The Official SwimSwam Rio 2016 Olympics Preview Schedule

2016 Rio Olympic Games

  • Friday, August 5 – Thursday, August 21, 2016
  • Swimming: Saturday, August 6 – Saturday, August 13, 2016
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • NBC Olympics homepage

We are within a month of the opening ceremonies for the 2016 Rio Olympics, which means it’s that time again to start our event-by-event previews of all the swimming action to come – our run of previews for pool swimming will include all 32 events, including the 3 relay races for each gender.

Bookmark this page to stay on top of all our event previews, which we’ll link below. We’ll also keep a running chart of our medal predictions in each race.

Preview Schedule

Week 1 (July 10-16)

Week 2 (July 17-23)

Week 3 (July 24-30)

Week 4 (July 31-August 5)

Event Previews

Women Men
50 Free 50 Free
100 Free 100 Free
200 Free 200 Free
400 Free 400 Free
800 Free 1500 Free
100 Back 100 Back
200 Back 200 Back
100 Breast 100 Breast
200 Breast 200 Breast
100 Fly 100 Fly
200 Fly 200 Fly
200 IM 200 IM
400 IM 400 IM
4×100 Free Relay 4×100 Free Relay
4×200 Free Relay 4×200 Free Relay
4×100 Medley Relay 4×100 Medley Relay

Medalist Predictions


Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 Free Cate Campbell Sarah Sjöström Bronte Campbell
100 Free Cate Campbell Bronte Campbell Sarah Sjostrom
200 Free Katie Ledecky Sarah Sjostrom Federica Pellegrini
400 Free Katie Ledecky Leah Smith Boglarka Kapas
800 Free Katie Ledecky Jessica Ashwood Lauren Boyle
100 Back Emily Seebohm Mie Nielsen Katinka Hosszu
200 Back Emily Seebohm Katinka Hosszu Belinda Hocking
100 Breast Ruta Meilutyte Lilly King Alia Atkinson*
200 Breast Rie Kaneto Viktoria Gunes Rikke Moller Pedersen
100 Fly Sarah Sjöström Dana Vollmer Kelsi Worrell
200 Fly Natsumi Hoshi Mireia Belmonte Madeline Groves
200 IM Katinka Hosszu Siobhan-Marie O’Connor Maya DiRado
400 IM Katinka Hosszu Maya DiRado Mireia Belmonte
4×100 Free Relay Australia  USA Netherlands
4×200 Free Relay USA Australia Sweden
4×100 Medley Relay Australia USA China

*Atkinson replaced Yulia Efimova in our predictions after Efimova’s nomination to the Olympics was withdrawn by the Russian Olympic Committee


Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 Free Florent Manaudou Nathan Adrian Vladimir Morozov
100 Free Cameron McEvoy Nathan Adrian Ning Zetao
200 Free Sun Yang James Guy Conor Dwyer
400 Free Sun Yang Mack Horton James Guy
1500 Free Gregorio Paltrinieri Sun Yang Mack Horton
100 Back Ryan Murphy Mitch Larkin David Plummer
200 Back Mitch Larkin Ryan Murphy Evgeny Rylov
100 Breast Adam Peaty Cameron van der Burgh Kevin Cordes
200 Breast Marco Koch Daniel Gyurta Kevin Cordes
100 Fly Michael Phelps Chad le Clos Joseph Schooling
200 Fly Chad le Clos Michael Phelps Laszlo Cseh
200 IM Michael Phelps Kosuke Hagino Ryan Lochte
400 IM Kosuke Hagino Daiya Seto Chase Kalisz
4×100 Free Relay  Australia  USA  France
4×200 Free Relay USA Australia Great Britain
4×100 Medley Relay USA Australia Great Britain

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Cameron McEvoy
Cate Campbell
Katie Ledecky
Katinka Hosszu
Michael Phelps
Sarah Sjöström
Sun Yang
Are al names in this story, so I’m assuming their in for some medals according to SwimSwam

Steve Nolan

They seem like good picks.

Depending on how you look at it, Phelps could be viewed as the least-likely to win a gold medal of that group.


Says who?


About Phelps I wonder if apart from the 100 fly(possible) and the 4×100 medley(probable) if he’s actually a real contender for gold in his other two races?


My picks for Olympics (could change) Men: 50 free: 1. Florent Manaudou 2. Nathan Adrian 3. Cameron McEvoy 100 free: 1. Cameron McEvoy 2. Nathan Adrian 3. Florent Manaudou 200 free: 1. Sun Yang 2. James Guy 3. Cameron McEvoy 400 free: 1. Sun Yang 2. Mack Horton 3. Connor Jaeger 1500 free: 1. Gregorio Paltrinieri 2. Mack Horton 3. Connor Jaeger 100 back: 1. Ryan Murphy 2. David Plummer 3. Mitch Larkin 200 back: 1. Ryan Murphy 2. Mitch Larkin 3. Jacob Pebley 100 breast: 1. Adam Peaty 2. Kevin Cordes 3. Ross Murdoch 200 breat: 1. Marco Koch 2. Josh Prenot 3. Kevin Cordes 100 fly: 1. Michael Phelps 2. Laszlo Csech 3. Chad Le Clos 200 fly:… Read more »


Manadou won’t swim 100 free. And jpn on medley women???


US in front of AUS in IM relay (Women’s) Hmmmm….Aus 2nd China 3rd in 4 x 2 (Women’s) double hmmm
No real surprises in the individual events….Can’t remember an Olympics that happened. So i’m expecting someone to come out of the clouds and win at least 1 gold,
Oh yeah…Murphy over Larkin in 200m Back…….we’ll see….hmmmm


So what are your picks for surprises?


France third in the mens 4x200m Free Relay? Don’t think so. Japan and Great Britain seem to be much better, Germany too. Only chance for France would be, if Agnel can dip sub 1:45.

Australia and China are imo clearly stronger than Japan and Brazil in the Men’s IM relay.
At least i’m sure Australia will medal, though the US are invincible.


Clutch.. just to put up the top 4 time of Trials for the Medley Relay (Except US)
Australia: 3:30.86
China: 3.31.82
Russia: 3:32.31
Brazil: 3:32:49
So while Australia is stronger and JPN is weaker (add up 3:33:3), I don´t think China is so far ahead, and we have to considerd China has Wang who might not swim due to do Doping and there is also some comments Ning won´t come to Rio too..

bobo gigi

Damiansport1, I like most of your predictions (I know that I’m the only one who mentions Lacourt 🙂 ) but I really don’t see how the women’s Australian medley relay can finish only third with 2 killer legs like Seebohm on back and CC on freestyle. Add 2 very decent breast and fly legs with Bohl and McKeon and you have a golden relay in my opinion. The only way USA can beat them is if Smoliga or Baker touch with Seebohm and then King/Worrell or Vollmer make a big difference of at least 1.5s. It’s unlikely to happen. In 2012 USA had 3 dominant stars on back, breast and fly and 4 individual olympic champions overall in the team.… Read more »

bobo gigi

And remove Manaudou. No 100 free for him in Rio. French qualifiers are Stravius and Mignon in that event.


So now i have Stravius in 3rd


filet mignon?


thanks ;p yeah i know, my relay predictions could be wrong, i didnt think much about them. didnt have time ;p

Myth Destroyer

Don’t just criticize, make your own prediction 🙂


This made total sense when you wrote it… Who would have thought that the Australians would pretty much fold for the 2nd Olympics in a row? And honestly, Denmark winning the bronze in the medley was almost unpredictable before the meet started.


Bold move putting Pebley ahead of Kowecki and Rylov… I don’t hate it, though.


Sun yang is still a gold medal contender for the 1500. Putting jaeger on that list above sun yang is crazy


It sort of seemed like it, didn’t it?


My picks: Men: 50 free: 1. Florent Manaudou 2. Nathan Adrian 3. Cameron McEvoy 100 free: 1. Cameron McEvoy 2. Nathan Adrian 3. Zetao Ning* 200 free: 1. Sun Yang* 2. James Guy 3. Cameron McEvoy 400 free: 1. Mack Horton 2. Sun Yang* 3. Connor Jaeger 1500 free: 1. Gregorio Paltrinieri 2. Sun Yang* 3. Mack Horton 100 back: 1. Ryan Murphy 2. David Plummer 3. Mitch Larkin 200 back: 1. Mitch Larkin 2. Ryan Murphy 3. Evgeny Rylov 100 breast: 1. Adam Peaty 2. Cameron van dur Burgh 3. Kevin Cordes 200 breast: 1. Marco Koch 2. Josh Prenot 3. Daniel Gyurta 100 fly: 1. Michael Phelps 2. Laszlo Cseh 3. Chad Le Clos 200 fly: 1. Laszlo… Read more »


Hating definitely doesn’t beat phelps in the 200im


I’m British but I think GBR will struggle to make the men’s 4×200 freestyle final because of the ridiculous decision to pick 3 relay only swimmers (Kurle, Lloyd, Wallace) who have to swim in the event (otherwise the team is DQ’d), so will presumably swim in the prelims with either Renwick or Scott. Their positions and times from the British trials in April will not cut it. 5. Cameron Kurle 1:47.82 6. Ieuan Lloyd 1:48.23 7. Daniel Wallace 1:48.50 Guy was 1st at trials and is swimming the 400 and 200 free, so makes sense for him not to swim prelims. Milne was 2nd at trials and is swimming the 400 and 1500 free, so again makes sense for him… Read more »


Lloyd & Wallace will not be relay only picks – They’ll swim IM. Kurle will be the only relay only pick.


No relay only swimmers apart from Robbie
Have some belief it’s a young team and a very talented team


Seebohm both backs and Australia the 4×100 women’s medley.
So 9 Aus 8 USA.

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