2017 FINA World Championships: Day 7 Prelims Live Recap


Saturday marks day 7 of the 2017 FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary and swimming fans will get to see the heats of 5 events during this morning’s preliminary session. Swimmers are gearing up to compete in the women’s 50 free, men’s 50 back, women’s 50 breast, mixed 4×100 free relay, and men’s 1500 free.

The women’s 50 free will feature another battle between sprint stars Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) and Simone Manuel (USA), as they’ll swim next to each other in heat 10. Lilly King (USA) and Yuliya Efimova (RUS) will headline the 50 breast, with World Record holder Ruta Meilutyte (LTU) will also be in the mix. In the men’s 50 back, Camille Lacourt will compete in the final prelims session of his career. Lacourt is seeking a 3-peat in this race and will chase the World Record one last time in Budapest.

For a full preview of this morning’s events, click here.


  • World Record: Britta Steffen, 23.73, 2009
  • Championship Record: Britta Steffen, 23.73, 2009
  • Junior World Record: Rikako Ikee, 24.48, 2017

TOP 16:

  1. Sarah Sjostrom, SWE, 24.08
  2. Pernille Blume, DEN, 24.32
  3. Ranomi Kromowidjojo, NED, 24.53
  4. Simone Manuel, USA, 24.54
  5. Bronte Campbell, AUS, 24.61
  6. Michelle Toro, CAN, 24.64
  7. Zhu Menghui, CHN, 24.65
  8. Anna Santamans, FRA, 24.71
  9. (T-9) Farida Osman, EGY, 24.77
  10. (T-9) Liu Xang, CHN, 24.77
  11. Aliaksandra Herasimenia, BLR, 24.82
  12. Shayna Jack, AUS, 24.85
  13. Abbey Weitzeil, USA, 24.92
  14. Tamara Van Vilet, NED, 24.94
  15. Sandrine Mainville, CAN, 24.99
  16. Rikako Ikee, JPN, 25.04

Sarah Sjostrom shot off the block to give herself a clear lead over the field in the final heat, nearly breaking 24 seconds in prelims with her leading time of 24.08. That gave her about a half second over Simone Manuel, who touched out Sjostrom in last night’s 100 free final, as the American touched in 24.54 for 2nd in that heat. Olympic champ Pernille Blume won heat 8 with a 24.32 to take 2nd seed overall, followed by heat 9 winner Ranomi Kromowidjojo (24.53).

Farida Osman continued to impress here with a new African Record and Egyptian Record in the heats. Her new best time of 24.77 landed her safely into the semifinals in a tie for 9th and shaved just over a tenth off her former record, which stood as a 24.91 from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Olympic finalist Etiene Medeiros of Brazil will miss out on the final after touching in 25.26 for 21st this morning. France’s Melanie Henique, who will swim in tonight’s 50 fly final, was a no show in heat 9.


  • World Record: Liam Tancock, 24.04, 2009
  • Championship Record: Liam Tancock, 24.04, 2009
  • Junior World Record: Kliment Kolesnikov, 24.94, 2016

TOP 16:

  1. Junya Koga, JPN, 24.54
  2. Camille Lacourt, FRA, 24.58
  3. (T-3) Xu Jiayu, CHN, 24.78
  4. (T-3) Matt Grevers, USA, 24.78
  5. Jeremy Stravius, FRA, 24.80
  6. (T-6) Justin Ress, USA, 24.86
  7. (T-6) Jonatan Kopelev, ISR, 24.86
  8. Grigory Tarasevich, RUS, 24.88
  9. Richard Bohus, HUN, 24.93
  10. Pavel Sankovich, BLR, 24.94
  11. Apostolos Christou, GRE, 24.99
  12. (T-12) Youngjun Won, KOR, 25.10
  13. (T-12) Tomasz Polewka, POL, 25.10
  14. Guilherme Guido, BRA, 25.13
  15. Javier Acevedo, CAN, 25.16
  16. Siman Sudartawa, INA, 25.17

France’s Camille Lacourt swam the final prelims race of his career this morning, turning in a 24.58 in the 50 back heats. It was Junya Koga, however, who took the lead heading into semis, touching just a hundredth shy of his season best with a 24.54 to win heat 5 ahead of 100 back world champ Xu Jiayu (24.78).

Justin Ress remains the fastest man in the world this year with his 24.41 from nationals. He was safely into the semifinals with a 24.86 this morning, but came up just short of teammate Matt Grevers in heat 7 as Grevers used his long arm to reach in for a heat-winning 24.78.


TOP 16:

  1. Lilly King, USA, 29.76
  2. Yuliya Efimova, RUS, 29.99
  3. Arianna Castiglioni, ITA, 30.33
  4. Katie Meili, USA, 30.37
  5. Jennie Johansson, SWE, 30.40
  6. Ruta Meilutyte, LTU, 30.58
  7. Jessica Hansen, AUS, 30.59
  8. Sarah Vasey, GBR, 30.71
  9. Natalia Ivaneeva, RUS, 30.81
  10. Jenna Laukkanen, FIN, 30.82
  11. Hilda Luthersdottir, ISL, 30.88
  12. Veera Kivirinta, FIN, 30.89
  13. Martina Carraro, ITA, 30.92
  14. Satomi Suzuki, JPN, 30.95
  15. Rachel Nicol, CAN, 31.02
  16. Suo Ran, CHN, 31.22

Yuliya Efimova was the first to break 30 seconds this morning with her 29.99 in heat 5, but breaststroke rival Lilly King was waiting in the wings for heat 6. King answered back with a 29.76, marking the 2nd fastest American performance in history and touching just a tenth shy of her own American Record. Efimova was also just a tenth shy of her season best, which stands at a 29.88 from the Russian Championships.

Both women will be chasing the World Record of 29.46 in the semis and finals of this race. Current World Record holder Ruta Meilutyte will also be in the mix after putting up a 30.58 for 6th. Katie Meili, who took silver in the 100 breast, is another one to look out for as she’s seeded 4th for the final in 30.37.


  • World Record: USA, 3:23.05, 2015
  • Championship Record: USA, 3:23.05, 2015
  • Junior World Record: CAN, 3:27.71, 2015

TOP 8:

  1. NED- 3:23.89
  2. USA- 3:23.93
  3. CAN- 3:25.07
  4. HUN- 3:25.45
  5. ITA- 3:25.71
  6. JPN- 3:26.91
  7. RUS- 3:26.94
  8. AUS- 3:27.49

The Netherlands and Team USA both put the World Record on notice, coming within a second of the mark this morning. The Americans won heat 1 by a landslide with Blake Pieroni leading off in 48.23 and handing off to Townley Haas (48.32), Lia Neal (53.98), and Kelsi Worrell (53.40) for a compbined time of 3:23.93. In heat 3, the Netherlands clipped their time by hundredths. Ben Schwietert led the way in 48.97, while teammates Kyle Stolk (48.06), Femke Heemskerk (52.77), and Maud Van Der Meer (54.09) finished the job.

Japan finished 2nd to Italy in heat 2 with a new Asian Record in the process. They got their leadoff split from Katsuhiro Matsumoto in 49.42, followed by Katsumi Nakamura (47.98), Tomomi Aoki (54.86), and Chihiro Igarashi (54.65) for a new record time of 3:26.91.


  • World Record: Sun Yang, 14:31.02, 2012
  • Championship Record: Sun Yang, 14:34.14, 2011
  • Junior World Record: Mack Horton, 14:48.76, 2014

TOP 8:

  1. Mykhailo Romanchuk, UKR, 14:44.11
  2. Gregorio Paltrinieri, ITA, 14:44.31
  3. Gabriele Detti, ITA, 14:50.10
  4. Jan Micka, CZE, 14:55.47
  5. Wojciech Wojdak, POL, 14:57.39
  6. Henrik Christiansen, NOR, 14:57.41
  7. Mack Horton, AUS, 14:59.24
  8. Sergii Frolov, UKR, 14:59.32

Italy’s Gabriele Detti (14:50.10) flipped the script on teammate Gregorio Paltrinieri (14:44.31) in the 800 free earlier in the meet when he took gold and Paltrinieri settled for bronze. They’ll have there rematch tomorrow night in the 1500 free, an event in which Paltrinieri is the reigning Olympic champion and Detti is the reigning Olympic bronze medalist. The biggest obstacles the Italians face as they race for a 1-2 finish are most likely top seed Mykhailo Romanchuk (14:44.11) and 800 free silver medalist Wojciech Wojdak (14:57.39).

It was a tight squeeze to get into the last couple of spots for the final, as 4 men were in the 14:59-range. Australia’s Mack Horton (14:59.24) and the Ukraine’s Sergii Frolov (14:59.32) made the cut, but that left Korean Olympic medalist Park Tae Hwan on the outside looking in with a 14:59.44 for 9th.

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5 years ago

I’m my own opinion, this seemed like a pretty anticlimactic prelims session. All of these times are insanely fast, but compared to other mornings, they are slightly lackluster. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but I’m positive that come semifinals and finals, we will see some fast swims. We have been spoiled to watch such insane swims!

crooked donald
5 years ago

Geez, Park Tae-hwan had a rough meet. Surprising, considering how well he did at SCM Worlds in December. His sensational 1500-100 double at that meet seems like a remote memory.

5 years ago

FYI, Arianna Castiglioni broke the national record in the 50 breast preliminary heats.

5 years ago

Haas’s split was 47.92 this morning if i am not wrong

5 years ago


Reply to  Zanna
5 years ago

i saw that my own calculation came out wrong .

5 years ago

Why is there a dislike and like system on swim swam? He was wrong but you don’t have to dislike him for that! Why do I live on this planet anymore?

5 years ago

Romanchuk win in the last heat : 14.44.11 . Paltrinieri second just behind . Detti third

5 years ago

The Ukrainian is my favorite for win ….Great talent

5 years ago

i hope he is confident enough to get into top 3, usually our swimmers have a problem of replicating prelims/semis time in the final.

5 years ago

If not mistaken Sweester and Finke added time from trials.

Reply to  Zanna
5 years ago

What were their times?

Reply to  Anonymous
5 years ago

Sweetser 15.07.38
Finke 15.15.15

Reply to  Anonymous
5 years ago

15.07 sweester 15.15 finke

Reply to  Zanna
5 years ago

Why dislike this? Wow, who’s trolling?

Reply to  Zanna
5 years ago

Finke was apparently sick, running a 102 fever 5 days ago and dropped 5 pounds according to a Florida Swimming tweet:

Florida Swimming LSC‏ 

Robert Finke finally back in the water. Two days of 102+ fever and 5 pounds lighter. Finally back in the water.
11:22 AM – 24 Jul 2017

5 years ago

Who qualified fastest from heat 3? No access to times.

Reply to  Robbos
5 years ago

Wodjak 14.57.39

Reply to  Zanna
5 years ago

Thanks What did Horton do?

Reply to  Robbos
5 years ago

Horton 14.59.24

Reply to  Zanna
5 years ago

Thanks again.

Reply to  Robbos
5 years ago

Said he went out slow, built, wanted to finish top 2, pretty easy. We’ll see..

Reply to  Oceanian
5 years ago

Mr Plod just snuck through (7th fastest). Will be in lane 1. When will he ever learn ?? If you’re in anything other than the final heat, you cannot know what time will get your through so you cannot play games

No doubt he and his coach will/would cry blue murder but he needs to be dragged out of his little domestic comfort zone far more often and made to race far more often than he has/does.

Reply to  commonwombat
5 years ago

Exactly, he only made final by .2 of a second.

Reply to  Zanna
5 years ago


Reply to  harry
5 years ago


Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Robbos
5 years ago

All finalists are under 15:00. Has this ever happened before at a major international meet?

5 years ago

Why are Europeans so good at long distance or open water.

Reply to  Zanna
5 years ago

A troll would say that European athletes like to work harder than everyone else. Or maybe it’s Lily King

Benedict Arnold
Reply to  Zanna
5 years ago

The English Channel

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