2023 U.S. Open Championships – Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


Day 3 prelims at the 2023 U.S. Open will consist of five events: the 400 IM, 100 butterfly, 200 freestyle, 100 breaststroke, and 100 backstroke.

In the 100 fly for women, American Record holder Torri Huske is the top seeded entry into the event. Huske had a great start to meet yesterday, where she posted best times in both the 200 IM and 50 free in the span of 25 minutes. Gretchen Walsh (56.34) and Claire Curzan (56.61) will also contest the event, while Kate Douglass scratched it in favor of the 100 breast.

World record holder Summer McIntosh will headline the 400 IM field in Greensboro, after breaking the U.S. Open meet record in the 400 free yesterday. Regan Smith is also entered in the event, as this is a new addition to her typical line-up. Smith will swim in heat 3, seeded with a time of 4:51.00.

100 back World Champion from Fukuoka, Ryan Murphy, is seeded 1st in the 100 back with a time of 52.02. His training partner and World Championship bronze medalist Hunter Armstrong will also highlight the field this morning.

Regan Smith (400 IM/100 back), Carson Foster (400 IM/200 free), and Shaine Casas (100 fly/100 back) are all set to swim doubles this morning. Last night, Casas posted a U.S. open meet record in the B-final of the 200 IM (1:56.06).

Watch the live stream here, courtesy of USA Swimming:


Top 8:

  1. Summer McIntosh (SYS) – 4:41.95
  2. Emma Weyant (FLOR) – 4:43.11
  3. Regan Smith (SUN) – 4:43.93
  4. Anastasia Gorbenko (UN-US) – 4:44.44
  5. Ella Jansen (CAN) – 4:48.61
  6. Lilla Bognar (TG) – 4:49.27
  7. Tess Cieplucha (TNAQ) – 4:49.29
  8. Bailey Andison (TQ) – 4:49.43

Swimming out of heat 3, Regan Smith posted a best time of 4:43.93. Smith took the race out strong, splitting 1:01.39 on the butterfly leg and turning at the 200 in 2:12.27. Smith is scheduled to contest the 100 backstroke later in the session, an event where she holds the American record.

Florida’s Emma Weyant then posted a time of 4:43.11 in the following heat, taking over the top spot with one heat to go.

Summer McIntosh recorded a 4:41.95 to take over the top qualifying time in the final heat. McIntosh owns the world (4:25.87) and U.S. Open (4:28.61) records in this event. McIntosh won the 400 free last night, posting a time faster than she swam in the Fukuoka World Championship final.

Canada’s Ella Jansen, who was the silver medalist in this event at the World Junior Championships in September, posted a time of 4:48.61 to qualify 5th. Anastasia Gorbenko, who is currently training with Tom Rushton, touched a few seconds ahead to claim the 3rd seed (4:44.44). Gorbenko owns a lifetime best of 4:40.76 from the Mare Nostrum series last May.


  • World Record: 4:02.50 – Leon Marchand (2023)
  • American Record: 4:03.84 – Michael Phelps (2008)
  • U.S. Open Meet Record: 4:10.09 – Chase Kalisz (2022)
  • U.S. Open Record: 4:05.25 – Michael Phelps (2008)

Top 8:

  1. Carson Foster (RAYS) – 4:18.35
  2. Chase Kalisz (SUN) – 4:18.54
  3. Jay Litherland (SUN) – 4:18.87
  4. Tristan Jankovics (OSU) – 4:19.08
  5. Tommy Bried (UOFL) – 4:19.74
  6. Lorne Wigginton (CAN) – 4:20.37
  7. Baylor Nelson (TAMU) – 4:20.51
  8. Brandon Miller (UTAH) – 4:21.70

ASU’s Chase Kalisz and Jay Litherland went 1-2 in the penultimate heat. Kalisz touched in a time of 4:18.54 while Litherland stopped the clock a few tenths back in 4:18.87. Kalisz was the U.S. Open champion in this event a year ago, breaking the meet record en route to his 4:10.09 victory. Litherland recently won the gold medal in this event at the Pan American Games, posting a 4:15.44 to win by nearly 2 seconds.

Texas pro Carson Foster took the win in the final heat (4:18.35), narrowly overtaking the time posted by Kalisz in the previous one. Foster will advance to tonight’s A-final as the top seed, and he is scheduled to take on the 200 free in about 20 minutes as well.

A pair of NCAA-athletes took the 4th and 5th seeds, with Tristan Jankovics of OSU (4:19.08) and Tommy Bried of Louisville (4:19.74) advancing to the A-final later this evening.

Canadian Lorne Wigginton qualified 6th for tonight’s championship final (4:20.37). Wigginton was the bronze medalist at World Juniors this past September, recording a best time of 4:12.81 in that final.

Baylor Nelson (4:20.51) and Brandon Miller (4:21.70) round out the top-8 swimmers for tonight’s championship final. Nelson is coming off a great year in the pool, as he helped Team USA to a silver medal in the 4×200 freestyle relay this past summer in Fukuoka.


  • World Record: 55.48 – Sarah Sjostrom (2016)
  • American Record: 55.64 – Torri Huske (2022)
  • U.S. Open Meet Record: 56.61 – Claire Curzan (2020)
  • U.S. Open Record: 55.66 – Torri Huske (2021)

Top 8: 

  1. Claire Curzan (TAC) – 57.38
  2. Gretchen Walsh (UVA) – 57.65
  3. Torri Huske (AAC) – 58.10
  4. Katherine Savard (TQ) – 59.23
  5. Lillie Nordmann (UN-PC) – 59.36
  6. Beata Nelson (WISC) – 59.41
  7. Leah Shackley (BRY) – 59.53
  8. Farida Osman (CAL) – 59.76

Two UVA-trained athletes took the top 2 seeds, with Claire Curzan leading the way in a time of 57.38. Curzan won the first circle seeded heat, splitting a strong 26.56 on the first 50 before closing in 30.82. Gretchen Walsh took the penultimate heat, clocking a 57.65. She split the race similarly to Curzan, opening in 26.79 before closing in 30.86. The two Cavaliers will swim side-by-side tonight in lanes 4 and 5.

Torri Huske qualified 3rd for tonight’s final, recording a time of 58.10 en route to winning the final heat. Huske had a great night in Greensboro yesterday, recording two best times: 200 IM (2:09.10) & 50 free (24.41). Her 50 free best time was from nearly 3 years ago, so Huske is rounding into form at the perfect time heading into Trials.

Canadian Katherine Savard (59.23), Stanford’s Lillie Nordmann (59.36), and Wisconsin’s Beata Nelson (59.41) qualified 4th, 5th, and 6th, respectively.

50 butterfly World Junior Champion Leah Shackley qualified 7th for tonight’s A-final, posting a 59.53 to earn lane 1 tonight. Farida Osman, who made the move from Virginia Tech to Cal to train for the Olympics, qualified 8th in 59.76.

Gabi Albiero of Louisville placed 9th this morning in a time of 59.78. Albiero is reportedly battling a minor illness at this meet, which would provide context as to why she srcatched the 50 free yesterday. She recently won the 2023 Pan American Games gold medal in the 50 free.


Top 8: 

  1. Josh Liendo (FLOR) – 51.71
  2. Ilya Kharun (UN-AZ) – 51.75
  3. Caeleb Dressel (GSC) – 51.83
  4. Hubert Kos (UN-AZ) – 51.86
  5. Santo Condorelli (UN-NT) & Trenton Julian (MVN) – 51.90
  6. N/A
  7. Aiden Hayes (NCS) & Zach Harting (CARD) – 52.20
  8. N/A

Josh Liendo of Florida will advance to tonight’s A-final as the top seed, as he recorded a time of 51.71 to win the final heat. Caeleb Dressel finished 2nd in the same heat (51.83), advancing 3rd overall to tonight’s final. Dressel notably split 26.86 on the second 50, showcasing his rejuvenated closing speed.

A pair of ASU undergraduates, Ilya Kharun (51.75) and Hubert Kos (51.86), will advance in 2nd and 4th.

Santo Condorelli posted a time of 51.90 to take the 5th seed, just off his best time of 51.62 from 2021. Condorelli posted a time of 21.99 in the 50 freestyle yesterday to just miss his best (21.83) from Rio 2016.

For the second straight day, Shaine Casas placed 9th and missed the A-Final in one of his best events. Casas recorded a time of 52.24 (24.12/28.12) to place 2nd in heat 9. Watch for Casas in tonight’s B-Final, as yesterday he posted a U.S. open meet record in the B-final of the 200 IM (1:56.06).

Of note, Michael Andrew placed 14th this morning with a time of 52.99. Andrew has been as fast as 51.66 this season at the World Cup circuit in October.


  • World Record: 1:52.85 – Mollie O’Callaghan (2023)
  • American Record: 1:53.61 – Allison Schmitt (2012)
  • U.S. Open Meet Record: 1:55.47 – Katie Ledecky (2021)
  • U.S. Open Record: 1:54.13 – Summer McIntosh (2023)

Top 8:

  1. Katie Ledecky (GSC) – 1:56.75
  2. Anna Peplowski (IU) – 1:58.33
  3. Siobhan Haughey (HKG) – 1:58.54
  4. Minna Abraham (UN-CA) – 1:58.71
  5. Erin Gemmell (TEX) – 1:58.77
  6. Leah Smith (TXLA) – 1:58.90
  7. Simone Manuel (SUN) – 1:58.96
  8. Mary Sophie-Harvey (TQ) – 1:59.00

Katie Ledecky posted a 1:56.75 to claim the top seed in the 200 freestyle. The time by Ledecky is just 0.01 shy of the time she went to win the final last year (1:56.74), and nearly a full second quicker than she was in last year’s preliminaries (1:57.70). Ledecky placed 2nd in the 400 freestyle yesterday, clocking 4:02.38 in the process.

Fukuoka World Championship silver medalists Anna Peplowski (1:58.33) and Siobhan Haughey (1:58.54) qualified 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

USC freshman Minna Abraham also had a good swim this morning, clocking a time of 1:58.71 to qualify 4th. She owns a lifetime best of 1:58.23 from 2022 Junior Worlds.

Simone Manuel had a particularly promising swim out of heat 6, where she placed 2nd in a time of 1:58.96. The swim by Manuel advances her to the A-final in 7th place, and her 29.70 closing 50 was the fastest of the top 8 qualifiers.


  • World Record: 1:42.00 – Paul Biedermann (2009)
  • American Record: 1:42.96 – Michael Phelps (2008)
  • U.S. Open Meet Record: 1:45.92 – Townley Haas (2019)
  • U.S. Open Record: 1:44.10 – Michael Phelps (2008)

Top 8: 

  1. Henry McFadden (UN-PC) – 1:47.31
  2. Drew Kibler (SUN) – 1:47.35
  3. Luca Urlando (DART) – 1:47.55
  4. Denis Loktev (UOFL) – 1:47.78
  5. Grant House (SUN) – 1:47.91
  6. Kieran Smith (RAC) – 1:48.11
  7. Rafael Miroslaw (IU) & Patrick Sammon (UN-AZ) – 1:48.23

Henry McFadden will be the top seed for the 200 freestyle final tonight, posting a 1:47.31 to top Drew Kibler by just 0.04 this morning. Kibler recorded a massive 400 free best time of 3:47.58 last night, so look out for him in lane 5 tonight.

Luca Urlando posted a 1:47.55 to secure lane 3 later this evening. Urlando had a big swim in the 400 freestyle final last night, touching the wall in a personal best time of 3:49.26. That swim undercut his entry time of 3:50.97.

Luke Hobson, the defending National Champion in the event, missed tonight’s A-final. Hobson recorded a time of 1:50.59 to place 6th in heat 12.


  • World Record: 1:04.13 – Lilly King (2017)
  • American Record: 1:04.13 – Lilly King (2017)
  • U.S. Open Meet Record: 1:04.45 – Jessica Hardy (2009)
  • U.S. Open Record: 1:04.45 – Jessica Hardy (2009)

Top 8: 

  1. Lydia Jacoby (STSC) – 1:07.02
  2. Katryna Teterevkova (LTU) – 1:07.42
  3. Kate Douglass (NYAC) – 1:07.52
  4. Skyler Smith (UNC) – 1:08.26
  5. Siobhan Haughey (HKG) – 1:08.38
  6. Anna Elendt (TEX) – 1:08.43
  7. Hannah Bach (OSU) – 1:08.54
  8. Rachel Bernhardt (TEAM) – 1:08.55

After clocking a time of 1:06.91 to win the final heat, Lilly King was disqualified for incorporating a downward dolphin kick into her swim.

Lydia Jacoby will advance through to tonight’s final with the fastest qualifying time (1:07.02), with Katryna Teterevkova (1:07.42) and Kate Douglass (1:07.52) advancing 2nd and 3rd.

Siobhan Haughey completed her morning double by qualifying 5th for tonight’s final (1:08.38). Haughey qualified for the 200 free final (1:58.54) earlier in the session.


  • World Record: 56.88 – Adam Peaty (2019)
  • American Record: 58.14 – Michael Andrew (2021)
  • U.S. Open Meet Record: 59.28 – Andrew Wilson (2019)
  • U.S. Open Record: 58.14 – Michael Andrew (2021)

Top 8: 

  1. Josh Matheny (IU) & Michael Andrew (MASA) – 1:00.18
  2. N/A
  3. Denis Petrashov (UOFL) – 1:00.22
  4. Noah Nichols (UVA) – 1:00.27
  5. Cody Miller (SAND) – 1:00.28
  6. Mitch Mason (LSU) – 1:00.51
  7. Nic Fink (DM) – 1:00.81
  8. Matthew Fallon (UPN) – 1:01.10

IU’s Josh Matheny took the first circle seeded heat, finishing in a time of 1:00.18. His teammate, Olympic Gold Medalist Cody Miller, touched a tenth behind in 1:00.28. Matthew Fallon was 3rd in the heat, clocking 1:01.10 to book his ticket to the A-Final.

Winning the penultimate heat was Michael Andrew, who hit the touchpad in a winning time of 1:00.18. The time by Andrew equaled the winning time from Matheny in the previous heat. Louisville’s Denis Petrashov finished just a touch behind, clocking 1:00.22 to secure his spot in tonight’s championship final.

Noah Nichols took the win in the final heat, posting a time of 1:00.27. LSU’s Mitch Mason finished in 1:00.51 to grab 2nd. Nic Fink, who recently moved to train at SMU in the lead-up to the 2024 Olympic Trials, finished 3rd in the heat (1:00.81).

There were five DQs this morning, all for incorporating a downward dolphin kick into the swim component of the race. A similar situation unfolded at the World Championship Trials in June.


  • World Record: 57.33 – Kaylee McKeown (2023)
  • American Record: 57.57 – Regan Smith (2019)
  • U.S. Open Meet Record: 57.95 – Regan Smith (2022)
  • U.S. Open Record: 57.76 – Regan Smith (2022)

Top 8: 

  1. Regan Smith (SUN) – 58.47
  2. Katharine Berkoff (NCS) – 58.93
  3. Claire Curzan (TAC) – 59.67
  4. Olivia Smoliga (SUN) – 59.77
  5. Kennedy Noble (NCS) – 1:00.23
  6. Phoebe Bacon (WISC) – 1:00.46
  7. Leah Shackley (BRY) – 1:00.65
  8. Rhyan White (WOLF) – 1:00.67

Claire Curzan took the win in the first of the circle-seeded heats, finishing in a time of 59.67. Phoebe Bacon took 2nd in 1:00.46, while Rhyan White claimed 3rd (1:00.67).

Winning the penultimate heat out of lane 4 was Katharine Berkoff, hitting the wall in a swift time of 58.93. Berkoff owns a best time of 58.01 from the 2023 US World Championship Trials. Wolfpack teammate, Kennedy Noble, touched 2nd in 1:00.23 and future NC State swimmer Leah Shackley finished 3rd (1:00.65).

American record holder Regan Smith took the win in the final heat, clocking a time of 58.47. Smith qualified 3rd for the 400 IM final earlier in the session.


  • World Record: 51.60 – Thomas Ceccon (2022)
  • American Record: 51.85 – Ryan Murphy (2016)
  • U.S. Open Meet Record: 52.51 – Nicholas Thoman (2009)
  • U.S. Open Record: 51.94, Aaron Peirsol (2009)

Top 8: 

  1. Hubert Kos (UN-AZ) – 53.50
  2. Jack Aikins (SA) – 53.86
  3. Vaggelis Makrygiannis (UN-CA) – 54.02
  4. Ryan Murphy (CAL) – 54.15
  5. Daniel Diehl (CUY) – 54.46
  6. Justin Ress (MVN) – 54.49
  7. Hunter Armstrong (NYAC) – 54.72
  8. Kai Van Westering (IU) – 54.80

2023 200 backstroke world champ Hubert Kos took the top seed in the 100 back, posting a time of 53.50. That swim checks-in just short of his 53.11 best time from Fukuoka. Jack Aikins, who is taking a redshirt year in hopes to qualify for the Paris Games, qualified 2nd with a time of 53.86. Aikins recently won the gold medal in the 200 backstroke at the 2023 Pan American Games.

Fukuoka gold medalist Ryan Murphy slides into the A-Final ranked 4th, while teammate and former 50 backstroke WR-holder Hunter Armstrong advanced in 7th.

Vaggelis Makrygiannis had a great prelim swim, clocking a 54.02 to take 0.38 off his entry time of 54.40. Makrygiannis is a senior for the USC Trojans this year.

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2 months ago

Following MA is kind of like following a baseball slugger. You never know if his bat will be hot or cold, if he will go on a hitting streak or into a slump. Wins the 50free last night. Now his 100 fly is off and misses the final but wins the 100BR prelims. Previously his fly was on and his 100 breaststroke was out of form. What is next?

Last edited 2 months ago by Hank
Rumor Confirmer
2 months ago

The rumors are true. Gabi is like deathly sick. I saw her in the warmup pool and she looked ghastly honestly- on the verge of throwing up. She’s a warrior though and is pushing through💪🏼

Reply to  Rumor Confirmer
2 months ago

Sorry, but if you’re that sick do yourself and everyone else a favour and stay home.

Reply to  CanSwimFan
2 months ago

Yep no one else needs their training and races stuffed catching your illness. Go home. It’s not like this meet is that important it’s worth being there that ill.

2 months ago

Why is casas trolling

2 months ago

Casas vs peak 2021 Michael Andrew race every 200m and under event, tapered a big stage. Would would have the winning tally?

Reply to  john26
2 months ago

Casas takes everything besides 50 fr/br/fly and 100 breast/fly easily. His IM breastroke is underrated and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him beat MA in a 2 breast.

Reply to  Noah
2 months ago

Yeah but are you ever going to see MA do an LCM 200 Breast ever again?

Reply to  Pescatarian
2 months ago

I remember him being not too bad in 2 breast in 2021-ish…maybe a 2:11

Reply to  PhillyMark
2 months ago

Tyr Pro Swim Mission Viejo 2:11.32
MA 2021

Chris D
Reply to  Pescatarian
2 months ago

he dies at the end of a 100 now.

2 months ago

I wonder if Casas’ challenges and inconsistencies have to do with his ambition and all or nothing thinking. After hitting PBs and times that rank among the top in history, he tends to looks dissatisfied, unimpressed, et al. He is clearly hungry for something like the WR but I wonder if there is a kind of psychological self-sabotage in reaction to missing what he dreams of and works for? To be clear, I don’t mean to clown him– his swims can be frustrating because he is so talented and truly hope he will be able to put everything together for the big dances at Trials and hopefully Paris.

2 months ago

It might be more simple than that. Make a B final since its early season and who cares about the podium. Get an early feel for the water and execute at night. Maybe he needs to care less to perform better. Obviously, this mindset will get him nowhere when it comes to trials, but for now it could be his approach.

2 months ago

Summer McIntosh being 16 seconds off her world record and cruising to top seed in the 400IM. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone comes within 10 seconds of her in the final.

Reply to  96Swim
2 months ago

Weyant… maybe. But not much less than 10 seconds. It will be a beatdown.

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  96Swim
2 months ago

I’m not surprised Alex Walsh dropped out. Weyant was going to defeat her handily tonight and change the thinking toward #2 in the pecking order behind Grimes

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
2 months ago

So true. Is that why Gretchen didn’t swim the 100 back… because she would be beaten?

Chris D
Reply to  Awsi Dooger
2 months ago

No. Weyent is not the athlete that Alex Walsh is. Maybe she is was in tokyo but Alex could easily have been 4:39-4:42 tonight. Easily.

2 months ago

Wonder if Santo is gonna go PB’s this cycle? If he does he’s a favourite to make the 400 free relay

Reply to  PFA
2 months ago

For what country?

Reply to  Shogun
2 months ago


Reply to  Shogun
2 months ago

Italy. He swam the 400 free relay prelims with them at Tokyo, and also individually the 50 free 100 fly. Unless he’s switched again and I didn’t know.

Reply to  Jason
2 months ago

He’s American these days.

Reply to  Littlefin
2 months ago

Except when he’s in the bathroom. Then he is a-peein

"we've got a boiler!"
Reply to  Jason
2 months ago

Canada needs “1” more 47 point 100 Freestyler…. 😉

Reply to  "we've got a boiler!"
2 months ago

I know. It’s a shame he’s no longer swimming with Canada. The men’s team could really use him!

2 months ago

Here for the comments – you all did not disappoint.