2022 U.S. International Trials: Day 4 Doubles Ensure Full Rosters All Around


For those swims fans (and perhaps even a few writers) who were nervously biting your nails about whether or not the U.S. would bump into roster cap limits, fret no more. A plethora of doubles tonight ensures that the U.S. will have no difficulty fitting all qualified swimmers under the 26 swimmer-per-gender roster cap.

The roster additions started early tonight, as Katie Ledecky and Leah Smith went 1-2 in the 400 free. Both were already on the team in multiple events, and their finishing in the top two ensured that all second place finishers in Olympic events, and 50 backstroke champion Katharine Berkoff, would all make the team.

Next, Lilly King won the 100 breast, which pulled in Bella Sims, the 5th-place finisher in the 200 free. Tokyo Olympian Annie Lazor took 2nd to punch her ticket to Budapest.

We’ll note here that Sims is in line to swim multiple events at Junior Pan Pacs. This year there seems to be no provision to allow Worlds relay-only swimmers also swim Junior Pan Pacs, so it seems like there is some chance that Sims could, in conjunction with USA Swimming, decline her relay-only spot on the senior team. The 7th-place finisher, Erin Gemmell, is also a junior who could end up at Junior Pan Pacs, which means it seems that the relay spot at Worlds could end up going to 8th-place finisher Katie Grimes, who is 16, but is on the senior team for the 400 IM.

Finally, Regan Smith, who was already on the team thanks to a 2nd-place finish in the 200 fly, won the 100 back, and Claire Curzan took 2nd, earning her 4th top-two finish of the week. That guaranteed Mallory Comerford (400 free relay) and Alex Walsh (800 free relay) will make the team.

Right now, there are 20 women who have qualified for the team under at least one of five different priorities. With three events left tomorrow, six different women could earn top two finishes in those three events, and the roster would be at, but not over, the limit of 26 swimmers.

On the men’s side, Kieran Smith was already on the team, but added a double with the win in the 400 free. Trey Freeman, meanwhile, improved from Priority #5 (6th in the 200 free) to Priority #2 with his second place finish behind Smith.

Next up, Nic Fink won the 100 breast. That guaranteed that all 2nd-place finishers in Olympic Events would make the team, which added Michael Andrew, who took 2nd behind Fink tonight after having previously taken 2nd in the 100 fly and won the 50 breast. That all ensured that Hunter Armstrong, who won the 50 back in world record fashion last night, would make the team.

Finally, Armstrong and 200 back champion Ryan Murphy went 1-2 in the 100 back. Again, with both men already being on the team at this point, that ensured that the last two potential qualifiers, Coby Carrozza (800 free relay) and Justin Ress (400 free relay) will be added to the team. We’ll do a full breakdown later on, but since you’re probably about to ask, it looks like Ress will be able to swim the 50 back worlds after all.

All told, 11 of the 12 qualifying spots tonight went to swimmers who were already at least provisionally qualified for the team.


Note: While we listed all events in which a swimmer has qualified for selection purposes, we only listed each swimmer under their “best” priority. E.g., Regan Smith took 1st in the 100 back and 2nd in the 200 fly, and she is listed under Priority #1.


Priority # 1 – All Guaranteed (12)

Priority # 2 – All Guaranteed (4)

Priority # 3 – Guaranteed (1)

Priority # 4 – Guaranteed (1)

  • Bella Sims – 800 free relay

Priority # 5 – Guaranteed (2)


Priority #1 – All Guaranteed (13)

Fink and Swanson tied for first in the 200 breast. Per the selection guidelines, since they were both under the FINA ‘A’ cut, they will both be included in Priority #1 and be added to the team.

Priority # 2 – All Guaranteed (5)

Priority # – All 50 stroke winners qualified under Priority #1 or #2

Priority #4 – Guaranteed (1)

Priority #5 – Guaranteed (1)


Here’s an overly-simplified version of the U.S. World Championship selection process: the team can have a maximum of 26 men and 26 women. Swimmers are added to the roster in these priorities until the roster cap is hit:

  1. Top 4 in 100/200 frees, Winner of all other Olympic events
  2. 2nd-place finisher in all Olympic events (besides 100/200 free)
  3. Winner of non-Olympic events (50 back, 50 breast, 50 fly)
  4. 5th-place finisher in 100/200 free
  5. 6th-place finisher in 100/200 free

For a full breakdown of selection procedures, follow this link.

We track ‘doubles’ as a way of knowing when the next priority of swimmers can be officially added to the team. A ‘double’ is effectively a swimmer qualifying in more than one event. One swimmer qualifying in three events counts as two ‘doubles’ for our purposes.

The Magic Numbers:

  • 6 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Priority 2 athletes (2nd-place finishers) can be added for that gender
  • 9 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Prority 3 athletes (stroke 50 winners) can be added for that gender.
  • 11 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Priority 4 athletes (5th-place in 100/200 free) can be added for that gender
  • 13 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all priority 5 athletes (6th-place in 100/200 free) can be added for that gender

Doubles After Day 4

Women – 13

Men – 13


The Junior Pan Pac team will consist of 20 men and 20 women. The selection criteria is similar to that of the World Championship, with the caveat that swimmers must be under 19 years of age as of December 31, 2022, and swimmers who make the senior Worlds team are ineligible. In short, first priority goes to the top finisher in each event, as well as the second-place finisher in the 100 and 200 free. The second priority will then move to the second-fastest swimmer in each Olympic event until the 20 athletes have been selected on both sides.

Theoretically the team could take up to the 6th-highest eligible finisher. Realistically the selection won’t go that deep, unless a lot of swimmers decline their spot, and for now, we will just show you the swimmers that are guaranteed to make the team.



  • Charlotte Hook – 200 fly
  • Anna Moesh – 100 free
  • Leah Hayes – 100 free & 400 IM
  • Bella Sims – 800 free, 200 free, & 400 free*
  • Erin Gemmell – 200 free
  • Lydia Jacoby – 200 breast & 100 breast
  • Kennedy Noble – 200 back
  • Alex Shackell – 100 fly
  • Berit Berglund – 100 back

* Sims will potentially make the senior World Championship team as a member of the 800 free relay. Per the selection criteria , if she swims at Worlds, she will not be eligible for this meet.


  • Aaron Shackell – 200 fly
  • Kaii Winkler – 100 free
  • Hudson Williams – 100 free
  • Alec Enyeart – 1500 free & 400 free
  • Henry McFadden – 200 free
  • Rex Mauer – 200 free
  • Nick Mahabir – 200 breast
  • Keaton Jones – 200 back
  • Maximus Williamson – 400 IM
  • Thomas Heilman – 100 fly
  • Zhier Fan – 100 breast
  • Daniel Diehl – 100 back

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8 months ago

Great to see every priority gets a spot! No tears this year from Held’s fans.

8 months ago

Still would like some clarity on what the Junior Pan Pac team will look like.
What Doubles will get in?

8 months ago

2021 Olympic medalists (for relays only those who swam in finals) that competed at this meet and didn’t make the team

Madden (illness)


Scuncan Dott
Reply to  Chico&comet
8 months ago

Weitzel might still make the team in the 50 Free.

Reply to  Chico&comet
8 months ago

For most of that list the competition didn’t even really get better, they just performed worse than last year

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Chico&comet
8 months ago

I’m not surprised Jacoby didn’t make it. Several of us warned about her vulnerability. Others were saying post-Olympic lull but my focus is her style. Closers and comebacks are for suckers. Bet sports for a living and that’s glaring in a hurry. Give me the lead and I’ll take my chances. Lazor understood the urgency of the moment and the need to change her style. Jacoby didn’t think it was necessary and got burned.

8 months ago

Um, the article mistakenly reads that MA won the 50 fly.

Pacific Whirl
8 months ago

Did Sims told you that she would decline her spot or was it just your presumption?

Last edited 8 months ago by Pacific Whirl
8 months ago

Mallory!!! You did it! Way to show an example of being an over comer!!❤️

Reply to  Kalina
8 months ago

Mallory Overcomerford

8 months ago

That means Comerford is in! Happy for her!

Sherry Smit
8 months ago

Dang, Sand has a lot of athletes on the worlds team! They have Weinstein (200 FR), Sims (4×200 FR), Dunford (1500 FR), and Grimes (400 IM). If Kuwata makes the team in the 1500 tomorrow, that means they would have 5 athletes in the distance events.

Scuncan Dott
Reply to  Sherry Smit
8 months ago


Reply to  Scuncan Dott
8 months ago

Abby is Canadian

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