work in HR?


no one will ever give up their sources.


Alumni benefactor who plays golf with the president and AD brought the matter to their attention…


Not judging anyone for anything, but if two coaches are fired for this, how in the world is their basketball coach still employed?


Money sports vs non money sports. Hard to fire a coach who you’re paying millions


Cory did not have an affair, he didn’t start seeing Beth until he filed for divorce. He left his wife because she was not easy to live with, Also he was NOT let go from Arizona, he resigned. People really need to know both sides of the story, it baffles me how much the story is twisted. Cory is an incredible coach and has much integrity, I am curious to see how well Arizona does without him.

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