2022 U.S. Trials: Check in on Your SwimSwam Pick’em Contest Responses

by Spencer Penland 0

April 26th, 2022 National, News


With the 2022 U.S. International Team Trials underway, you can use this post to go back and review your picks for the SwimSwam Pick’em contest. Below, you’ll find a spreadsheet containing all the responses we received for this contest. We’ve, of course, removed each entrant’s real name and email address out of respect for everyone’s privacy. With approximately 500 entrants in this contest, your best bet to find your picks is to use “ctrl + F” on your keyboard in order to search for your screen name. Of course, you could always just scroll until you see your name if you desire to do so.

We’ll be including this post on our event tab on the right side of the screen for easy access, but it may also be helpful for you to bookmark this page if you think you’ll be coming back to this post multiple times. As always, we’ll be posting daily winners and leaders as the meet progresses.

Now without further ado, here are the responses for the Pick’ems contest:

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