Top 5 Viral Swimming Moments So Far At The Tokyo 2020 Olympics


We’ve been treated to 5 sessions of swimming at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games thus far and there has been no shortage of exciting moments to keep us engaged. Aside from the obviously thrilling experience that is watching someone actually win an Olympic gold medal, we’ve assembled 5 of the most viral moments so far from the pool deck.


We’ll start off with the least touching moment on our list. During the men’s 100 backstroke semi-finals, France’s Yohann Ndoye Brouard seems to have either miscounted his strokes into the wall or missed the flags altogether. The result was an unfortunate flip turn that left him roughly a body length behind the field. Ultimately, Ndoye Brouard was disqualified for his lapse, eliminating him from contention for his first Olympic final.


The second moment that we got to see was after the men’s 4×100 freestyle final when class act Caeleb Dressel quickly handed over his Olympic gold medal to teammate and prelims swimmer Brooks Curry who was left out of the final. He would have been given the hardware either way, but we sure are suckers for teammates supporting teammates!


It seems as though the whole world knew that Maggie MacNeil has touched first in the women’s 100 butterfly before she did. The Canadian Olympic champ swims without contact lenses or glasses, meaning that she often struggles to see the results of the scoreboard. Watch her find out what she had done here and see a supportive Sarah Sjostrom congratulate her competitor.


Ariarne Titmus won Olympic gold in the women’s 400 freestyle and anything Dean Boxall did after that it out of anybody else’s control.


One of the earliest jaw-dropping moments of the Games came in the men’s 400 freestyle when Tunisian teen Ahmed Hafnaoui took gold from lane 8 with a 3:43.36. What was even more exciting than the incredible outside smoking was the footage of his friends and family watching from home in Tunisia.

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1 month ago

Maggie McNeil seems like such a nice young lady, and Sarah Sjöström is just pure grace and class. I remember when the two of them and Emma McKeon sent a message of support to Rikako Ikee after the 100 fly medal presentation at the 2019 World Championships.

Last edited 1 month ago by JVW
Reply to  JVW
1 month ago

One of the reasons I love big mac

1 month ago

The video of Ahmed straight chills

Little Mermaid
Reply to  Hswimmer
1 month ago

They practice diving into the ocean and escaping a chum slick of great white sharks! Yea Baby!

Gogo bibi
1 month ago

Brouard said he didn’t see the flags because he was dazzled by the lights on the roof. He apologized on french tv to his mum and family for messing up because they woke up at 3am to watch him race. A very humble guy, he still has the 200 back though, which is his favorite event

Reply to  Gogo bibi
1 month ago

Hunter Armstrong jammed his turn in the prelims as well.

Reply to  Gogo bibi
1 month ago

I can’t even imagine the gut punch that must’ve been to him and his family when that happened. Wishing him the best in the 200!

Gogo bibi
Reply to  MickeyMouse
1 month ago

His mum was his coach few years ago btw , she will not be happy about that lol

Last edited 1 month ago by Gogo bibi
1 month ago

Where does Ahmed train and who is his coach?

1 month ago

Honorable mention: half the men’s triathlon field false starting because a boat was blocking off the start at the platform

1 month ago

This is the inspiration for Dean Boxwell’s craziness:

1 month ago

Absolutely LOVE the video of Ahmed Hafnaoui’s family watching and reacting to his Olympic gold swim! This is definitely my favorite Olympic moment so far!

Terry Watts
1 month ago

Ahmed’s mom sounds pretty excited!