Typhoon No. 8 Expected To Reach Japan, Could Interrupt Olympic Events

by Ben Dornan 5

July 26th, 2021 International, News, Tokyo 2020

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics continues, typhoon No.8 looks to be headed for Japan and is expected to make landfall in the Eastern region of the country at some point on Tuesday, July 27.

Typhoon No. 8 was reported to have sustained winds of 72 km/h and maximum instantaneous winds of 108 km/h as of 9 am on July 26, according to a report by The Asahi Shibum.

In a press release from the Tokyo 2020 Internal Communications Team, they shared that the “Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee is working with the IOC, International Federations and other relevant organizations to make sure that the processes and plans that are in place to respond to any inclement weather are activated, should the need arise.”

Thus far the only changes to the schedule that have resulted from the impending typhoon have affected archery and surfing, while all other outdoor sports set to occur this week are still being monitored. Among those competitions that will take place outside during the first week of the Games are road cycling, mountain biking, golf, sailing, and triathlon.

We reported late last week about typhoon In-fa which was expected to reach Japan but now the main concern for the Olympics is Typhoon No. 8. Thus far typhoon In-fa has wreaked havoc on Shanghai, China as its intense winds and rainfalls have caused extensive damage and flooding:

According to a July 25 report from the National Post, at least 63 people have died as a result of typhoon In-fa and over 100,000 individuals have been forced to evacuate their homes. A number of vessels on the coast of China were also evacuated as wind speed reaching up to 102 kilometers per hour and were expected to continue increasing. It is not expected that hurricane In-fa will impact the Tokyo Games.

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Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago

Tokyo 2020: Postponed because of Covid
Tokyo 2021: This is not even my final form..

Last edited 1 month ago by Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago

Good golly Covid, Ledecky losing, Typhoon….what next?

1 month ago

So are we supposed to fear COVID or TYPHOON No. 8?

1 month ago

The olympics have had to face covid and heat. Now a typhoon.

Nature really is against the olympics.

1 month ago

Not all bad news with the typhoon, SURF’S UP for the new sport!